United Airlines Manage Booking

Booking a flight is just the first step in your journey, and United Airlines understands that plans can change. That’s why they’ve made it easy for travelers to manage their bookings hassle-free. We’ll take you through the ins and outs of United Airlines Manage Booking feature, ensuring that you have a seamless experience from takeoff to touchdown.

Understanding United Airlines Manage Booking

Manage Booking is a feature provided by airlines, including United Airlines, that allows passengers to view and make changes to their existing flight reservations.

The United Manage Booking allows you to do the following:

Booking Details Modification: The ability to modify certain booking details, such as passenger names or contact information. Some airlines may allow changes within specific parameters and fare rules.

Seat Selection: An option to view the seating chart and choose or change your seat assignment. This is particularly useful for passengers who have preferences for window, aisle, or extra legroom seats.

Online Check-In: The option to United Online check in for your flight, receive a digital boarding pass, and select or confirm your seat. This can save time at the airport and streamline the boarding process.

Flight Change: If United Airlines is the airline you booked with, you can easily make your United flight changes online. You might have to pay a fee for making changes and also pay the difference in fare.

Upgrade Options: United Airlines provide the opportunity to explore and purchase upgrades directly through the United Manage Booking portal, allowing passengers to enhance their travel experience.

Flight Cancellation: You can also cancel your reservation and get a refund before the scheduled departure date. The amount you can get refunded for your UA flight booking will vary based on the fare rule.  The airline will charge a cancellation fee. Before canceling your flight, make sure to review the United cancellation policy. You can easily do this by visiting the Manage Booking tab. 

How to access United Airlines Manage Booking?

How to access United Airlines Manage Booking?

To make changes to your United Airlines ticket, such as cancelling or modifying it, adding a seat or bag, or requesting a name correction, you can use the United Manage Booking option on the airline’s website or call their phone number. This feature offers various options for managing your booking. 

Visit the United Airlines Website: Open your web browser and go to the official United Airlines website.

Log In to Your MileagePlus Account (Optional): If you have a MileagePlus account with United Airlines, you may log in to access your reservations and enjoy a more personalized experience. Look for the “Sign In” or “Log In” option on the homepage.

Navigate to “Manage Reservations” or Similar: Look for a section on the website that is typically labeled as “Manage Reservations,” “My Trips,” “Manage My Booking,” or something similar. This section is often found in the main menu or on the homepage.

Enter Booking Details: Click on the United Manage Booking or equivalent option. You may be prompted to enter your booking information, such as your confirmation number and last name, to retrieve your reservation.

Access Your Booking: Once you’ve entered the required information, you should be able to access your booking. The system will display details of your reservation, and you may have options to make changes, view itinerary details, or cancel the reservation.

Make Changes or Cancel: Depending on the options available, you can make changes to your flight, select seats, upgrade, or cancel your reservation within the allowed time frame and based on the fare rules.

Save or Print Itinerary (Optional): After making any changes or reviewing your reservation, you may have the option to save or print your updated itinerary for your records.

United Airlines Manage Flight Fees

Using the United Airlines Manage Booking, you can change your plan, but you may have to pay a fee. The airline has different fees for different kinds of requests, such as:

Request Type

Airlines’s penalty or service fee (in USD)

Flight Change

200 plus fare difference

Flight Cancellation


Name correction


Seat selection


Add Infant on lap

10% of the adult’s base fare

Add Infant on seat

50% of the flight’s airfare

Add hotel/car rental

Standard tariffs

Class of service upgrade

200 plus fare difference

Book lounge access

lounge fee

Pre-order a meal

Standard meal charges

Add Baggage

Fee as per the airline’s baggage allowance

Fees and policies can vary based on factors such as the type of ticket, fare class, and the nature of the change. Here are some common scenarios where United Airlines Manage Booking fees might apply:

Change Fee

United Airlines typically charges a change fee for modifying non-refundable tickets. The fee amount can vary, and it may depend on factors such as the fare class and the specific details of the change.

Same-Day Change Fee

If you want to make a same-day change to your flight, there is usually a fee associated with this service. Same-day changes are subject to availability and specific conditions.

Cancellation Fee

If you need to cancel a non-refundable ticket, United Airlines may charge a cancellation fee. The remaining value of the ticket is often provided as a travel credit for future use.


If you wish to upgrade your seat or change to a higher fare class, there may be additional charges. The specific United Manage Booking fees depend on the type of upgrade and availability.

Rebooking Fee for Award Tickets

If you are making changes to award tickets or frequent flyer miles, there may be fees associated with rebooking or redepositing miles.

Fee Waivers for Certain Fare Classes

Passengers with certain fare classes, elite status, or premium cabins may be eligible for fee waivers or reduced fees in certain situations.

United Airlines Manage Booking feature empowers travelers to take control of their journey. From making simple seat selections to handling complex itinerary changes, the portal is designed to provide flexibility and convenience. By understanding and utilizing these features, you can ensure that your travel experience with United Airlines is not only smooth but also tailored to your preferences and needs. So, the next time you fly with United, take advantage of the United Manage Booking feature and enjoy the journey, stress-free.

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