Aeromexico Airline Name Change Policy

Aero Mexico aims to provide customers with professional travel solutions that give them peace of mind. The Aero Mexico name change policy is designed to help customers easily change their name details without any difficulties. It is similar to other service policies that prioritize customer satisfaction. In this blog, we will explain the rules and laws of the Mexican airline’s name correction policy.

About Aeromexico Airlines

Aero Mexico started operating in the aviation industry worldwide in 1934. The airline has come a long way and is now highly respected in the aviation industry around the world. Right now, it is a well-known airline from Mexico that can take you to over 85 different places in Europe, Asia, Mexico, South America, North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Aero Mexico is one of the first members of the SkyTeam Alliance along with Delta Air, Air France, and Korean Air. The main business center is in Mexico City. The airline has about 85 planes, and they are all made by Boeing.

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Aero Mexico Name Correction Policy

Aero Mexico is a well-known airline in Mexico. The company provides various services to customers traveling to different places and on different types of tickets. In the end, they have service policies that are friendly to customers to make sure they are comfortable and happy during the flight. The name correction policy is a positive change for the company. It helps people who made a mistake when typing their name while booking a reservation.

As humans, we make mistakes in our daily lives and can’t avoid them. This philosophy is present in all areas of life, including aviation. Sometimes people make mistakes when filling out reservation forms by entering incorrect information for their name and other details. Aero Mexico passengers can change their ticket details if their plans change suddenly. They can correct the names on the PNR to prevent more problems.

To understand the airline’s name change policy better, look closely at these important points:

    • If you’re flying with Aero Mexico, you can change the name on your ticket before your flight using the airline’s policy for doing so.

    • You can only make changes to your flight a few hours before it takes off.

    • You can choose to make changes to the name on your booking either online or offline.

    • Travelers can change the name by only 2 characters as per the policy.

    • You cannot change the name on an Aero Mexico ticket to someone else’s name.

    • It’s important to note that if you’re making small changes, the process of changing your name is free. There may be a fee charged under different circumstances.

    • If you change your name after getting married or divorced, you can ask to have your name changed by giving a legal document.

Types of Corrections Allowed by Aero Mexico

If you need to change or correct your name, the Mexican carrier allows you to do so under certain conditions.

    • When a word is missing from a customer’s name,

    • Any of the names are misspelled by one letter.

    • Your name has mistakes in no more than two letters.

    • When a person enters their first name as their last name and vice versa,

Methods to Name Change on Aeromexico

Aero Mexico Airlines offers different ways for passengers to change their names. They will be able to make changes to their travel plans using both online and offline methods. Let’s look at different ways to do things that are currently available.

Online Method:

If you want to use digital technologies, here are the steps you need to follow:

    • Go to the ‘Manage My Booking’ section.

    • Please provide your last name and booking number.

    • Look through the list of bookings to find the one you want to correct the name for.

    • Make necessary changes to the name using the appropriate options and double-check all the details.

    • Next, if necessary, pay the fee for correcting your name to complete the online process.

    • Aero Mexico will send you an email with your updated ticket information.

Offline Method:

Aero Mexico can consider the following options for offline channels:

    • Making Corrections to Your Name at the Airport Ticket Counter

Aero Mexico Name Correction Fee

If you need to correct a name on your Aero Mexico ticket, you won’t be charged a service fee as long as it’s a minor correction. The airline might request additional fees for different situations. Changing your entire name can involve fees. It’s important to keep this in mind. Make sure to check the official website for the latest fee updates.


Can I Change the Name on My Aero Mexico Ticket?

Yes, you can use Aero Mexico’s policy on name changes to change the name on your ticket before your trip.

When Can I Make Changes to the Name on My Aero Mexico Ticket?

A few hours before your trip, you can change the name on your Aero Mexico ticket.

How Can I Change the Name on My Aero Mexico Booking?

Either online or over the phone, you can change the name on your Aero Mexico reservation. On the Aero Mexico website, you can go to the “Manage My Booking” area, enter your last name and ticket number, make the changes you need, and finish the process. Offline, you can make changes at the ticket counter at the airport or through the Customer Helpdesk.

Is There a Fee for Correcting the Name on an Aero Mexico Ticket?

There is no service fee if you only need to make small changes to your name. Aero Mexico may charge extra fees, though, if you need to change your whole name or are in certain cases. It is best to check the official Aero Mexico website for the most up-to-date information on fees.

How Can I Change My Flight With Aeromexico Airlines?

To change your flight with Aeromexico Airlines flight change policy, you have two options: you can do it online or at the airport counter.

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