Singapore Airlines Seat Terms and Conditions

Singapore Airlines passengers used to have to pay seat selection fees only if they wanted an Extra Legroom Seat. However, in December 2017, the airline announced new fare types, including the addition of seat selection fees for certain types of Economy Class tickets. Thankfully, these charges have not yet spread to the premium cabins (British Airways charges Business Class passengers for seat selection!). Furthermore, they can be waived in some cases for elite flyers or those traveling with children.

In this post, we’ll look at how Singapore Airlines’ seat selection fees work and who is eligible for free or discounted seat selection.

Singapore Airlines: Terms & Conditions for Advance Seat Selection

  • On Singapore Airlines-operated flights, advanced seat selection is available until 48 hours prior to departure.

  • All seats offered for advance selection are contingent on availability at the time of the request. The availability and selection of seats will be determined per passenger and flight segment.

  • Passengers who elect not to select their seats in advance are permitted to choose from any remaining seats at no cost during check-in. If no seats are selected prior to flight departure, passengers will be assigned a seat without any assurance that they will be seated with other passengers from their booking.
  • Before seat selection, check whether your name on the ticket is correct or not. If not, check out our Singapore airlines name change policy. After a correction on the ticket, you must go ahead and choose a seat.

How Do I Select My Singapore Airlines Seat?

One of the best airlines is Singapore Airlines. It offers world-class amenities to its customers and believes that all it needs to do is offer world-class services.

Steps to choose your seat on Singapore Airlines

  • Visit Singapore Airlines’ official website or call 1 (800) 742-3333
  • Scroll down the screen until you see the choice. Manage my booking
  • Then look for the option to choose your seat.
  • Please pay the fee for choosing your seat, and airlines will send you confirmation of your seats in the mail.
  • Singapore Airlines does charge the amount, and they also get an email confirming it.

How to Change My Seat After Online Check-in at Singapore Airlines?

You can easily change your seat 48 hours before your flight leaves if you just follow the steps below.

  • Singapore Airlines has a website, or you can call them at 1 (800) 742-3333 or +1-802-430-6211.
  • Choose “Manage My Booking” and then “Seat Selection” from the menu.
  • You can easily change your seat online by selecting the seat you want.
  • You will see a seat map, which will make it easy for you to choose a seat and get the one you want.
  • The airline will confirm the seat choice by charging the fee for choosing a seat online. Choose a seat on Singapore Airlines, and make sure it’s the one you want.
  • If you just do what’s written above, you can easily change your seat on Singapore Airlines online.

Can I Select My Own Seat on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, you are free to select your preferred seat on Singapore Airlines flights. If you choose your seat in advance, it is free; otherwise, you will be charged a fee. If you require additional comfort on a Singapore Airlines flight, you can also select an Extra Legroom Seat by paying Singapore Airlines’s seat selection fees.

Seat selection fees on Singapore Airlines depend on the seat fare you select, but you can sometimes choose your seat for free if you do so in advance.

Singapore Airlines: Advance Seat Selection Fees

The selection of a seat in advance may incur a fee, which will be assessed per passenger and per flight segment.

Class Seat Selection Fees
Suites No fee
First Class No fee
Business Class No fee
Premium Economy Class Extra Legroom and Solo Seats: Fee charged
  Standard Seats: Fee charged (for specific routes and aircraft types)
Economy Class Extra Legroom Seats: Fee charged
  Forward Zone Seats: Fee charged
  Standard Seats: Fee charged

How Do I Change My Reservation on Singapore Airlines?

During last-minute bookings, many passengers choose the incorrect class or later discover a better option. For a good travel experience, everything must be flawless, and elegance is essential. If you want to know how to upgrade on Singapore Airlines, read on. Then, we shared the information with you.

There are three ways to upgrade a flight with Singapore Airlines. Each of them is listed below:

Make a bid

You can either place a bid with frequent flyer miles or pay cash for the expected upgrade. This allows you to receive the upgrade without incurring a significant cost. It is quite useful for those who wish to make last-minute adjustments.

Redeem miles

When you initiate the process of upgrading, there will be fees to pay. You can use miles to upgrade to standard or to book a flexible flight in order to avoid unnecessary expenses.

These two methods allow you to upgrade on Singapore Airlines and make your journey more comfortable and convenient.

How Do I Change My Singapore Airlines Seat?

If you’re not sure how to upgrade your seat on Singapore Airlines, you can learn how by following the steps below. Here, you can find out how to easily upgrade on Singapore Airlines without wasting too much time.

  • Search for Singapore Airlines in your browser or call +1-802-430-6211 or 1 (800) 742-3333
  • Click on the option to manage bookings.
  • Go to the reservation you want to change.
  • Click on “Upgrade” and share the details of the ticket.
  • You can use this to find out if you can upgrade or not.
  • Once you choose the new seat, there are different ways to pay the difference and get a new ticket.

This is how Singapore Airlines lets you change your seat, and it’s a pretty simple and easy way to do it.

Note: Due to the rise in last-minute travel adjustments, Singapore Airlines created its Flight Change Policy. This policy helps passengers somewhat by ensuring refunds and other benefits.

Does Singapore Airlines Do Free Upgrades?

Yes, Singapore Airlines offers free business-class upgrades. However, not all passengers qualify for this benefit. This feature is available on the selected flight and in the current loyalty lobby scenario.

Nevertheless, you can request it if you are a Singapore Airlines loyalty program partner. It will expedite the process, and you can take advantage of this complimentary upgrade from economy to business class.

Does Singapore Airlines Offer Free Upgrades?

On Singapore Airlines, there are specific programs that allow you to receive free upgrades. It is primarily for economy passengers and a part of the flyer program. Nevertheless, if it’s available, one can access this feature without using a program.

Singapore Airlines can be reached at (800) 742-3333 if you want to find out if you qualify or not. Verify that you bought the ticket from the official website before continuing. This will increase the likelihood of receiving the upgrade and unlock other advantages.  


1. Can Passengers Change Their Seats After Online Check-in on Singapore Airlines?

By using the “Manage My Booking” section of the Singapore Airlines website or getting in touch with the airline’s customer service, passengers can change their seats up to 48 hours before the flight.

2. Are Passengers Allowed to Select Their Own Seats on Singapore Airlines?

On Singapore Airlines, passengers are permitted to choose the seats of their choice. If done in advance, choosing a seat is free; if not, there will be a fee.

3. What Are the Seat Selection Fees for Different Classes on Singapore Airlines?

Depending on the class, Singapore Airlines charges different amounts for seat selection. Seat selection fees are not charged in suites, first class, or business class. For certain routes and aircraft types, Premium Economy Class charges extra for Extra Legroom, Solo Seats, and Standard Seats. Extra legroom seats, seats in the forward zone, and regular seats all have fees in economy class.

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