Emirates Airlines Check-in Policy

If you’re going on a trip with Emirates, it’s important to understand their check-in process. This post explains the various ways passengers can check in and gives advice on how to make it easier. We will provide you with all the information you need about Emirates check-in, including online check-in and self-service kiosks. If you’re a frequent flyer or a first-time passenger, this article will tell you everything you need to know about Emirates’ check-in procedures. This will help make your next journey stress-free.

Emirates Airlines Check-in Time

Emirates The check-in time is different for each airport, depending on where you are leaving from and where you are going. It’s suggested that passengers arrive at the airport 2 hours before their domestic flight and 3 hours before their international flight. It’s best to check your ticket or contact Emirates or your travel agent for the exact check-in time of your flight.

Online Check-in Time

  • If you’re checking in baggage, make sure to check in 48 hours to 90 minutes before your flight’s departure. 
  • If you’re not checking in your baggage, you should check in 1 hour before your flight’s departure. 
  • You must read the guidelines of emirates airlines baggage policy.

Mobile Check-in Time

  • If you’re checking in baggage, make sure to check in 48 hours to 90 minutes before your flight departs. 
  • If you’re not checking in your baggage, you should check in 1 hour before your flight’s departure. 

Kiosk Check-in Time ( Only Dubai )

At Dubai International Airport (Terminal 3), you can use a kiosk to check in for your flight up to 90 minutes before departure if you have checked your baggage. If you don’t have checked baggage, you can check in up to 60 minutes before departure. 

You can use Emirates’ home check-in service between 48 and 12 hours before your flight. You can only use this service at Dubai International Airport right now. 

Airport Counter Check-in Time 

  • To check in your luggage, make sure to do it at least 90 minutes before your flight takes off.
  • To avoid checking in baggage, you need to check in for your flight at least 60 minutes before it departs.
  • If you haven’t done online check-in, you need to be at the airport at least:
    • You need to arrive at least 3 hours before your flight if you have an Economy Class ticket.
    • If you have a First or Business Class ticket, you need to arrive at least 1 hour before departure.

Various Check-in Options Provide By Emirates

  • Online Method 
  • Mobile App Check In 
  • Home Check-in (Dubai only) 
  • Kiosk Check-in (select airports) 
  • Airport counter Check-in 

Online Method:

You can check in for your Emirates Airlines flight online from your home or office. This saves you time and makes things easier for you at the airport. To check-in online, go to the Emirates website and enter your booking information. After booking your flight, you can choose your seat, print your boarding pass, and pay for extra baggage ahead of time. 

You can check in online for most flights 48 hours before departure. This is a good option if you want to avoid long lines and crowds at the airport. 

Follow These Steps:

  • Visit Emirates.com. 
  • To manage your booking or check-in, simply click on the “Manage booking/Check-in” tab.
  • Enter your information on the screen displayed below.
    • Last name 
    • Booking reference
  • Click on the Check-in button. 
  • Select the name(s) of the passenger(s) you wish to check-in.
  • If requested, please provide the Advance Passenger Information.
  • Please finish your online check-in.
  • You can change your seat or add your Emirates Skywards numbers before completing your online check-in.

After Checking in Online, What Should You Do?

Once you finish checking in online with Emirates:

  • You will receive your boarding Pass, which can be used at certain airports. 
  • Make sure to print your boarding pass and bring it with you to the airport.
    • If you don’t get your boarding pass, you can get it from the Emirates’ airport check-in counters.
    • You can check in online even if you don’t have a printer.
      • Show your travel documents at the airport’s online check-in desk. 
      • Inform the staff that you completed the online check-in process but you are unable to locate your receipt.

Emirates Airlines App Check-in

To check-in for your Emirates flight using the app, just log in and follow the instructions on the screen. It’s easy! You’ll be prompted to select your flight and complete the check-in process. Once you check-in, you’ll receive a link to your mobile boarding pass via email or text message. To access your mobile boarding pass, click on the link provided in the email or SMS. Please ensure that you have an active internet connection on your smartphone.

To make sure you can scan your boarding pass at the airport, save a screenshot of it on your device if you don’t have constant internet access. You can add your boarding pass to your Apple Wallet when using an iPhone.

If you can’t access your mobile boarding pass, you can get a paper boarding pass at the airport’s check-in desk.

Emirates Airlines Kiosk Check-in (Dubai) 

You can find self-service kiosks at Emirates Terminal 3 in Dubai International Airport. To get your boarding pass, you can use one of these kiosks to check-in. Checking in from a kiosk saves you from standing in a line at the airport counter. This is a major benefit. Once you have checked in, you can leave your bags at the Bag Drop Counter.

Emirates Airlines Home Check-in

You can use Emirates Home check-in service to check in for your flight. You can use the service in Dubai and ask for it up to 12 hours before you leave. To have someone come to your home and check in your luggage, will cost you AED 350 for up to 7 pieces of baggage. If you have more than 7 pieces, you will need to pay an additional AED 35 per item. 

Passengers also request for emirates airline baggage policy.

Once you have booked the home check-in service, an Emirates agent will: 

  • Arrive at your Dubai residence, office, or hotel.
  • Please check in for your flight.
  • Provide you with your departure permit.
  • Weigh and tag your cargo.
  • Bring your belongings to the airport. 

Emirates Airlines Airport Check-in

Emirates provides several convenient airport check-in options. You can use the traditional check-in counters, which are available at all airports, or you can use the self-service kiosks (available at select airports) to check in and print your boarding pass swiftly and effortlessly. 

If you’re physically checking in at an Emirates airport counter, you’ll need to present your passport and other travel documents: 

  • You will have the option to check in your baggage.
  • A seat will be assigned to you. 
  • You will be issued a boarding Pass.

Emirates Boarding Pass

The Emirates boarding permit is an essential travel document for Emirates Airlines flights. Including the flight number, departure and arrival times, gate number, seat designation, and baggage allowance, it contains all the pertinent information passengers need about their flight. You can obtain a boarding permit in a variety of ways, including online/app check-in or at an airport kiosk or counter. 

You must safeguard your boarding pass and keep it readily accessible throughout your voyage, as you may be required to present it at various points. Notably, failure to present a valid boarding permit (either electronic or corporeal) may result in denied boarding or travel delays. Before continuing your voyage, you must also double-check your boarding pass for accuracy and completeness.

How Can I Download an Emirates Boarding Pass?

The process of downloading your Emirates boarding permit is fast and simple, requiring only a few straightforward steps. Sign in to your account on the Emirates website or mobile app. Select your forthcoming flight from the Manage Booking/Check-in tab that appears. You should be able to obtain your boarding pass 48 hours  prior to departure. After downloading your boarding permit, you can either print it out or store it on your mobile device for quick access at the airport.