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What could make flying, which is already an amazing activity, even better? Bringing your four-footed friend with you! The pet policy of the airline you select must be understood if you intend to travel with your pet. We’ll go into the specifics of the Qantas Pet Policy in this guide to make sure your travel with your pet is easy and stress-free.

Understanding Qantas Pet Travel Policy

Before you start packing your pet’s bags, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamental aspects of Qantas pet policy. Qantas Pet Travel allows both domestic and international travel with pets, but there are specific guidelines and restrictions you need to be aware of.

Domestic Travel: Qantas allows dogs and cats on its domestic flights within Australia. All breeds are not eligible, though, and some snub-nosed types might not be allowed because of respiratory issues. Checking the Qantas website’s list of prohibited breeds is advised.

International Travel: If you’re planning an international adventure, Qantas accommodates pets on selected routes. Each country has its own set of regulations regarding pet entry, so it’s crucial to research and comply with the destination’s pet import requirements.

How to travel with Pets on Qantas Airlines?

Traveling with your furry friend on Qantas can be a smooth experience with proper planning! Here’s how to navigate the process:

  • Qantas accepts dogs (excluding service dogs), cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, domestic fish with no aeration requirements, and domestic birds that don’t need a travel permit.
  • Your pet must be at least 12 weeks old to fly domestically and 15 weeks old for international flights. Pets older than 12 years may require a vet certificate for international travel.
  • Your pet must be healthy and fit to fly. Consult your veterinarian to ensure their travel readiness.
  • You cannot book pets online or through travel agents. Call Qantas directly within Australia or through their international reservations lines, mentioning you’d like to travel with a pet.
  • Once your pet is confirmed, you’ll receive booking details and payment instructions.
  • Obtain your pet’s health certificate, vaccination records, and any required permits or export approvals.
  • Ensure your pet wears a collar with ID tags and consider microchipping for added security.

What are Qantas Pet Travel Size & Weight Restrictions?

Qantas has specific guidelines for pet travel, including size and weight restrictions for pets in the cabin and as checked baggage. Here are general guidelines for Qantas pet travel size and weight restrictions:

Qantas Pets in Cabin

Size Restrictions: Generally, pets traveling in the cabin must be small enough to fit comfortably in an airline-approved carrier that can be stowed under the seat in front of you.

Carrier Dimensions: Qantas typically provides specific dimensions for in-cabin pet carriers. It’s essential to use an approved carrier that meets Qantas pet carrier requirements.

Weight Limit: There is usually a weight limit for pets traveling in the cabin. The weight limit can vary, and it’s important to check the specific restrictions set by Qantas.

Qantas Pets as Checked Baggage

Size and Weight Limits: For pets traveling as checked baggage, there are specific size and weight restrictions. These restrictions depend on the type of aircraft and the cargo hold capacity.

Container Requirements: When it comes to pet containers used for animals flying as checked baggage, Qantas may have unique criteria. Usually, these specifications include enough ventilation, dimensions, and security elements.

How to Register for Your Pet on Qantas Airlines?

  • Starting from August 19, 2020, Qantas Freight has stopped accepting direct reservations for national pet transportation through, mail, and mobile. You can still make reservations by contacting one of their recommended pet transport consultants.
  • Journeys can only be booked for one part of the trip at a time. If your trip has multiple parts, you will need to schedule each part separately.
  • Currently, we are unable to provide pet transport services.
  • Under the new AWB, if you’re traveling with pets, the broker must pick them up at the transit hub and put them back in their designated place within 90 to 120 minutes before the next flight. So, please keep this in mind when considering your travel options.
  • One of the authorized Special Travel Agents for Qantas Freight must be contacted in order to arrange pet transportation. The team has extensive knowledge and expertise about all regulations pertaining to the safe submission of applications and the treatment of pets and animals. From making reservations with Qantas to dropping off and picking up at their terminals, they can assist with everything.

How to check-in with a Pet on Qantas Flights?

Qantas has specific procedures for passengers traveling with pets. Here is a general guide on how to check-in with a pet on Qantas flights:

Check-in For Domestic Flights

  • To ensure a smooth journey for your pet, please bring them to the Qantas Freight facility 90 to 120 minutes before your trip.
  • Qantas will check your pet’s type, age, and health, and secure the crate for transportation.
  • To confirm the pricing, they will check if the crate’s weight and dimensions match the ones you specified in your reservation.
  • If you are on the same airplane, you can go to the main terminal.

Check-In For International Flights

  • Make sure to arrive at the Qantas Freight departure lounge at least three hours before your flight is scheduled to leave.
  • Our ground staff will make sure to refill any liquid as necessary. However, please remember that they are not allowed to feed your pet or enter the crate unless it’s an emergency.
  • Make a reservation at least seven hours before your departure. If you need to book a flight within the next seven days, you can contact [email protected]. You can make changes to your booking up to three hours before your departure time.
  • The collection will begin four hours after landing.

Note: The Qantas Airline check-in policy enables you to modify the name and other information on your ticket in case you have made an error while filling out the details.

How much is Qantas Pet Travel Cost?

Qantas pet travel Cost depends on several factors, so it’s difficult to give a single, definitive answer. To understand the approximate cost for your specific situation, here are the key factors to consider:

  • Costs generally range from AUD$75-300 per leg for pets (including crate) up to 32 kg combined weight. Larger weights or specific routes might require additional fees.
  • Significantly more expensive due to complex customs regulations and handling. Expect costs to exceed AUD$1,000 per leg, and specific arrangements might be needed for pets beyond 32kg combined weight.
  • Larger pets and heavier crates naturally contribute to higher costs.
  • Certain routes and destinations have specific fees or require additional handling, impacting the cost.
  • Pre-booking your pet can sometimes offer discounted rates compared to booking at the airport.

Through accommodating pet owners and providing a convenient and safe travel experience for both, Qantas pet policy aims to cater to passengers who travel with pets. You may make flying with your furry friends a fun experience by being aware of the rules, being well-prepared, and following the airline’s requirements.

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