Lufthansa Airlines Check in Policy

Lufthansa check-in services assist passengers in completing the boarding process both online and at the airport before they can board their scheduled flight. Lufthansa Airlines Check in policy saves you time and energy because you don’t have to stand in a long line to get your boarding pass.

Lufthansa Check in Time & Deadline

Lufthansa Check in Time

Passengers must get to the airport with plenty of time to Lufthansa check-in, drop off their bags, and go through security in order to board the flight.

Deadline: To avoid delays at the airport, it’s important to finish boarding 24 hours before the flight is supposed to leave, either through the Lufthansa app or online. Passengers can also fill out the boarding request at the airport, but they need to get there well before the Lufthansa check-in deadline.

Baggage Check-in at the Lufthansa Counter: Passengers must make sure to arrive and check their bags on time, because after the deadline, they won’t be able to. Checking in may take a little longer than usual if you have extra heavy or large luggage, but people need to get to the airport very early to avoid the peak rush.

When the boarding process at the airport takes longer than usual, it’s important to stick to your itinerary’s following deadline:


When to Arrive at the Airport

Check-in & Baggage Drop off Deadline

Boarding Gate Deadline

Boarding Gate Closes

Within Europe

90 minutes

45 minutes

30 minutes

15 minutes

To/From the U.S.

120 minutes

60 minutes

30 minutes

15 minutes

International (Other than Europe, US, and North America)

180 minutes

From international airports:240 minutes(4 hours)

60 minutes

45 minutes

30 minutes

Lufthansa Flight Check-In Options

Passengers can request Lufthansa ticket number check-in to their final destination with a single click, and they can do so online or at the airport, whichever is most convenient. A few clicks are all it takes for passengers to receive their boarding passes in an instant. Let’s examine how to complete a Lufthansa check in online request using the available options.

Lufthansa offered various options for flight check-in. However, keep in mind that details may have changed, and it’s always a good idea to check with the airline directly or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information. Here are some common methods for Lufthansa check in:

Lufthansa Check in Online: 

  • Lufthansa check in online service allowing passengers to check in for their flights through the airline’s website or mobile app.
  • Lufthansa check in online typically opens 23 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Mobile App Check-In: 

  • Lufthansa’s mobile app allows passengers to check in using their smartphones or tablets.
  • The app may also provide additional features, such as mobile boarding passes and real-time flight information.

Airport Counter Check-In: 

  • Passengers can check in at the Lufthansa check-in counters at the airport.
  • This option is suitable for those who prefer or need assistance from airline staff.

How to Check-in Online on Lufthansa Airlines?

In order to complete the request online for your Lufthansa Airlines reservation, passengers must have their six-digit booking reference along with the passport number handy, if you’re on an international flight. Lufthansa check in online allows no earlier than 23 hours prior to the scheduled flight arrival. Here’s how you can access Lufthansa check in online– 

  • Visit Lufthansa’s official website, and head to the ‘Manage Booking’ section
  • Click on the ‘Lufthansa check in online’ tab to proceed. 
  • Enter the six-digit PNR code along with the passenger’s surname who needs to be checked in.
  •  Select the seats and add checked baggage for your reservation. You can also add any special request such as a Wheelchair, extra legroom seats, and many more at the time of Lufthansa web check in request. 
  • You have now completed the Lufthansa check-in service. You need to save the Lufthansa boarding pass or you can print it right away to keep a copy handy.

Lufthansa check in online is not available for departure from 




Tirana (TIA)


Sarajevo (SJJ)


Burgas (BOJ)


Rijeka (RJK)


Tivat (TIV)


Paphos (PFO)

Passengers cannot complete Lufthansa check in online for flights operated by all other airlines specified here, or code-share or interline agreement partner flights.

How to Check-in with Lufthansa Mobile App?

Lufthansa offers its passengers a more convenient boarding process as travelers can get their Lufthansa boarding pass issued directly on their smartphone while completing the request. Lufthansa app check-in offers the QR codes of the paper certificates that can now be scanned and checked quickly and conveniently from the convenience of your Android and iOS device. Follow these steps to complete the Lufthansa check-in request via mobile – 

  • Open the Lufthansa app and click on the check in link and enter the six-digit confirmation number or 13-digit e-ticket number and the passenger’s last name in the designated field. 
  • Complete the Lufthansa web check-in and Lufthansa Airlines seat selection, and add the checked bags, only if you’re carrying
  • Click on the ‘Confirm’ button to print the boarding pass. Passengers have the option to print the boarding pass right away or you can save the boarding pass link to print it later.

If you find yourself running late or discover an incorrect name spelling on your ticket, take advantage of Lufthansa Airlines flight change policy. Familiarize yourself with their name change guidelines of Lufthansa airline name change policy to make necessary corrections and ensure a smooth travel experience.

How to Complete Lufthansa Airport Check-in Requests?

When you arrive at the departure airport, you can arrive in the following ways – 

Lufthansa Self Check-in 

Follow these steps to complete your request – 

  • Passengers need to visit a self-service kiosk within 30 minutes to 30 hours prior to the scheduled departure and purchase their travel option such as additional baggage, seat selection, class of service upgrade, special service and many among others.
  • Passengers need to insert their 13 digit e-ticket number in order to complete the request and can print their Lufthansa boarding pass right away or have it sent their boarding pass to their mobile number or email address. 
  • Passengers need to tag their checked bags and proceed to Lufthansa airlines check in baggage drop-off counter. 

See a Lufthansa flight representative at the counter

Here is how you can complete the flight boarding process by visiting the airport counter – 

  • Provide your 13-digit e-ticket number or 6 digit booking reference to the Lufthansa flight representative
  • Ask the agent to complete the Lufthansa check-in request. 
  • Provide your seat preference as well as other travel option such as additional baggage, class of service upgrade, special service, etc. to proceed.
  • Submit your luggage for the tags and proceed to security clearance to board the flight.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Passengers can check in at self-service kiosks by entering their e-ticket number and printing their boarding pass, or they can check in at the counter with a Lufthansa flight agent.

Passengers can check in online, via the Lufthansa app, at self-service kiosks, and at airport counters.

Passengers should give themselves enough time to check in, drop off their bags, and go through security at the airport. Different destinations and types of flights have different check-in times.

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