Singapore Airlines Check-in Policy

Singapore Airlines has rules about how to check in that make sure your trip starts off smoothly and quickly. People should get to the airport with plenty of time before their flight. For added convenience, you can check in online, on your phone, or at a counter at the airport. 

Most airlines let you check in online 48 hours before your flight. It’s important to drop off your bags by the due date and stay within the weight and size limits. It is very important to have your travel documents, like passports and visas, ready to show at check-in. Start your trip with Singapore Airlines with a smooth check-in.

Singapore Airlines Check-in Policy

The check-in policy of Singapore Airlines requires passengers to arrive at the airport with ample time before their flight. At least two to three hours prior to departure is recommended for international flights. Check-in options for passengers include online check-in, mobile check-in, and check-in counters at the airport. 

Typically, online check-in opens 48 hours prior to a flight’s departure. Also applicable are baggage drop-off deadlines, and passengers must ensure compliance with weight and size restrictions. Passports and visas must be available for check-in verification.

How Early Can Singapore Airlines Check-in?

Passengers traveling with Singapore Airlines are permitted to proceed with online check-in as well as airport check-in in accordance with the airline’s rules and regulations. They want to make sure that travelers get the best help and assistance from the time they book their flight to the time they arrive at their destination.

 Travelers can complete their online check-in 24 hours before their scheduled flight departure by visiting the airline’s official website. They must, however, arrive at the airport three to four hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

Singapore Airlines Check-in Online

  • Go to the website for the airline.
  • On the website, click the “Check-In” button.
  • Choose either the “Booking reference” or “E-ticket number” option.
  • Type in the “Booking reference” or “E-ticket number” and your last name as it appears on your passport.
  • Select “Check-In” by clicking on it.
  • Now, you can either print your boarding pass or download it.

Singapore Airlines Check-in at Airport

Follow these steps to check in at the airport for your Singapore Airlines flight:

  • First, go to the airport and look for the Singapore Airlines counter.
  • Tell the person at the counter about your reservation.
  • The person at the counter will check that you have a reservation, confirm that you want to check in, and then give you your boarding pass.

Singapore Airlines Check-in by Mobile

Follow the steps below to complete your mobile check-in:

  • Singapore Airlines’ mobile app must be downloaded before mobile check-in can be performed.
  • After downloading the Singapore Airlines mobile app, launch it and enter your KrisFlyer membership number or booking reference to log in. You may also log in with your last name and booking reference number if you are not a KrisFlyer member.
  • After logging into the app, choose the flight for which you wish to check-in. You can also view your itinerary and any additional upcoming flights.
  • Next, enter your travel information, including your passport information and any special requests, such as meal and seat preferences.
  • After entering your travel information, you should verify that everything is accurate. Then, select the check-in button to finish the mobile check-in process.
  • After mobile check-in has been completed, you will be prompted to save your boarding pass to your mobile device.
If you love your pet and don’t want to leave it alone, So according to Singapore Airlines’ pet policy, you can carry your pet during the flight.

Singapore Airlines Check-in by Kiosk

  • To use Singapore Airlines’ kiosk check-in, the first step is to find the airline’s kiosk at the airport.
  • Once you’ve found the kiosk, choose “Check-in” from the list of options on the screen.
  • After you enter your booking reference number or KrisFlyer membership number, the kiosk will ask you for your travel information, such as your passport information and seat preference.
  • After putting in your travel information, check to make sure everything is correct. If everything looks right, you can choose to print your boarding pass.

Singapore Airlines Check-in Auto Check

By turning on auto check-in, you can start your trip without stress. For all eligible passengers and flights in the booking, they automatically check you in 48 hours before your flight. You’ll get an email letting you know that you’ve checked in.

Once your reservation is confirmed, you can turn on automatic check-in through Manage Booking until 48 hours before your flight.

Singapore Airlines: Return Check-in

You can check in for both flights at the same time if your return flight is less than 48 hours after your next flight. In this case, you check your bags in for the first flight and just drop them off for the return flight. Except for flights to or from the US, this service is available on all Singapore Airlines flights.


1. What Should Passengers Ensure Regarding Weight and Size Limits for Their Baggage?

Passengers should make sure that their bags don’t go over the weight and size limits that Singapore Airlines has set.

2. What Documents Should Passengers Have Ready for Check-in Verification?

During the check-in process, passengers should have their travel documents, like passports and visas, ready to be checked.

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3. Is Return Check-in Available for All Singapore Airlines Flights?

Return check-in is available on all Singapore Airlines flights except those to or from the United States. This means that passengers can check in for both flights at the same time if the return flight is within 48 hours of the next flight.

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