Aer Lingus Airlines Cancellation Policy

Unexpected things happen when you’re traveling, and occasionally you have to cancel your flight. Knowing Aer Lingus cancellation policy is essential if you need to cancel an airline reservation. In this article, our aim is to simplify the policy for you, providing clarity on cancellation fees, refunds, and alternative options.

Here are the key points of the Aer Lingus Airlines cancellation policy. 

  • The Aer Lingus Cancellation Policy depends on the type of fare that passengers have booked.
  • To receive a refund, passengers must cancel their Aer Lingus booking at least two hours before the scheduled departure time. 
  • Aer Lingus will refund the money for cancelled flights back to the original payment method within 7 days. Customers receive notifications through email. 
  • If Aer Lingus cancels any flights from a multi-segment itinerary, it is considered a change. This change could potentially lead to an increase in airfares. 

Aer Lingus 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

For the majority of fares purchased through their website or app, Aer Lingus 24 Hour Cancellation policy implies that you can cancel your ticket with no questions asked and earn a full refund if you do so within 24 hours of booking. Flights leaving from the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean are subject to this policy.

Here are the key details of the Aer Lingus 24 Hour Cancellation:

  • Applies to most fares booked on Aer Lingus website or app (excluding Basic Economy fares).
  • You must cancel within 24 hours of booking.
  • Full refund of the ticket price (including taxes and fees).
  • Issued to the original payment method used for purchase.
  • Refunds may take up to 10 business days to process.

You may simply handle all Aer Lingus 24 hour Cancellation online at Enter the passenger’s last name and your six-digit reservation code in the “My Trip” box.  You also need to complete a cancellation form for Aer Lingus.

Aer Lingus Flight Cancellation Compensation

In the event of an Aer Lingus flight cancellation, you may be entitled to compensation depending on the reason for cancellation, the length of the delay, and the distance of your flight. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

  • If Aer Lingus cancels a flight due to reasons within their control, such as operational issues or schedule changes, they are generally responsible for providing compensation or alternative arrangements.
  • Passenger rights in the event of flight cancellations are outlined in European Union rules, such as EU Regulation 261/2004. Depending on the distance of the flight and the length of the delay brought on by the cancellation, passengers may be eligible for compensation under these regulations.

Aer Lingus flight cancellation compensation is applicable under the following conditions :

  • Aer Lingus Flight cancellation due to weather or any natural calamity.
  • Aer Lingus flight cancellation due to any state emergency.
  • Aer Lingus flight cancellation due to security concerns prior to departure.

How to cancel an Aer Lingus Flight?

How to cancel an Aer Lingus Flight?

Here are the steps on how to cancel a Aer Lingus flight:

  • Go to the official Aer Lingus website.
  • If you booked your flight through the Aer Lingus website and have an account, log in using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the “Manage Trip” or “Manage Booking” section on the website.
  • Enter your booking reference or reservation number along with your last name to retrieve your booking details.
  • Look for options related to cancellations or changes in the Manage Trip section. The website should guide you through the cancellation process.
  • Cancel your flight by following the directions on the screen. Make sure you go over any terms and restrictions related to the cancellation in detail.
  • If applicable, review any cancellation fees that may apply based on your fare type and the timing of the cancellation.
  • Verify the cancellation after you’ve looked over the information. A statement of the cancellation and any information about possible refunds or gift cards should be available on the website.

What is Aer Lingus Refund Policy?

The Aer Lingus cancellation policy differs according to the type of fare you have purchased. If your Aer Lingus flight is canceled, you might be eligible for a refund as per Aer Lingus Refund Policy depending on the following types of airfares:

Saver or SmartFares

Saver and Smart prices are not eligible for the Aer Lingus Refund Policy with the exception of cancellations made within 24 hours. Furthermore, the departure date must occur at least one week after the purchase date. In such circumstances, each passenger would be subject to the 21 USD Aer Lingus cancellation refund administration fee.

Advantage, AerSpace, or Flex Fare

With Advantage, AerSpace, and Flex fares, Aer Lingus cancellation policy is incredibly accommodating. Cancellations made up to two hours before departure are eligible for a full refund. An Aer Lingus cancellation refund is only available for the fare difference for any traveler who chose SmartFares and later upgraded to Advantage, AerSpace, or Flex fare. 

Business Fare

The processing of Aer Lingus cancellation refund occurs following the subtraction of 15% and relevant government taxes. This is something you can cancel up to the departure time. Additionally, Aer Lingus flight cancellations are eligible for a refund of the cost difference if the initial booking is upgraded to business fare.

Business Flex Fare

If you cancel at any point before the scheduled time of departure, Aer Lingus cancellation policy will reimburse the entire amount. Only the price difference you paid for the upgrading is refundable if any flyer upgraded from SmartFares to this class.

Being aware of Aer Lingus cancellation policy gives you more leverage as a passenger. Being informed of your options and the related procedures guarantees a more seamless experience, regardless of the reason for the change in your plans—unforeseen events, timetable adjustments, or other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Sure. If Aer Lingus cancels your flight today, tomorrow, or at any time, you have the right to receive a full refund. Make sure to always check the weather advisories from the airline before your scheduled departure and arrival.

To cancel, go to To access the ‘Manage Trip’ section, simply enter the six-digit booking reference code and the last name of the passenger. You can choose to cancel or reschedule your current trip. If you bought an Aer Lingus Advantage fare, Flex fare, Business fare, or Business Flex fare, you can also get a refund for your cancelled flight with Aer Lingus.

Just give us a call on the Aer Lingus cancellation number. When you are looking for help, make sure to have all the important documents, like the death certificate, easily accessible. Our travel experts will do their best to help you get refunds and compensation if you need to cancel your Aer Lingus flight due to illness or a death in your family.

If you want to avoid paying a cancellation fee, you should cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking. However, this only applies if the date of departure is at least 7 days away from the booking date.

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