VivaAerobus Pet Policy

Do you wish to take your beloved pet with you on your upcoming vacation? Traveling with pets may seem difficult, but it may be simple if you have the appropriate knowledge. In this article, we will go over VivaAerobus pet policy, providing you and your pet with all the information you need to make your trip easy and stress-free.

Understanding the VivaAerobus Pet Policy

VivaAerobus allows customers to fly with their animal companions because the airline understands that pets are frequently seen as members of the family. To ensure the security and well-being of travelers and their dogs, rules and regulations have been put in place. The following provides a thorough summary of the VivaAerobus pet policy guidelines:

  • Domestic dogs and cats are allowed to travel in the cabin with passengers on VivaAerobus, subject to specific guidelines and limitations.
  • Pets traveling in the cabin are subject to VivaAerobus’s size and weight limits. On average, the pet and carrier shouldn’t weigh more than 10 kg (22 pounds).
  • The pet carrier needs to have adequate ventilation, be waterproof, and have enough room for the pet to lie down, turn around, and stand up comfortably.
  • Pet owners need to make sure their animals are healthy and up to date on all required vaccines before departing
  • Getting a health certificate from a veterinarian certifying the pet’s suitability for travel is recommended.
  • At VivaAerobus check in counter, travelers might also be asked to present paperwork, such as health certificates and vaccination records.
  • When making a reservation, pet owners are required to inform VivaAerobus of their plan to travel with a pet. 
  • Pet owners should make sure they are aware of any additional costs when booking their reservation, since there might be one.
  • Owners of pets are required to provide an appropriate carrier that satisfies the requirements of VivaAerobus pet policy. 
  • It is the pet owner’s responsibility to make sure that their pets behave properly and stay calm during the journey.
  • If a pet exhibits disruptive behavior, including persistent barking or aggressive behavior, they may be asked to leave the cabin.

VivaAerobus Pet In Cabin

VivaAerobus allows customers to bring their small pets on flights in the cabin, ensuring that the pets stay with their owners the entire time. The paragraph that follows summarizes VivaAerobus pet in cabin policy:

  • Pets need to be able to comfortably fit in a carrier that fits beneath the seat in front of you.
  • As per the VivaAerobus pet policy, the pet and carrier should not weigh more than 10 kg (22 pounds) together.
  • The pet carrier needs to have good ventilation and be impermeable.
  • The pet should be able to lie down, turn around, and stand up in it without difficulty.
  • When you reserve your ticket, let VivaAerobus know whether you want to travel with a pet.
  • Carrying a pet on a trip may incur extra costs.
  • Pets must be healthy to travel in the cabin and be at least 8 weeks old.
  • Pets must travel in their carriers all the way.
  • During takeoff, landing, and any time the seatbelt sign is illuminated, the carrier needs to be positioned beneath the seat in front of you.

VivaAerobus Pet Fee

VivaAerobus Pet Fee

For VivaAerobus pet travel, there may be an additional fee depending on a number of factors. Here’s what you need to know about the VivaAerobus pet fee:

  • The route, destination, and size of the pet are just a few of the variables that could affect the VivaAerobus pet fee.
  • When booking their flight reservation, passengers should ask about the exact pet price that applies to their trip.
  • The total cost of your reservation will include the pet fee, if applicable.
  • Usually, you can pay the pet cost when you make your flight reservation.
  • In order to prevent any delays or problems at the airport, travelers should review the various payment methods and make sure the pet fee is paid before the departure date.
  • Pet owners can use the airline’s website or customer service channels to ask questions about the pet charge structure. VivaAerobus strives to provide clear information about pet fees.
  • According to the VivaAerobus pet policy, in case your flight is canceled the pet cost is not refundable.

How to Book Pet Travel with VivaAerobus?

It can be a fulfilling experience to travel with your pet, especially when VivaAerobus allows you to do so. Here’s a detailed tutorial on using VivaAerobus to make pet travel reservations:

Booking VivaAerobus Pet Travel Online

Making an online reservation for pet travel requires you to follow VivaAerobus pet policy and take specific steps. Here’s a point of reference:

  • Use your computer or a mobile device to visit the official VivaAerobus website.
  • Enter the number of passengers, including yourself and your pet, as well as the departure city, destination, and travel dates.
  • Look through the flights that are available based on your travel dates and choices.
  • You will be prompted to say whether or not you are traveling with a pet during the booking process. Click “Yes” to continue.
  • Enter the necessary details about your pet, such as its breed, size, and the kind of carrier you intend to use.
  • Once you’ve checked over every aspect and are happy with it, pay to finalize your reservation.
  • Make sure you have the required paperwork and certifications, such as a health certificate and the suitable carrier, in order to travel with your pet.

Reserve VivaAerobus Pets Travel via Customer Service

In accordance with VivaAerobus pet policy, use customer service to make a pet travel reservation by following these steps:

  • Please contact VivaAerobus customer care to find out more about the availability and possibilities for pet travel. 
  • Collect the required details, including the pet’s weight and size, and the dimensions of the carrier.
  • Tell the customer support agent about the breed, size, and any particular needs of your pet. Make sure your pet meets the requirements of the VivaAerobus pet policy.
  • Book your flight as soon as you’ve made sure it’s both suitable and available for your pet.
  • Be ready to share information about your schedule and any extra services you might require for your pet.
  • Verify that all required records, such as health certificates and immunization records, are current and follow the VivaAerobus pet policy.
  • On the day of your flight, double check with customer service to make sure your pet’s reservation is confirmed and to find out if there are any special instructions.

It can be very enjoyable to travel with your pet on a VivaAerobus flight, but you must be aware of the VivaAerobus pet policy in advance. You and your pet can travel in comfort as long as you understand the VivaAerobus pets travel rules and make sure your pet satisfies all requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Pets are welcome to ride in the cabin on VivaAerobus as long as they adhere to the airline’s rules.

The price of bringing a pet on a VivaAerobus varies based on the pet’s size and the route. For precise fees, it is better to check with the airline.

Small dogs and cats are allowed to take in the cabin on VivaAerobus as long as they are in an authorized carrier.

Yes, there are limitations on where your pet can go in the VivaAerobus interior. Throughout the whole trip, your pet must stay in their container beneath the seat in front of you.

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