Flair Airlines Seat Selection Policy

To start, you need to make a decision and book your flights. However, there are several additional steps that are equally important and still require completion. If you’re a Flair Airlines customer with a booking, you’ll be pleased to know that you can select your preferred seats on the plane. 


Flair Airlines offers a Seat Selection service that allows you to choose a seat on the plane for a more comfortable journey. How can you select seats? If you’re interested in learning how to choose your favorite seats on a plane, continue reading! This article has everything you need to know about choosing and selecting seats with Flair Airlines.

Methods of Seat Selection wtih Flair Airlines

When you fly with Flair, you have the option to select your seats while on the plane. Flair Airlines offers different choices for selecting your seat. You have three options for choosing your seats: online, through customer service, or at the airport kiosk. 


Below, you will find information about each method. By utilizing this information, you can ensure that you have the best seating experience during your flight.

Online Method

To book a seat on Flair Airlines online, simply follow these steps:

  • To access the official Flair Airlines website, simply open it on your device.
  • To continue, you need to log in to your account.
  • To find your trips, go to the “manage my booking” page.
  • Please enter your reservation number and surname in the designated fields.
  • Next, click on the button that says “find my trip.”
  • Once you have completed that step, you will be able to find the seat selection option. From there, you can choose a seat that is currently available on the plane.
  • Please make the payment for the seat, if applicable, and then confirm.

To confirm your seat selection with Flair Air, you need to pay the associated fee. Once you’ve paid, you will receive an email confirming your seat. If you don’t choose a seat in time, the airline will assign you a seat on the plane randomly.

Via Phone

Passengers can also select their seats by using phone numbers. To select your preferred seat on Flair, just call the seat selection phone number and contact the airline. To speak with a live agent and select your seat, simply follow the voice prompts and provide them with your information. To make a payment, simply click on the link provided. Once the payment is processed, you will receive a notification to the email address you have registered. Just a reminder, you can only choose a seat before you check in. After you check-in, the airline will assign you a seat based on availability.

Kiosk Seat Selection

If you have already checked in for your flight, you cannot use any method. When you use one of the kiosks at the airport to check in for your flights, there is an opportunity available to you. The Kiosk machines at the airport can assist you in selecting seats during check-in without any additional fees. You have a few options, but they are somewhat limited. However, if you have a booking with Flair, you can definitely get a seat.

Types of Seats and Charges

The price of selecting a seat on Flair Airlines can change based on different factors. To review the total fee associated, you can check your ticket type, time of purchase, and seat option. Here are some simple details about choosing a seat and its price:

  1. When you’re traveling with friends or family, pick your favorite spot on the plane to sit together. There are several basic seating options available.
    1. Standard 
    2. Front Extra 
    3. legroom 
    4. Emergency Exit
  2. For Standard Seats, there is a charge of $10 to $20 per flight per passenger, excluding taxes. These seats are located at the back of the plane and offer good value. They allow you to enjoy your journey with your fellow travelers.
  3. The cost of sitting in the front seat on a flight can range from $15 to $25 per passenger. These seats are located at the front of the plane, allowing you to disembark earlier than other passengers.
  4. If you want more legroom on the plane to stretch out, you can pay an additional $25 to $45+ tax for seats with extra space.
  5. Not everyone can sit in the Emergency Exit seats. If you want to sit there, you’ll need to pay a fee of $25 to $45 plus tax to secure your seat.


Can you choose seats on Flair?

Flair Airlines lets passengers choose seats when they book or during check-in. However, there might be extra fees for seat selection depending on the fare class you choose.

Do Flair Air charge for selecting seats?

The price of choosing a seat can change based on the type of seat you want, like regular seats or seats with more legroom.

How does seating work on Flair Airlines?

On Flair Airlines, seating is usually based on a first-come, first-served basis, unless a passenger has paid to choose their seat. If you have bought a seat selection, you can choose your seat when you book your flight or during the check-in process.

What is the distance between seats on Flair Air?

The amount of legroom on Flair Airlines can be different depending on the type of plane and how the seats are arranged. On Flair Airlines, the seat pitch is typically 28 to 30 inches.

Do Flair seats recline?

The seats on Flair Airlines don’t recline, but they do have a slight angle that can make the flight more comfortable.