Copa Airlines Seat Selection

Selecting the appropriate seat on an airline can have a big impact on how you travel. Copa Airlines recognizes the value of customer comfort and has a seat selection policy that accommodates a range of preferences. We’ll explain Copa Airlines seat selection policy in this article to assist you make wise choices for a more enjoyable travel.

Understanding Copa Airlines Seat Selection

As per Copa Seat Selection, you select your seats during or after your ticket purchase, as well as when you check in online up until one hour prior to takeoff. Once you have paid the seat assignment cost, you can select from the following four types of seats:

Economy Extra: Extra legroom is provided and the chairs recline. On certain flights, it also offers a personal touch screen and designated overhead bin space.

Convenient: These seats are in the front section of the Economy cabin and feature more legroom.

Emergency Seat: An extra 4 inches of legroom is available in the center of the aircraft for emergency seats. However, dog owners and other travelers are not allowed to sit here for operational and security reasons.

Normal Seat: From the front to the back, every seat in the main cabin is a regular seat with 31 inches of legroom. Pre-selection gives people who desire to sit together the option to select or decline seats in the middle.

How to choose a Seat with Copa Airlines?

Prior to, during, or after purchasing your ticket, you have the option to select your seat when you check in online. To choose a seat on Copa Airlines, follow these steps for both economy and other classes:

During Ticket Reservation – You can choose your seat when you book your reservation before your flight. Copa seat selection policy lets you choose from 4 different types of seats when you pick your seat.

  • Go to the official Copa Airlines website.
  • Click on the “book your trip” button on the homepage.
  • To continue, enter your destination, date, number of passengers, and type of flight, then press Enter.
  • You can add a chair to your Copa Airlines flight by using the Copa Airlines Seat Map feature.
  • Finally, make sure to pay the fee required for selecting your seat and the fee for booking.

After Ticket Reservation – If you didn’t choose a seat when you bought your ticket on Copa Airlines, you can still choose one later. Just make sure to do it at least 24 hours before your flight leaves.

  • Visit the official Copa website.
  • Go to the website’s main page and select the “My Trips” tab.
  • Additionally, input the reservation code and your last name.
  • Click on the button that says “Find Your Reservation.“
  • Next, go to your booking and look for the seating option for Copa Airlines.
  • Look at the seat map to see how much your seat costs.

During Copa Check in – You have the option to select a seat when you check in online for your flight even if you didn’t choose one when you purchased your Copa Airlines ticket. Online Copa Airlines seat selection is available between 24 and 1 hours prior to the departure of your trip.

  • Go to the website or mobile app of the airline.
  • Next, go to the homepage and select the option for web check-in.
  • Please provide your last name and reservation details, e-ticket number, or link to your Miles Account.
  • Click on the web check-in button to access your booking.
  • You can now select your seats and print your boarding pass for Copa Airlines.
  • You might have to pay for the privilege of choosing a specific seat from the ones that are available.

If you’re unable to secure a good window seat in economy class, you can take advantage of Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy. This policy allows passengers to change their flight under certain conditions.

How much is the Copa Airlines Seat Selection Cost?

Copa Airlines seat selection cost vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Basic fares often restrict seat selection or charge higher fees compared to higher fare classes like Flexi or Premier.
  • Preferred and premium seats like Economy Plus or Copa Club typically incur higher fees compared to standard Economy seats.
  • Fees might be higher for international flights or in-demand routes compared to domestic flights.

Here’s an approximate range of Copa Airlines seat selection cost:



Standard Economy (Late Selection)

$30 – $50

Economy Plus

$60 – $100

Copa Club Seats

$150 – $250

Business Class Flat-Bed Seats

$300 – $500

The goal of Copa Airlines seat selection policy is to provide customers with comfort and flexibility during their travels. You may maximize your flying experience by being aware of your needs, knowing your alternatives for seats, and adhering to a few basic guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

You can choose your seat on Copa Airlines when you buy your ticket, or later on. You can also pick your seat during online check-in up to one hour before the flight. You can choose from four types of seats, but you’ll have to pay a fee to assign your seat.

Copa Airlines has four seat options: Economy Extra, Convenient, Emergency Seat, and Normal Seat. There are different features and legroom options for each type. But there are rules that limit some things, like not allowing people with dogs to travel or not letting certain people sit in the Emergency Seat.

You can pick your seat on Copa Airlines when you buy your ticket, make a reservation, or do online check-in. To choose your seat on a flight, go to the airline’s website or app, find your booking, and pick the seat you want from the choices available. You may have to pay extra to choose your seat.

You are able to switch your seat on Copa Airlines. To change your seat on a flight, go to the airline’s website and click on “My Trips.” Enter your booking details and then choose your preferred seat from the options available. If your flight is less than 24 hours away, you can change your seat while doing web check-in or you may read Copa airlines check-in policy to know what were the necessary things keep in mind while check-in.

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