LATAM Airlines Name Change Policy

One of the top airlines in Latin America, LATAM Airlines flies to many locations across the globe. LATAM, like all airlines, has rules for name changes on tickets. Passengers can ensure a seamless travel experience and prevent any problems by being aware of these policies. We will examine LATAM Airlines name change policy in detail in this article, giving you all the information you require.

Understanding the LATAM Airlines Name Change Policy

Regarding name changes on airline reservations, LATAM Airlines has particular rules and regulations. This is a thorough explanation of the LATAM Airlines name change policy:

  • Only officially reserved airline tickets are eligible for name changes. 
  • After the name is changed, a new ticket must be issued. 
  • Since tickets are not refundable, name changes are typically not allowed on LATAM Airlines flights.
  • LATAM Airlines might allow a name correction or modification in specific circumstances, such as a misspelled name or a legal name change. But this needs to be approved, and it might need to be documented.
  • LATAM only allows for one-time name changes and updates.
  • Up to 29 characters can be used on a ticket and up to 58 characters can be seen in the PNR with LATAM.
  • Get in touch with LATAM Airlines customer support if you need to update a name because of a legal change or fix a misspelled name.
  • According to the LATAM name change policy, by changing the name on the ticket, one traveler might give it to another.
  • Only before the traveler has commenced their journey will modifications be permitted. 
  • You could be asked to submit supporting paperwork for name correction requests.
  • Name changes may be subject to a fee from LATAM Airlines based on the specifics of your ticket and the applicable fare regulations.
  • LATAM Airlines name change policy may offer exceptions in specific situations, such as a death in the family or a medical emergency.

How to Change Name On LATAM Airlines Ticket?

Because of LATAM Airlines strict restrictions, changing the name on a ticket might be a difficult procedure. The LATAM Airlines name change policy outlines the following procedures for changing the name on a ticket using several methods:

LATAM Name Change Online

LATAM Name Change On Ticket

It is possible to modify the name on a LATAM Airlines ticket online, but you must be aware of the LATAM Airlines name change policy and follow the necessary procedures:

  • Go to the LATAM Airlines website and locate the “Manage Booking” or “My Trips” option. To view your booking, enter your last name and booking reference number.
  • Once you’ve logged into your reservation, search for the option to modify the ticket’s name or passenger details. 
  • Usually, the “Manage Booking” or “Edit Booking” section has this option.
  • As it states on the supporting documentation, enter the new name exactly. Verify correctness twice to make sure there are no mistakes.
  • Uploading the necessary supporting papers for the name change is necessary. A marriage license, a court order requesting a legal name change, or other pertinent documents may be examples of this.
  • Before confirming, go over the modifications and any related costs.
  • The procedure for changing the name will begin as soon as it is verified.
  • At this point, you must pay any fees that are related to the name change.
  • Depending on the kind of ticket and the cause for the name change, different fees may apply.
  • LATAM Airlines should send you an email confirming your name change once you’ve finished the procedure. 

LATAM Name Change Customer Service

Using customer care to change the name on a LATAM Airlines ticket involves adhering to their guidelines and making sure the change goes smoothly. To ensure a seamless process, follow to these steps:

  • Connect with a member of LATAM Airlines’ customer support by phone.
  • For LATAM change name on ticket, some documents may be needed. A copy of your passport or other official identification document, your marriage license, if any, and any other pertinent court records proving the name change might be included in this.
  • Clearly explain the reasons behind the name change. Whether it’s because of a spelling mistake, divorce, or marriage
  • Be aware that there can be fees and restrictions imposed by LATAM Airlines name change policy. Prepare yourself to meet their standards and be willing to pay any costs that may apply.
  • Make sure that all of the information you give LATAM Airlines is correct and corresponds with the specifics of your reservation.
  • Check the modified ticket details that LATAM Airlines has provided carefully once the name change request has been processed. 

LATAM Change Name on Ticket At Airport

If you follow LATAM Airlines name change policy, changing the name on a ticket at the airport can be a simple process. Here’s how to go about doing it:

  • To give yourself enough time to complete the name change procedure, make sure you get to the airport well in advance of your scheduled trip.
  • Go to the LATAM check in desk. Tell the airline agent that you need to show your documentation and update the name on your ticket.
  • Be ready to give the airline representative an explanation for the name change as well as any necessary supporting papers.
  • Be ready to pay any fees at the airport if the name change has any associated costs. The type of ticket and the reason behind the name change may affect the cost.
  • As per the LATAM Airlines name change policy, the airline agent will provide you with an updated ticket with the proper name as soon as the name change procedure is finished and all associated costs have been paid.
  • Check the modified ticket again to make sure all the information is right, including the new name, before heading out of the counter.
  • After getting your revised ticket, continue to security and your gate in the customary manner for your trip.

LATAM Name Change Fee

It’s essential to understand that LATAM Airlines has specific rules for name changes, along with costs:

  • Within a day of purchase, passengers are able to make any modifications to their itinerary without incurring any fees.
  • Name changes on LATAM Airlines are subject to a fee that varies according to the route and type of price.
  • For each flying segment, the LATAM name change fee usually varies between $50 and $150 USD per passenger. This cost is extra to any potential fare difference.
  • If the name change is requested closer to the departure date or if it requires travel abroad, the cost can be higher.
  • When submitting the request, the name change charge needs to be paid.
  • Credit cards and other approved payment methods can be used to make payments.
  • LATAM Airlines may occasionally forgive the name change cost, such as in the event of an emergency or a misspelled name.

Passengers who might need to modify their tickets should be aware of LATAM Airlines name change policy. Through awareness of the terms, limitations, and protocols associated with the travel, travelers may stay clear of possible problems and ensure a smooth journey.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Yes, you can change the name on a flight that you have already booked with LATAM Airlines, yet there might be restrictions, fines, and other requirements.

With the assistance of an agent, online modifications can be made by submitting a request letter through this airline’s travel port.

Name changes for mistakes or other small corrections are usually permitted on LATAM Airlines tickets. Any changes that include giving the ticket to someone else can come with further limitations and costs.

Under specific conditions, it is usually permissible to transfer a LATAM Airlines ticket to another individual; nevertheless, there can be extra costs and limitations. For help transferring a ticket, it’s best to get in touch with the airline directly.

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