Air France Name Change Policy

Our lives are significantly impacted by air travel since it allows us to visit far-off locations and make lifelong memories. But occasionally, in the midst of all the excitement of vacation planning, there are important practical factors to remember, like the Air France name change policy. We’ll explain the main points of Air France policy in this article to make the process easier for you to understand.

Air France Name Correction Policy

Air France lets you fix mistakes in your first name, middle name, last name, title, or PTC if there are spelling errors. Also –

  • Regardless of the class or price of the ticket, this service is accessible for AF airline tickets beginning with 057.
  • To correct a name, you need to get a new ticket.
  • Should you need to change your name, you will be responsible for paying the additional Air France name change fee as well as the difference in the cost of your ticket.
  • If you make a mistake when specifying your gender in a reservation, it is not correct.
  • We will try to use the shorter version of the name that you have requested.
  • We are considering adding the second last name to match the passenger’s ID or passport.
  • When correcting your name, you must provide documents like a passport or government-issued photo ID.

What are the Air France Name Change Rules?

As per Air France name change policy, Air France permits you to modify your name, last name, middle name, or any combination of these. In cases where the traveler has altered it legitimately, this is applicable. Moreover

  • You cannot transfer your flight ticket to another person because airlines do not allow name changes unless it is required by law.
  • To change the ownership of a ticket, passengers must cancel their flight and then book a new flight with the new passenger’s information.
  • When you book a flight or buy a ticket, you need to use the same first and last names that are written in your passport.
  • You don’t have to use your middle name or title when traveling within Europe, but if you do, make sure to write them in the same order as they appear on your photo ID.
  • You need to submit your request at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure time for flights within Europe and other international destinations.
  • If you need to fix a small mistake in a name, such as changing “Phillip” to “Phillips,” you will only be charged a fee for correcting the name.
  • You cannot change or correct your name after you have checked in. If you want to learn about what you need to do for check-in, you can find the information in the Air France check-in policy.

How to change Name on Air France Ticket?

Travelers can go to the airline’s website and amend their flight reservation if they need to change their first or last name. They should contact the customer care hotline in order to legally modify the name that the airline is considering.

Air France Name Correction Online

By utilizing the Air France Manage booking option, passengers can modify the name on their reservation. In addition to the fare difference, you would have to pay a fee for making changes. Use these procedures to submit an online name correction request:

  • Go to the official Air France website and find the My Booking section.
  • Enter the reservation code (PNR) and the passenger’s last name in the appropriate box.
  • Choose the name of the passenger that needs to be corrected.
  • Click on the tab that says ‘Correct passenger’s name’ and type in the correct name where it asks you to.
  • Complete paying, and the airline will email you to confirm the new name of the passenger.

Air France Name Change via Call

Additionally, passengers may request a name change over the phone. On Air France flights, you can request to have your legal name changed if you recently got married or divorced, among other reasons. Simply give Air France customer service a call to talk with an agent. In addition to the fare difference, there will be a cost for name changes.

How much is Air France Name Change Fee?

Air France charges a fee for correcting or changing a name according to their policy. The Air France name change fee depending on the type of service and the type of ticket.







Cabin Class






Name Change Fee (in USD)

Not Available





Name Correction Fee (in USD)

Not Available





When it comes to travel arrangements, the Air France name change policy is a useful detail that, when followed correctly, guarantees a smooth trip. Knowing the fundamentals, going through the procedure step-by-step, and keeping in mind some advice for a smooth experience can help you approach any required Air France Name Correction with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Yes, customers can change their names on their Air France passes.

You can ask for the last name and middle name to be changed, the first name to be changed (up to 3 characters), or another last name to be added. Each type may have its own fees and standards.

Usually, airlines don’t let you change the name on your ticket unless it’s necessary by law. If you want to transfer a ticket to someone else, you have to cancel the current booking and make a new one with the new passenger’s details.

To prove that your name change is legal, you must give documents like marriage certificates, divorce decrees, court orders, or legal affidavits as evidence.

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