Aeromexico Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Aeromexico passengers have access to various features and benefits. This airline offers affordable prices and different types of seats to make it easy for people to use. You can choose from the different options displayed on the seat map as part of a policy. Travelers can choose their flights based on when they want to travel, where they want to go, and how much money they want to spend.

Aeromexico allows you to pick a seat based on what you like, such as certain features. To understand the features, you need to be aware of the types of seats that are included.

Types of Seats Offered By Aeromexivo Airlines

You can choose from different types of seats on the airline’s map to get different fares. The Aeromexico seat map has 3 main categories of options based on different fares. You can choose from these choices:

  • Clase Premier
  • AM Plus
  • Main Cabin Economy

Clase Premier

These seats are like the ones in Business class on most other planes. They are very fancy, have a lot of room, and are cozy. Aeromexico’s Clase Premier offers seats that can fully recline into a flat bed, so travelers can rest or sleep comfortably. We offer lots of different TV shows, movies, and music channels for you to enjoy.

People on this part of the plane can bring two suitcases to check in. Also, they can keep their luggage in personal storage areas. Choosing this type of seat on the map comes with extra advantages such as being able to board the plane first and having a simple check-in process. Passengers can switch seats without paying extra fees. Clase Premier seats may cost more, but they can be worth it.

AM Plus

These seats are comfortable, but not as comfortable as Clase Premier. The seat map shows that these seats are usually at the front of the plane. This means that passengers sitting there can be the first to leave the plane.

This cabin provides special advantages such as more space for your legs on Aeromexico flights and a designated area for working. Passengers can store their personal belongings in the overhead bins. You may have the option to check in early for these fares. This class offers important benefits such as getting on the plane first and having your luggage handled with priority.

If you’re traveling with a baby, you can get help with your stroller and extra space for your things. If you book an AM Plus seat, you can use the salon and spa services as well. This cabin is sometimes called the Aeromexico tourist class because it has many benefits.

Main Cabin Economy

These seats are affordable and the cheapest option available. This cabin offers both Basic Fare and Classic Fare options. The standard ticket lets you bring one small bag and one larger bag onto the plane with you, and you can also check two additional bags. The other services provided during the flight are normal and typical.

But with this type, passengers cannot choose or change their seats due to some limitations. The Classic Fare is a better version of the Basic Fare. You may be able to change your seat on Aeromexico using this option. You can choose your seat and check your baggage on flights going to Asia and Europe. The Main Economy Cabin on Aeromexico is also known as the comfort class and is available at affordable prices.

You might already know how to carry your pet in baggage and how much weight is allowed. But if you are unsure, make sure to read Aeromexico Airlines’ pet policy for proper guidance.

Ways to Pick Your Seats on Aeromexico

Aeromexico passengers can choose where they want to sit. Aeromexico allows only certain ticket holders, such as Clase Premier and AM Plus, to choose their seats. You have two options to choose them:

  • Sign in to Aeromexico’s main website.
  • Use the Aeromexico app on your phone.
  • Call the customer service department.
  • Before you check in, choose your seats at the airport.

The easiest of these choices is to choose your seat on Aeromexico’s website. You can understand this process by following the steps given.

  • First, use the search engine to open the “” link.
  • You can find the “Manage My Booking” tab on the main page.
  • Here, you’ll need to type in your “Last Name” and “Flight Confirmation” numbers, which are related to your ticket. You can see your reservation once you enter this information.
  • Use the “Seat Upgrade” button to choose where you want to sit.
  • Start looking at the Aeromexico seat map to decide where to sit. You can now choose the ones you like best from the choices you have.
  • Once you’ve decided where you want to sit, you can make the necessary payment.
  • This will show that you have chosen seats on Aeromexico. Then, you’ll get a message about it on the email address you used to sign up.

The cost of choosing a seat on Aeromexico can vary:

  • The nature of your flight
  • Fare type
  • Cabin seats
  • Availability of seats
  • Time of selection
  • Arrival destination

Choosing a seat on Aeromexico can cost around $20 to $30. You can get discounts on these prices by visiting the airline’s main website. It is suggested that travelers choose their options at least 24 hours before their flight departs. This can help you save money on selecting things.

How Can I Change My Seat on Aeromexico?

Aeromexico allows you to change your seat after you have already chosen it. You can change your seat on Aeromexico by using their seat change option. Just like selecting something, you can use different ways to change positions either when you’re connected to the internet or not.

Here are the steps to change your reserved seat online:

  • To change your Aeromexico seat, open your web browser and type “Aeromexico Seat Change” in the address bar.
  • To open a website, just click on the top link that shows up after you search for it. Clicking on this will take you to the page where you can change your seat on Aeromexico.
  • You can find the “Manage My Trip” button by scrolling down. Touch it with your finger.
  • To see your booking, you need to give your last name and reservation number.
  • When you see your booked seats, click on the “Modification Option”.
  • You can choose a different seat that is available by checking which ones are empty.
  • Once you have confirmed your new Aeromexico seats, you may need to pay a fee.
  • Once you receive an email or message on your registered mobile number, the seat change process will be confirmed as reserved.

Aeromexico allows passengers to change their seats for free on the same day they book their flight. You may not have to pay extra fees if you switch them 24 hours before your flight. If you follow the reservation rules, you may be able to get a refund.


Can I Book a seat on Aeromexico?

Only passengers who have booked Class Premier and AM Plus seats are allowed to choose their Aeromexico seats before their flight. To do this, you have two options: you can either use the airline’s website or get in touch with their customer service team. You may need to pay a fee to choose your seat during the booking process.

Does Aeromexico Offer Free Seat Selection?

Only passengers who are flying in Class Premier and AM Plus seats can choose their seats on Aeromexico flights before the day of travel. You can either use the airline’s website or contact their customer service to do this. You may need to pay a fee to choose your seat during the booking process.

How Does Seating Work on Aeromexico?

This airline provides different types of seats to make the trip more comfortable for passengers. The categories are divided into Class Premier, AM Plus, and Main Cabin. They provide various facilities and allow you to choose your seat. This airline has a seating system that uses categories to make it easy for passengers to choose their seats.

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