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The thrilling journey of flying with Condor starts long before you step into the aircraft. A vital component of your trip is being aware of Condor seat selection policy. We’ll go over the specifics of selecting your seat in this article, so you may have a comfortable and pleasurable flight.

How Do I Make a Seat Reservation on Condor Airlines?

Seat reservations may usually be made with Condor Airlines either during the booking process or via the managed booking area of their website. Here are general steps to make a Condor seat selection:

During the Booking Process

  • Go to the official Condor Airlines website.
  • Enter your departure city, destination, travel dates, and other required information to search for available flights. Choose your preferred flight from the available options.
  • During the booking process, you should have the option to select your seat. This may be presented as an additional step after choosing your flight and entering passenger details.
  • Condor Airlines typically provides a seat map where you can view available seats and choose your preferred seat. Select the seat that best suits your preferences.
  • Proceed with the reservation procedure by entering the traveler’s information and any other necessary information. Examine your reservation, take note of the seat you’ve chosen, and then make the payment.

Through Manage Booking

  • Go to the official Condor Airlines website. Look for the “Condor Airlines Manage Booking” or “My Trip” section on the website.
  • Enter the required information to access your reservation. This typically includes your booking reference (confirmation number) and the last name associated with the reservation.
  • Once your reservation is accessible, search for the Condor seat selection option. You can check your current seat assignment in this section and adjust it if needed.
  • If you wish to change your seat assignment, use the seat map provided by Condor Airlines to choose new seats based on your preferences.
  • After selecting new seats, review your choices and confirm the changes. After making changes, you may have the option to print or save your updated itinerary with the new seat assignments.

You can change or fix your personal information by Condor airlines name change policy.

What Type of Seats are offered by Condor Airlines?

To accommodate a range of traveler demands and preferences, Condor provides a selection of seat classes. Economy Class, Premium Class, and Business Class are the three primary classes. Every class has a unique set of benefits and features. Let’s examine the contents of each class:

Economy Class: This is the conventional seating arrangement, which offers travelers on a tight budget a comfortable and affordable option. There is still in-flight entertainment and food available, even though the seats might not recline as far as in other classes.

Premium Class: Condor Seat selection offering an upgraded experience, Premium Class provides more legroom, enhanced dining options, and a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great option for those looking for a bit more comfort without breaking the bank.

Business Class: You should fly in business class if you want the utmost in luxury. Travel in luxury with this class, which offers gourmet meals, luxurious lounge access, and roomy seats that can be transformed into lie-flat beds.

What is a Condor Seat Map?

The seating arrangement for a particular aircraft that Condor Airlines operates is shown graphically in a Condor seat map. A visual representation of the seat arrangements in various aircraft sections, including business class, premium economy, and economy class, is given to passengers via the seat map. Aisles, windows, and emergency exits are usually taken into consideration while placing seats. A Condor seat map may have the following important components:

  • Each seat is assigned a unique number, allowing passengers to identify their specific seat.
  • Seats are organized in rows, and the seat map indicates the number of rows in each section of the aircraft.
  • The Condor seat map shows the location of aisles and windows, helping passengers choose seats based on their preferences, such as aisle or window seats.
  • Different seat categories, such as standard seats, preferred seats with extra legroom, and premium seats in business class, may be differentiated on the seat map.
  • The location of restrooms and galley areas may also be indicated on the seat map.

The Condor seat map is normally available to passengers either through the managed booking area of the airline’s official website or during the online booking process. Travelers can select or modify their seat according to their needs and preferences by using the seat map.

How much is Condor Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

The cost of Condor Airlines seat selection can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Often restrict Condor seat selection or charge higher fees compared to higher fare classes like Economy Best, Flexi, or Premium Economy.
  • May include free seat selection for standard seats within the booked cabin or offer discounted fees for preferred/premium seats.
  • Typically free to select at booking or through “My Booking” up to 48 hours before departure.
  • Fees might be higher for international flights or in-demand routes compared to domestic flights.
  • Choosing seats closer to the departure date may result in higher fees compared to booking early.

Here’s a table summarizing the approximate range of Condor Airlines seat selection fees:




XL Seat

€35 – €115

$38 – $125

Preferred Seat

Similar to XL Seats

Similar to XL Seats

Prime Seat



Extra Seat

€39.99 – €99.99

$43 – $108

With Condor, selecting your seat is a personalized experience that lets you customize your travel to suit your tastes. Condor Seat Selection Policy guarantees that every traveller finds their ideal seat in the sky, whether they’re looking for business class for the ultimate in luxury, premium class for added comfort, or economy class for affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

You can reserve a seat on Condor Airlines by contacting their reservation phone number or by visiting Condor website. A representative will help you choose the optimal seat option.

Yes, it is possible to reserve a seat on Condor Airlines via their website. Sign in to your account, provide your booking information, choose your flight, and select your preferred seat from the seat map.

Condor Airlines’ seat reservation costs differ by seat class. Please refer to the Condor Airlines price list, which is available on their website, for information about fees and charges.

Yes, regardless of whether you’re traveling in business or first class, you can select a specific seat on your Condor flight. During the reservation or check-in procedure, you can do so by contacting the airline directly or by accessing their website.

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