Lufthansa Flight Delays and Cancellations

Lufthansa is a popular German airline. Its headquarters are in Cologne, and Frankfurt Airport is where most of its flights take off and land. Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Vienna, and Zurich are some of its other hubs. From there, the airline serves more than 200 cities in 78 countries, mostly in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Lufthansa flew 145.2 million people in 2019, and that number keeps going up every year. Recent data show that almost 77% of them got there on time. That’s a good record for being on time, but it still leaves a lot of people waiting.

If you recently took a flight with this major German airline and had problems, you may be eligible for Lufthansa compensation. Start here to find out if you are eligible for compensation from Lufthansa for a flight delay, compensation for a flight cancellation, or other help.

Lufthansa Flight Delays or Cancellations: What to Do?

EU 261 is meant to hold airlines responsible for the problems they cause with travel, but sometimes delays and cancellations are unavoidable. Whether your flight was canceled or delayed for an unknown amount of time, it’s important to know your rights and stay on the lookout for updates so you can get all the Lufthansa compensation you deserve.

First, get to your gate early so that if there are any delays, you’ll be the first to know. If you see people running around or staff whispering, you’ll know something is wrong. Ask questions and find out what’s going on with your flight. Find out the names of the staff and tell them yours. Be friendly, but don’t be pushy. If something goes wrong, they’ll likely put you first.

What if the worst happens and your flight is delayed or canceled? If you did the first thing we told you to do, you’re already at the front of the line. But Lufthansa’s compensation for delays also includes vouchers from the airline to help you feel better while you wait:

  • Emails or phone calls
  • The meals and drinks
  • Reserving a hotel room for an overnight wait
  • Getting to and from the hotel and the airport

If the airline doesn’t give you vouchers, save your receipts. You might be able to add the costs to your claim for compensation from Lufthansa. There’s a lot to think about. Because of this, there are companies like TravelRefund to help. We’ll help you figure out if you’re eligible and tell you what to do next.

Can Lufthansa Refund My Delayed Flight?

If you have to wait for more than 5 hours because of a delay, you can get your money back. Depending on what happened, you will either get a partial refund or a full refund for your flight being late.

Within seven days, you should get the cost of the ticket back. If your trip had multiple flights, you will get a refund for the ones you didn’t take.

If you were flying to a certain place (like a conference) for a specific reason and now can’t go, you will get paid for the amount of travel you’ve already done.

Lufthansa must also pay as soon as possible for a flight back to the place where the first flight left from.

If you want to know if you’ll still get paid for the delay, the answer is yes. In addition to getting your money back for the flight that was delayed for 5 hours or more, you will also get money for the time you had to wait.

Note: You may change your flight also during any emergency before that you must read the guidelines of lufthansa airline flight change policy.

Lufthansa Delay Compensation

First and foremost: How much Lufthansa delay compensation could you get? The answer is determined by the length of your flight and the duration of your delay:

Less than 1,500km 3 hours or more €250
Between 1,500km and 3,500km 3 hours or more €400
More than 3,500km, between an EU and non-EU airport 3-4 hours €300
More than 3,500km, between an EU and non-EU airport 4 hours or more €600

If you were delayed for 3 hours or more, Lufthansa may compensate you. Arrival time, not departure time, determines eligibility. If you arrive at your destination at least three hours late, you can claim compensation. If your flight leaves your origin airport 3 hours late but arrives at your destination less than 3 hours late, you may not be able to claim.

If your flight arrives within 3 hours, you may wonder what time it is. A plane arrives when at least one door opens, according to European courts. EU 261 says you haven’t arrived if you’re on the tarmac with all doors closed. Watch your plane’s doors and record your official arrival time.

Lufthansa delayed flight compensation has some more important rules. The rescheduled flight is optional if your flight is delayed more than 5 hours. The airline must then provide alternative transportation or fly you home. EU 261 compensation does not include these accommodations.

How to Claim Compensation From Lufthansa?

  • With our Compensation Calculator on ClaimCompass, it’s very easy to get compensation from Lufthansa.
  • We take care of all the steps, so the process is quick and easy.
  • You can also send an email to Lufthansa’s customer service or fill out their “Feedback” form on their website.
  • This process takes longer and may take weeks or even months because questions and requests for more information are sent back and forth.
  • Lufthansa will send you a check, a bank transfer, or a gift card if you are owed money. A gift card can only be given to you if you agree to get one. If not, they have to give you real cash.

Lufthansa Cancelled Flight Compensation

Flight delays make it hard to get where you need to go because you never know when the next flight will leave. Cancelling a flight can have the same kind of effects, especially if it’s at the last minute. If your flight was cancelled with less than 14 days’ notice, you may be eligible for Lufthansa compensation, depending on how long your flight was:

Up to 1,500km €250
1,500km – 3,500km €400
More than 3,500km €600

If the airline cancels your flight with more than 14 days’ notice, you will likely have ample time to reschedule and will not be eligible for Lufthansa compensation.

You are also not covered by EU 261 if you choose to cancel your own flight, such as for medical reasons or a change in plans. You may still be able to reschedule your flight or receive a refund, but it is unlikely that you will receive any additional compensation.

If the airline is at fault and has given you less than 14 days’ notice, EU 261 requires them to rebook you on the next available flight or refund the price of your original ticket at no additional cost. You are not required to accept a new ticket if they offer to reroute you on the first available flight. You may request a refund instead.

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Lufthansa Airlines : Additional Services at the Airport

If your flight is significantly delayed, you are entitled to some basic benefits and services. The availability of these amenities is determined by the length of your flight. You’ll find an overview of what you’re eligible for and when you’re eligible for it below:

Flight Distance Delayed Departure Compensation
Short Distance (<1500 km) 2 hours or more Free drinks, free food, and 2 telephone calls/emails/faxes
Medium Distance (1500-3500 km) 3 hours or more Free drinks, free food, and 2 telephone calls/emails/faxes
Long-Haul (3500 km or more) 4 hours or more Free drinks, free food, and 2 telephone calls/emails/faxes
All Distances 5 hours or more Compensation may vary, it’s recommended to contact the airline for specific details.
When the delay exceeds five hours, you have the option to cancel your flight, regardless of its distance. The airline must then offer you a refund or alternative transportation to your destination.


1. How Many Countries Does Lufthansa Operate?

Lufthansa serves more than 200 cities in 78 countries, mostly in Europe, North America, and Asia.

2. What Kind of Compensation Can Passengers Receive for Delayed or Canceled Flights?

Lufthansa offers vouchers for meals, beverages, hotel stays for overnight delays, and transportation between the hotel and airport. Additionally, passengers can claim additional expenses by keeping their receipts.

3. How Much Compensation Can Passengers Receive for Flight Delays?

The amount of compensation depends on the duration of the flight and the delay. For example, passengers may be entitled to €250 for flights under 1,500 km, €400 for flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km, and €600 for flights over 3,500 km for delays of 3 hours or more.

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