Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy

Nobody wants to experience any problems during their trip after they have already booked it. It can be very painful to see your name spelled incorrectly on your printed PNR. Did you put the wrong name on your Volaris ticket? Here is a helpful guide for you to follow in this important situation! Be sure to read Volaris’ policy on changing or correcting names carefully to understand the rules.

Passengers sometimes make mistakes when filling out their name or other information on the Volaris ticket reservation form, especially when they are in a rush. Even a small mistake can get you into trouble. Visitors don’t need to panic because the airline has a policy for correcting names called the Volaris name correction policy.

About Volaris Airlines

  • Volaris Airlines is a great airline that provides affordable services in Mexico.
  • It started in 2005 and began working in 2006. Additionally, the aviation company aims to provide service to its customers both within the country and abroad.
  • This airline is the second biggest in the country, with Aeromexico being the largest.
  • Volaris is one of the largest airlines and carries more than 21% of all passengers traveling within the country.
  • The airline that doesn’t cost a lot of money runs its flights from a station in Santa Fe, Alvaro Obregon, which is in Mexico City.
  • It also has centers in San Salvador, Guadalajara, Tijuana, and Mexico City.
  • Volaris Airlines has about 100 Airbus planes in their fleet to provide passengers with great travel experiences.
  • The airline has three types of fares for travelers to choose from Basic, Vintage, and Plus.
  • In addition, visitors can sign up for V. Club membership and access V. Pass services.
  • Volaris is a great airline for traveling. It is the second-largest airline company in Mexico, after Aeromexico.

About Volaris Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Sometimes, unwanted events can happen, particularly in the area of aviation. It is common for passengers to make mistakes on the reservation form. They entered the wrong name and flight information in the boxes and submitted it without double-checking.

Sometimes visitors get too excited or overwhelmed when they explore the skies for the first time. Sometimes, if someone else books your ticket for you, there could be mistakes.

Volaris is well-known for providing excellent air services to people all over the country. The rules for making corrections to flight reservations or itineraries are easy to understand and use.

The name correction policy lets passengers change or fix their name with the company. People who like to fly with Volaris can expect a smooth and easy experience with the company.

The company knows how important it is for its customers to take the situation seriously. This means that anyone can change their flight plans without any restrictions.

Today, we will discuss how to correct a name on a Volaris airline ticket. We will talk about how to change the name on your flight booking.

Passengers also request for volaris airline manage booking.

Name Change after Marriage or Divorce on Volaris Airline

Airlines allow you to change your name if you get married or divorced. The airlines need to be given particular documents for it. If you’re married, you need to provide a verified marriage certificate. If you got divorced, you need to give the airline some official papers to prove it.

You can change your legal name with the carrier. If you’re involved in a fraud case, you can’t change your name according to this rule. If someone wants to change their name in that situation, the airline will require a court order to make the change official. The process of obtaining an order may differ depending on the country or state.

What is the Process for Correcting a Name Under Volaris’ Policy?

As we mentioned earlier, Volaris allows passengers to correct their names. People who are traveling can correct mistakes in their name using either online or offline methods. Both options have their own advantages and qualities, so customers can choose the one they prefer.

  • If your name is spelled wrong on your ticket, it can be frustrating, but you might not be able to get on your flight. If the name on your ticket doesn’t match your legal documents, you might have to wait at the airport.
  • The good news is that Volaris doesn’t want its passengers to experience any troublesome situations. Visitors can change or fix their names within a set amount of time.

Let’s think about how you can change or fix your name on your Volaris flight ticket or reservation. Here are the steps you need to take:

Online Method:

  • Visit Volaris.com, which is the official website of the airline.
  • You can locate the tab referred to as ‘My Trips’ on the homepage.
  • To continue, please provide your last name and booking number.
  • On the following page, you can choose the booking you want to rename from the list.
  • The user can easily correct a name by following the instructions on the screen.
  • Before you cancel the procedure, make sure to pay the fee for changing the name.
  • Volaris will send you an email to confirm the updated details of your ticket.

Offline Method:

One common way to correct a name is by contacting customer service. The company has a toll-free number that visitors can call to speak with the customer support team. You can let Volaris know that you want to change the name on your ticket.

Time Limit to Correct/Change the Name

Passengers can change the name on their Volaris airline ticket up to 4 hours before the flight. If you don’t solve your problems by the deadline, it can make things worse.

Volaris Airlines Name Change/Correction Charges

The cost of changing your name appears reasonable. Volaris charges passengers the fee that is required by the rules in place. The amount of the penalty fee you have to pay depends on the route you are taking and the type of ticket you purchased.

Airlines usually charge a fee for changing or correcting names. This fee can range from US$0 to US$400. Most airlines charge around US$200 for flights within the country.


Is It Possible to Make Name Modifications With Volaris?

Passengers are allowed to request a name change according to the airline’s policy for correcting names.

How Can I Change the Name on My Volaris Ticket?

To change your name, you can go to the official website, call customer support, or visit the airport ticket counter.

Can I Change My Name Online With Volaris?

Yes, you can change your name by going to the official website of the company.

How Can I Change My Flight With Volaris Airlines?

You can change your Volaris flight online through their website or mobile app, or you can do it in person at their booking center or by calling their phone number for changing flights or you may also check volaris airline flight change policy.

What Are the Different Ways to Change Your Name on Volaris?

The Volaris policy on name changes says that anyone can ask for a name change, even if their name is wrong. Here are the rules and restrictions for the different types of name changes.

If the visitor wants, the last name or middle name can be added or taken away. If a tourist has two last names, they can also ask to change their name. Before making a reservation, the airline recommends that all travelers double-check their information and make sure that the information on their flight ticket matches the information on their passport or other legal identification.

Legal Name Change: People can change the name on their tickets if they need to for legal reasons. But visitors would have to show proof of who they are, like a court order or a new ID with a different name, in order to be checked.

Minor name changes: The airline will make changes for writing mistakes of up to four letters on the Title, second, or first name.

Married Name Change: If a tourist has booked a flight under the name of a marriage or university and his passport is changed between the time of booking and departure, he can still apply. After him, the new name was Volaris. Depending on how many seats are available, Volaris Airline gives out tickets in the same service group or a better one. Prices could go up or down.

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