French Bee Cancellation Policy

If you want to be flexible with your travel plans, it’s important to understand French Bee cancellation policy. In addition, you can now enjoy more affordable cancellations than ever before.

What are the Rules for French Bee Ticket Cancellation?

If you cancel your flight with the airline, you can get a full refund. However, please note that there may be a cancellation fee according to the French Bee cancellation policy. There are some other guidelines you should know before canceling your booking.

  • When you book a flight, you can choose to change your travel plans later. The amount you paid for the booking will be converted into a future travel credit. 
  • When you cancel, you will get a voucher that you can use for 1 year. You can use the voucher either on the airline’s website or by calling their customer service phone number. 
  • If your flight gets cancelled, you have the option to change your flight to an earlier or later date without incurring any fees from the airline. You will receive a credit voucher in the future. If the original fare is not available when you book, you will have to pay any additional fare that applies. 
  • If you are not allowed to board the plane against your will, you have the right to receive compensation and get a refund for the part of the ticket you did not use.

French Bee 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

According to the French Bee cancellation policy, you can cancel your reservation for free within a specific time frame after you make the purchase. This applies to flights going to and from the USA.

  • If you want to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, you can only do so if the departure date is at least 168 hours away when you cancel.
  • If the above conditions are met, there would be no cancellation fee for French Bee.
  • You are not able to cancel your flight booking using award miles or flyer club membership. 

How to Cancel a Flight with French Bee?

You can cancel your flight online through the airline’s reservation portal. In addition, you can cancel the flight by talking to the flight representative. 

Online Method

To find your booking, just visit the airline’s website and go to the Manage Booking section. To cancel your flight, you can request a refund or travel credit based on the fare type you purchased. This applies to the unused portion of your booking. To cancel your flight online, follow these steps: 

  • To access the Manage Booking section on the home page, please visit official French Bee Airlines.
  • Please provide the six-digit booking reference and the last name of the passenger.
  • Choose the flight that you want to cancel. 
  • You must pay the cancellation fee in advance. 
  • Please make sure to confirm your selection on the checkout page. You will get the confirmation sent to the email address you provided. 

Over the Phone

To cancel your flight, simply call the airline’s representative at the French Bee cancel flight phone number. If you want to cancel your booking by phone, you can do so up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

French Bee Refund Policy

French Bee Refund Policy

According to the French Bee Refund policy, the airline always tries to give a quick refund for eligible reservations. They aim to do this without any delay, as long as they have received all the necessary information.

  • Passengers who purchase reservations in the United States and Canada will receive their refund within 7 business days after submitting the request. 
  • If you used a debit card to make a payment, it will take about 20 business days for the refund to be processed.
  • The refund for the qualified reservation will be given to the passenger whose name is on the ticket.
  • Some fare rules or conditions do not allow for cash refunds. Instead, they offer a travel credit for the value of the unused booking. The travel credit is valid for 12 months from the date it was issued. 
  • If you bought tickets through a third-party travel agency, you should reach out to the place where you originally bought them for any questions about cancelling or getting a refund.

What is the Cancellation Fee for French Bee?

According to the French Bee cancellation policy, you won’t be charged any fees if you cancel your flight within one day of purchasing it. If you cancel outside of 24 hours, there may be a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee for French Bee tickets depends on the different fares offered by the airline.

Fare Type

Basic Fare

Smart Fare

Premium Fare

Class of Service




Cancellation Fee





No. Travel credit to be issued



The French Bee Cancellation policy  is similar to other airlines that provide options for cancelling flights. When you buy a fare, there will be a cancellation fee and a non-refundable option included. French Beer offers a flexible travel experience for its customers. They provide convenient flight tickets and an even cheaper luggage allowance. You will need to pay a small fee if you decide to cancel your tickets.

If you enjoy traveling, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the French Bee cancellation policy.  The airline provides passengers with many benefits and has a helpful cancellation policy to ensure they get the best possible results. If you’re making your itinerary now, it’s important to pay attention to the French Bee ticket cancellation policy.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

If you cancel your flight with French Bee, you can receive a full refund, but please note that there may be a cancellation fee depending on the fare type you purchased. Additionally, you have the option to convert the amount you paid into a future travel credit, which is valid for one year.

Yes, French Bee offers a 24-hour cancellation policy for flights to and from the USA. You can cancel your reservation for free within 24 hours of booking, but there are certain conditions to meet, such as the departure date being at least 168 hours away.

You can cancel your flight with French Bee either online or over the phone. To cancel online, visit the airline’s website, access the Manage Booking section, provide your booking details, select the flight to cancel, and pay the cancellation fee. If you prefer to cancel over the phone, you can contact the airline’s representative.

According to the French Bee refund policy, passengers in the United States and Canada typically receive their refund within 7 business days after submitting the request. However, if you used a debit card for payment, it may take approximately 20 business days. Some fare rules may not allow for cash refunds, and in such cases, a travel credit is issued, which is valid for 12 months.

The cancellation fee with French Bee varies depending on the fare type. For Basic Fare, there is a $75 cancellation fee, Smart Fare has a $150 fee, and Premium Fare incurs a $200 fee. However, these fares are non-refundable, and instead, travel credit is issued for canceled tickets.

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