Aeromexico Airlines Check-In Policy

Aeromexico has a check-in policy that offers different options to help passengers complete airport procedures easily and efficiently.

In this post, we will discuss the terms and conditions related to flight check-in requests, boarding restrictions, the check-in process, and more.

Terms and Conditions for Aeromexico Flight Check In

To check-in for your Aeromexico flight, passengers should complete the process online and then print or download their boarding pass. If the passenger has promotional or discounted fares, they must check in at the airport.

Before you request a flight check-in with the airline, there are some terms and conditions that you should be aware of.

  • If you bought a specific seat, you can check in online starting 60 days before your flight’s scheduled departure.
  • You can start checking in for your Aeromexico international flight 24 hours before your departure time.
  • Passengers can receive free seating if they complete the online check-in between 24 and 2 hours before their flight.
  • You won’t be able to check in online for two hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time.
  • If you need to change your travel date after checking in with the airline, call their customer service to cancel the check-in.
  • This will allow you to modify your flight booking. If you need to make changes to your flight, it’s important to read the Aeromexico flight change policy first.
  • If you booked your flight through a third-party ticket agency, you might not be able to check in online with Aeromexico. In this case, you need to call the airline’s customer service to finish the check-in process.
  • If you book a flight through a sales outlet other than Aeromexico, you may have to fill out the “Identity Verification” form. The verification must be done online up to two hours before the planned departure, and it costs 35 USD.

    • To finish the online verification, you will be asked to follow these steps:
    • Please provide the booking references and the last name of the passenger.
    • Please bring your travel documents, such as passports or government-issued photo IDs.
    • Please confirm your identity by providing a live video of your face.
    • Please provide the passenger’s last name and email address.
    • Please make a payment of $35.

  • After you finish the online verification, you can easily complete the Aeromexico web check-in without any problems.
  • To cancel your flight booking, you must first cancel the check-in request. You need to finish the request before the scheduled departure time. If you want to learn more, take a look at the Aeromexico cancellation policy.
  • If there is an error during the Aeromexico check-in process, your request will not be considered. To resolve the issue, simply contact the airline’s reservation phone number.

Methods for Aeromexico Airlines Check-In

Aeromexico offers several check-in options to make it simple for you to board and travel without any problems.

Online Check-In:

You have the option to check in online before you go to the airport. This allows you to get your digital boarding pass 24 hours before your flight departs. To complete your online check-in for Aeromexico Airline, please follow these steps:

  • To do a web check-in on, simply go to the home page and click on the ‘web check-in’ tab.
  • To find your booking, please provide the following information: booking reference or ticket number, and the last name of the passenger.
  • Please choose the passenger and flight segment you want to check.
  • Choose your preferred seat based on availability.
  • After finishing the check-in process, you can choose to either print, download, or email your boarding pass. You can use the Aeromexico print boarding pass for the airline.

Travelers who can use web and mobile check-in:

  • Passengers who are traveling with children and infants.
  • If you have a confirmed flight, make sure that the airline you are flying with is Aeromexico.
  • Customers who have made flight bookings either through the airline’s official website or through their mobile app.

Mobile Check-In:

You can also check in using your smartphone, which is very convenient. To make things easier, just download the Aeromexico check-in app and take care of your airport tasks before you arrive at the airport. The steps are:

  • To get started, simply download the app and find the ‘check-in’ button.
  • Please provide the flight confirmation number and last name in the required field.
  • Simply tap on the passenger and flight segment that you want to check.
  • Please review and agree to the check-in policy and baggage policy of Aeromexico.
  • Choose the seats, meals, and any other special services you would like to add to your reservation.
  • After finishing the check-in process, you can choose to print, download, or email your Aeromexico mobile boarding pass.

Airport Check-in

If passengers haven’t done an online check-in for their flight, they need to complete it at the airport. The staff at Aeromexico check-in will review your travel documents and give you a printed boarding pass. To check in at the airport:

  • You can check in your bags up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure.
  • Passengers should arrive at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Kiosk Check-in

To avoid waiting in long lines at the airport, simply use the self-serve kiosks when you arrive. To check-in and print your boarding pass, just follow the prompts. Before dropping your bags at the baggage counter, you can easily print bag tags at the kiosk. At kiosks, you can also do the following:

  • Please take a moment to review your flight itinerary.
  • Change the assigned seats.
  • You can check in for a companion or co-passenger who is on the same flight and in the same cabin as you.
  • Please provide your updated frequent flyer number.
  • You can use the Aeromexico print boarding pass for the airline.

Check-in Through Phone Number

You can check in for your flights using your phone up to 1 hour before the departure time. All you have to do is –

  • Make sure you have your booking reference or ticket number ready when you speak to the airline representative.
  • Please provide details about your meal and any relevant information.
  • You will need to pay the service fee.
  • The agent will email your boarding pass to the email address you provided.

Aeromexico Airlines Check-In Times

You can check in for your flight online or offline up to 24 hours before it departs. You have the option to check in early and make sure you have enough time at the airport. Here is the table with the latest check-in times for Aeromexico:

Flight Departing Aeromexico International check-in time
Within Mexico 30 minutes
Domestic flights operated by codeshare partners 30 minutes
Flights to international travel 45 minutes
Flight departs from the United States 60 minutes
Group check-in for domestic flight 60 minutes
International check-in time 120 minutes
International codeshare agreement operated flights 120 minutes

Boarding Process

The boarding process includes several steps: checking in for your flight, dropping off your bags, and finally boarding the plane.

1- Check-in:

If you’ve already done the online check-in, you don’t need to check in again at the airport. Make sure to have your digital boarding pass and travel documents easily accessible.

If you haven’t completed the online check-in, you will need to complete the Aeromexico pre-check-in through:

  • Airport Counter Check-In
  • Kiosk Check-In

2- Baggage Inspection:

If you need to check in your baggage, please take it to the baggage counter at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  • There is an automatic baggage check-in machine at Mexico City Airport. If you’ve already checked in and have a boarding pass, you can use the machine to check in your luggage. An automatic baggage tag will be generated.
  • If the baggage machine is not working or if you prefer not to use it, you can go to the airport baggage counter. If you want to learn more about the rules for luggage, you can read the Aeromexico baggage policy.

3- Security Check-Up:

Security will verify that you are not carrying any dangerous or prohibited items. Airport security inspections have become stricter to prevent hijacking and terrorism.

4- Immigration Inspection:

Please show your passport and boarding pass. Depending on the country you are traveling to, you might need to complete an immigration form.

Once you have completed the security and immigration procedures, you are allowed to shop in the duty-free stores. Passengers who have lounge access can relax in a lounge until their flight takes off.

5- Boarding Time:

The gate closes 30 minutes before Aeromexico starts boarding. If you don’t arrive at the gate on time, you will be marked as a ‘no-show’. You may lose the money you spent on travel.

Aeromexico Check-In Fees

According to Aeromexico’s check-in policy, there is no fee for checking in online through their website or mobile app. Passengers are required to pay the check-in fee either at the airport or through the airline’s customer service.

  Web check-in Mobile check-in Kiosk check-in Airport check-in Depending upon the fare rule
Domestic check-in fee (in USD) Free Free Free 25 50
International check-in fee (in USD) Free Free Free 50 100
Seat Selection Depending upon the fare rule Depending upon the fare rule Depending upon the fare rule Depending upon fare rule Depending upon fare rule

When you receive a flight check-in request, the first step is to contact the airline. Airlines are available to help you over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can quickly provide you with all the information you need for your travel plans.

Additionally, please remember that there might be a check-in fee that you will need to pay. It’s crucial to treat all Aeromexico pre-check-in requests with respect. Passengers often complain about inconsiderate approaches, so it’s important to be mindful of this.

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