Flair Airlines Manage My Booking

The manage booking feature offers various tools to make your trip easier and more comfortable. To manage your booking and customize your flight, simply log in using your name and booking reference number. Take your time and make the changes you want at your convenience! In addition, you have the option to update passenger information, make changes to your flight or book a new one, choose your seat in advance, buy extra baggage allowance, order a meal ahead of time, add internet access, and make your trip even better. To book any travel extras for your journey, please log in to Manage Bookings. Read this blog to learn how to use Flair Airlines’ Manage Booking feature and make the most of your trip.

Steps to USe Flair Airlines Manage My Booking

To use the Manage My Booking feature of Flair Airlines, simply follow these steps:


  • To manage your flight bookings, start by visiting the official website of Flair Airlines.
  • Next, click on the option labeled “My Booking.”
  • Next, enter your flight booking information, including the booking number, as well as your first and last name.
  • After you enter the information above, you will receive your flight booking details.
  • In addition, choose the option you want and make the changes to your flight booking.
  • If you want to change your flight’s date or route, click on the change option.
  • Also, you can select any of these options for making changes.
    • Extra baggage
    • Change flight
    • Cancel flight
    • Refund request
    • Add extra meals
    • Name change
    • Seat upgrade
    • Add an extra seat
    • Name Change
  • If you need to change or cancel your flight, please call the ticket department. Depending on the price class, you may have to pay extra fees.
  • After the changes have been approved, the passengers will get an email letting them know.

Benefits of Using Manage My Booking

  • View and check your flight information from anywhere and at any time until your flight leaves.
  • You can take care of most of your trip needs online without having to talk to customer service.
  • Check out the important trip information and important notices for your booking.
  • You can save time and money at the airport if you buy extras for your trip ahead of time.
  • It’s easy to plan and get ready for your trip.

Passengers Can Access These Serives with Manage My Booking

Flight Cancellation

Does this question make you feel bad? Don’t be afraid! To cancel your flight, you must first log in to your Flair Airlines account and then go to the part called “Manage Bookings.” Choose the flight you want to cancel and follow the steps on the screen to confirm it.

  • First, if you make changes within 24 hours of the original booking time, you’ll only have to pay the difference in price.
  • Second, if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking it and at least 7 days before it leaves, you will get your money back in the same way you paid.
  • Third, if you fly within seven (7) days of booking, you will get a travel credit for the full cost of your flight, less any cancellation fees.
  • But, except for trips that leave within 24 hours of when the reservation is made (i.e., same-day flights), this is not the case.
  • The refund will also be based on the price amount of the ticket that was bought.
  • Lastly, all cancellation fees are determined per flight and per passenger, and they include all taxes.

Time Period

Fees per flight, per passenger

Cancellations more than 7 days before departure

$39+ tax

Cancellations within 7 days before departure


24-hour refundability


Flight Change

  • First, passengers can change their trip through My Bookings.
  • Second, you can make changes up to three hours before your flight.
  • Third, you have to pay to make changes.
  • Changes also mean that passengers are responsible for any difference in fares.
  • Also, the new flight date must be within 12 months of the date booked for the original trip.
  • But no payments can be taken back.
  • Also, if you can’t use the original flight within 12 months of booking it, you won’t get the original amount back.
  • Last but not least, people who bought TravelFLEX or the Big Bundle can make one free change at My Bookings.

Baggage Policy

  • First, passengers can add bags to their reservations through Flair airlines control booking.
  • Second, all fees are figured out for each trip.
  • Third, choose a package when you book your flight to save money.
  • Also, bundles are offered at the time of purchase, within 24 hours of booking, and up to 24 hours before departure. Buy early to save more on your Flair trip!


Checking in online can save you money. It’s open 24 hours before the trip and will close an hour before takeoff. Also, you will have to pay $25 per passenger if you check in at the airport room.


In summary, Flair Airlines’ Manage Booking feature offers passengers a convenient way to customize their trip, make changes to their flight, and access various services. It allows travelers to view and modify their booking details, add extras such as baggage and meals, and even cancel or change their flights, subject to applicable fees and policies. The tool provides flexibility and convenience to enhance the overall travel experience with Flair Airlines.


Does Flair airlines provide food?

  • To access in-flight entertainment, please download the Flair In-Flight App.
  • Also, you can order food and drinks.

Does Flair airlines offer in-flight entertainment?

  • Passengers can enjoy free in-flight entertainment, including short stories, films, games, and traveller content created by the community.
  • In addition, Flair Airlines is committed to making the passenger experience better.

After making a reservation, can I switch seats on Flair Airlines?

Yes, Flair Airlines permits travellers to switch seats after making flight reservations. However, if you make adjustments after the risk-free window, the airline might charge you a change fee.

Other Policies