Qantas Airlines Pet Policy

Up until further notice, Qantas Airlines is not letting pets into their planes. They need to be put in the cargo hold sections or shipped as cargo. Let’s look at Qantas’s full pet policy.

Reservations must be made through their special travel providers of choice. The agents will take care of all the paperwork and processes for the passenger.

In their bars, Qantas also has ready-made containers for your pets. So that you don’t have to worry about the size of the bottle.

How to Travel with Pet on Qantas Airlines?

  • Cargo Hold
  • Cargo Service

Age Restrictions

When they fly, pets must be at least 12 weeks old. Pets over 12 years old must have a certificate from a vet saying they are healthy enough to fly.

Container Requirement

  • Your pet should be able to stand up, sit down, turn around, and sleep in a normal way inside the container.
  • Also, there should be enough movement.
  • Qantas has a small number of boxes at some of its most important airports, but it does not rent out crates. If you want to buy a container from them, you should call 13 12 13 first to make sure they have any available.
  • Pets can fly in the same container if there are two over six months old or three under six months old, they seem to be the same breed, are the same size and weight, and are used to living together, and each pet weighs no more than 14kg by itself.
  • No fiber, animal litter, or paper is permitted. A training platform for dogs is permitted.
  • One small toy is permissible.
  • Please refrain from placing food in the container; if it leaks, it will be disagreeable and unsanitary.
  • A container of freshwater that is firmly secured in an upright position, from which your pet can easily consume, and that has an exterior vent for refilling by staff is required.
  • Please provide the pet’s name and an emergency contact number.

Pet Travel Fee

Individuals cannot arrange flights for their pets on their own. Therefore, they must select a specialized travel agent who will manage the entire shipment process on their behalf. Therefore, you must select a specific travel agent for your trip and debate fees with them.

Currently, Qantas does not disclose its pricing model to the general public because various travel agencies charge different prices.

Destination Restrictions

Qantas has temporarily suspended pet and animal reservations between Australia and London, Australia and Vancouver, and Hong Kong to Australia (effective 4 January 2022).

Regulations for Domestic Travel:

  • To ensure your pet stays healthy and happy, it’s important that they are in good physical shape, enjoy being active, and can handle being kept for long periods of time.
  • If your pet appears to be drugged, ill, wounded, significantly pregnant, or hostile, we cannot allow them to travel with us.
  • Pets must be at least 12 weeks old to fly. Additionally, pets older than 12 years need a certificate to prove they are healthy enough for air travel.

Prohibited Dog Breed:

Pit Bull and American Pit Bull terriers, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, Brazilian Fila, Presa Canario., Mastiff

  • When traveling, it is recommended to carry American Staffordshire Terriers in a CR-82 strengthened cage or an aviation-authorized guard dog kennel.
  • Greyhounds and dogs that travel with army or detention facility officials are trained to be working dogs. They are required to fly in kennels that are authorized for guard dogs.

Necessary Things to Bring:

Documents Req.

  • The required documents and certificates for exporting.
  • You need to have a valid picture identification.

Breeds Restrictions( Cats and Dogs )

Qantas Airlines has created special procedures for dogs and cats with short noses. To ship their brachycephalic pets, passengers must follow these procedures. Crossbreeds are permitted to travel without any restrictions.


French Mastiff, Brussels Griffon/Griffon Bruxellois, Boxer, English Toy Spaniel/King Charles Spaniel, American Bulldog, Chow Chow, Boston Terrier, British/English Bulldog, Dogue De Bordeaux, American Bully, Australian Bulldog, Affenpinscher, Chinese Pug, Shih-Zhu (Tsu) (Tzu), Dutch Pug, Pekingese, Tibetan Spaniel, Valley, Bulldog, Japanese Pug, Pug, Neapolitan Mastiff, French Bulldog Lhasa Apso, Japanese Chin/Japanese Spaniel


Exotic Shorthair, Persian/Himalayan

Rules for Brachycephalic Pets

  • To make any future reservations, you need to go through a pet transport professional who is authorized by Qantas Freight.
  • You are not allowed to transfer from other airlines during your trip.
  • Pets, especially brachycephalic species, need to be at least 12 weeks old.
  • The pet transportation expert will provide you with the container you need for your pet’s journey. Certain breeds need larger cages than other pets of similar size because their respiratory systems are weaker. We recommend using crates that are at least 10% larger than the usual size for these species during travel.
  • You can now make reservations for overseas travel with the usual restrictions on bringing pets. Additionally, you can also book domestic flights within Australia for travel between the following places:

    • Adelaide, Townsville, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Launceston, Perth, Darwin, Coolangatta, Brisbane, Cairns, Hobart

Temperature Restrictions

If the temperature is expected to go above 35°C, Qantas will change or cancel pet reservations for free. If you think the weather might not be safe for your pet during their trip, please let them know by sending an email with your AWB number or calling them at 13 12 13. They will arrange for your pet to be rescheduled on another trip without any additional air freight charges.

How to Register for Your Pet?

  • Starting from August 19, 2020, Qantas Freight has stopped accepting direct reservations for national pet transportation through, mail, and mobile. You can still make reservations by contacting one of their recommended pet transport consultants.
  • Journeys can only be booked for one part of the trip at a time. If your trip has multiple parts, you will need to schedule each part separately.
  • Currently, we are unable to provide pet transport services.
  • Under the new AWB, if you’re traveling with pets, the broker must pick them up at the transit hub and put them back in their designated place within 90 to 120 minutes before the next flight. So, please keep this in mind when considering your travel options.
  • To book pet transport, you need to contact one of Qantas Freight’s approved Special Travel Agents. The team is very knowledgeable and experienced in all the rules for safely submitting the application and handling pets and animals. They can help with everything from booking with Qantas to dropping off and picking up at their terminals.

Check-in For Domestic Flights

  • To ensure a smooth journey for your pet, please bring them to the Qantas Freight facility 90 to 120 minutes before your trip.
  • Qantas will check your pet’s type, age, and health, and secure the crate for transportation.
  • To confirm the pricing, they will check if the crate’s weight and dimensions match the ones you specified in your reservation.
  • If you are on the same airplane, you can go to the main terminal.

Check-In For International Flights

  • Make sure to arrive at the Qantas Freight departure lounge at least three hours before your flight is scheduled to leave.
  • Our ground staff will make sure to refill any liquid as necessary. However, please remember that they are not allowed to feed your pet or enter the crate unless it’s an emergency.
  • Make a reservation at least seven hours before your departure. If you need to book a flight within the next seven days, you can contact [email protected]. You can make changes to your booking up to three hours before your departure time.
  • The collection will begin four hours after landing.
Note: The Qantas Airline check-in policy enables you to modify the name and other information on your ticket in case you have made an error while filling out the details.

Receiving From the Terminal

If your pet is not a brachycephalic breed, you can pick them up from the terminal yourself. Just make sure to arrange this with your agent in advance. Before you arrive at the terminal, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • You can usually pick up your pets 45 minutes after the airplane lands. If you’re at a local port, you can pick them up 10-20 minutes after the inbound flight leaves.
  • Please remember that children under 17 are not allowed on any of the transportation options, so please plan accordingly. If you’re visiting the vehicle park near the customer area, you might need to wear a hi-vis vest. It’s a good idea to have one with you, just in case. You can rent or buy vests at certain ports.
  • Only the person mentioned on the air waybill and named in the reservation should retrieve animals. Please ensure that you have the appropriate identification.

Emotional Support Animals

Service dogs and emotional support animals can travel inside containers. Passengers should notify Qantas about their pets as soon as they can.


To sum up, Qantas Airlines does not permit pets to travel in the cabin. Instead, they must be placed in the cargo hold or shipped as cargo. To arrange pet transportation with Qantas, you need to make reservations through their designated travel providers. These providers will take care of all the required paperwork and processes. Pets must be a certain age and be kept in suitable containers that have enough space and ventilation.

Qantas has temporarily stopped accepting pet and animal reservations on certain routes. They have specific rules for traveling with pets, whether it’s within the country or internationally. Some dog breeds are not allowed, and others need special crates. To keep pets safe during travel, there are temperature restrictions. If the weather is extremely bad, you can change or cancel your reservations. Qantas Freight does not offer pet transport services at the moment.

If you need to transport your pet, please reach out to approved Special Travel Agents for help with bookings and any assistance you may need. The procedures for checking in can be different for domestic and international flights. If you have a pet with you, you can make arrangements to pick them up from the terminal when you arrive. Qantas allows service dogs and emotional support animals to travel with them. These animals need to be in containers during the journey.

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