Frontier Flight Change Policy

Plans for travel by air can suddenly alter, and you may need to modify your flight schedule. Knowing your Frontier Flight change policy is essential in this situation. Fortunately, Frontier Airlines has flexible alternatives so you can change as needed without having to worry too much. Read below to understand the frontier airlines flight change policy and terms and conditions in detail:

What are the Frontier Flight Change Policy Guidelines?

  • You can change your travel date, time, and/or destination up to 90 days from the original purchase date without incurring a change fee. This allows ample time to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.
  • While the change fee is waived, any fare difference between your original and new flight will apply. This ensures fairness for both the airline and its passengers.
  • Recently booked a flight but need to change it promptly? Frontier airlines cancellations within 24 hours of purchase for a full refund, provided the travel date is outside 7 days (168 hours). This gives you peace of mind to modify your plans without financial penalty.
  • Making changes to your flight is convenient with Frontier’s online portal. Access “My Trip” through their website and easily adjust your itinerary, saving you time and hassle.
  • All changes or cancellations must be made before the check-in time for your flight (45 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights).
  • No-shows will result in forfeiture of the ticket’s value.

How to change Frontier Flights on the Same-Day?

Same-Day Frontier Flight Change

A passenger can easily and conveniently make adjustments and alterations with the same-day Frontier flight change policy. If there are available seats, Frontier Airlines will allow same-day flight changes. 

  • Ensure that your fare type and ticket are eligible for same-day changes. Some fare classes may not qualify.
  • Call Frontier Airlines’ customer service to inquire about and request a same-day change. Have your booking information, confirmation code, and desired new flight details ready.
  • Ask the customer service representative about the availability of same-day changes for the specific flights you’re interested in. Availability may be subject to space on the desired flight.
  • If eligible, you may need to pay a same-day change fee. The fee amount can vary and is typically lower than the cost of a new ticket. Be prepared to provide payment information.
  • Once the same-day change is processed and confirmed, the customer service representative will provide you with updated flight details.
  • Obtain your new boarding pass, either through the Frontier Airlines website, mobile app, or at the airport check-in counter.

How to change Flights on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines Flight Change may involve different procedures depending on factors such as the fare type, the timing of the change, and the specific policies associated with your ticket. Here are general steps you can follow to change flights with Frontier Airlines:

Frontier Flight Change Online

  • Go to the Frontier Airlines website and log in to your account.
  • Select “My Trips” and choose the flight you want to change.
  • Click on the “Change Flights” option and select your new flight.
  • Now you will see a pop-up on the right side of the screen which will read as “itinerary changes.” You can select single or multiple flights from your itinerary that you wish to change. Make a selection for all the flights you want to change and notice the option of changing the origin and destination airports with the flight departure date. After filling up all the new information click on the “change” button to proceed.
  • Confirm the changes and pay any required fees.

Frontier Flight Change Offline

A significant number of travelers like modifying their reservations in an offline fashion. Fear not—Frontier Airlines also offers this offline modification option. Travelers have two options for requesting changes: via the counter or kiosk at Frontier Airlines, or by calling the airline’s change flight phone number. At your convenience, you can select any method. 

Airport Kiosk

  • Locate a Frontier Airlines self-service kiosk at the airport.
  • Enter your confirmation number or last name and email address.
  • Select the “Change Flight” option and choose your new flight.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the changes and pay any applicable fees at the kiosk.

Airport Counter

  • Proceed to the Frontier Airlines ticket counter at the airport.
  • Provide your confirmation number or last name and email address to the agent.
  • Inform them that you want to change your flight.
  • The agent will assist you in finding a new flight, confirming the changes, and processing any applicable fees.

Understanding Frontier Flight Change Fee

Certain services provided by Frontier Airlines may be subject to an additional charge. The Frontier Flight Change Fee varies per ticket for various services and is contingent upon the kind of ticket/fare type booked by the passenger and the number of days remaining before the scheduled departure.

Here are some general considerations regarding Frontier Airlines flight change fee:

  • Frontier Airlines may charge a fee for changes to flight reservations. This fee is in addition to any fare difference that may apply if the new flight has a higher fare.
  • The specific change fee and policies may depend on the fare type you purchased. Some fare classes may have more flexible change options, while others may have more restrictive conditions.
  • Change fees can vary based on when you make the change. Making changes closer to the departure date may result in higher fees.
  • Some changes can be made online through the Frontier Airlines website, while others may require assistance from Frontier’s customer service, especially if you encounter any issues or if the change involves specific circumstances.

Frontier Flight Change Policy is designed with passengers’ needs in mind. Understanding the Frontier Airlines Flight Change policy can make your journey more enjoyable. Remember to plan ahead, be aware of ticket-specific rules, and, when needed, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Frontier Airlines change flight can be done both online as well as offline. If you wish to make the change online, you can visit the official website, click on the “Manage My Bookings” option and make the changes that you wish to. If you want to change it offline, you can either walk down to the ticket center or give a call at the customer center.

Yes, Frontier flight change policy allows the passengers to make any changes in their flights. The airline has a free change window of 24 hours, if the passengers are willing to make the changes after that span, they would have to pay for it.

According to the Frontier flight change policy, if you have involved any agents in the booking process you can only make the changes by contacting them. The airline does not have any role in making the changes in this case.

Yes, If you have booked a round trip, you can change the flight date as per your wish without any trouble. Frontier flight change policy is quite hassle-free and gives you the liberty to make whatever modifications you wish to.

If you are making the changes within 24 hours of booking, you would not have to pay a single penny for that. However, if you miss out on the free change window, the airline would impose a fee ranging between 100 to 400 USD. 

Frontier flight change policy clearly states that the cancellation fee varies as per the class of the ticket and the time of cancellation.

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