Qantas Airlines Flight Change Policy and Charges

Qantas Airways, founded in November 1920, is one of the oldest airlines still in operation. Due to several factors, such as world-class facilities, exclusive offers, and the Qantas flight change policy, the Australian flag carrier has maintained its original form.

If you will soon be flying with Qantas, the following guide to Qantas’s flight change policy will be of great assistance.

Qantas Flight Change Policy

The passengers are required to abide by a number of rules in order to uphold the airlines’ admirable policies.

  • After booking, passengers have one year to use their flight credits, after which the amount expires.
  • Passengers are required to pay a service fee when using Qantas Airlines’ customer service center or ticket office.
  • The passengers would be responsible for paying the difference if the new reservation is more expensive than the previous one.

Qantas Change Flight Within 24 Hours

Unexpected emergencies can happen at any time, but Qantas has prepared some special policies to safeguard your trip in those cases.

  • The 24-hour policy of Qantas Airlines allows customers to change any aspect of their tickets within 24 hours of booking without incurring additional fees.
  • Passengers will be required to pay any fee for making changes if they are unable to do so within 24 hours.
  • Even if changes are made within the specified time frame, the passengers will still be responsible for paying the difference in fees if the cost of the new flight is greater than the cost of the original ticket.
  • Passengers also ask when their flight got cancelled how they can ask for refund. you may have to read the guidelines of Qantas airline flight cancellation policy.

Qantas Ticket Change Policy

The Qantas ticket change policy is straightforward and intended to give passengers complete control over their journey. It saves both time and money with minimal effort. Here’s a quick glimpse:

  • If a passenger requests a ticket change within the airline’s allotted free-change window, the change is completely free.
  • Passengers who have purchased insurance are permitted to cancel their tickets 24 hours before departure at no cost.
  • If the airline cancels the flight, the passengers will be compensated for the inconvenience caused.
  • If the passengers decide to change their travel date, the airline will waive the date change fee.
  • Qantas Airlines does not permit any destination changes, whether international or domestic.

Qantas Ticket Name Change Policy

  • The Qantas Airlines change policy specifies the conditions under which name changes are permitted for certain domestic purchases and corporate fares.
  • If the passengers have not yet issued the tickets, they must cancel the previous bookings and make a new reservation under the new name.
  • Qantas does not permit name changes for international flights; however, customer service can be contacted in an emergency.
  • Online name change requests would not be accepted. You can reach out to the airline’s contact centers. Please be aware that a nominal fee may apply to your name change request.

Qantas Airlines Destination Change Policy

  • Passengers can change their destinations by submitting a request to the airline; the amount will be refunded as flight credits. The passengers may then make a new reservation for a different destination.
  • If you have a round-trip reservation and wish to make a one-way destination change, you can easily retrieve your booking by entering your flight information. Select “Find Flight” and choose a flight with a different destination.
  • Even if the passenger is changing flights within the free change period, the passenger must pay the difference in flight prices.

How Do I Change My Qantas Flight?

With the goal of making flying easier for people all over the world, the airline has given a lot of different ways to make the changes. Check out the list of ways to change your Qantas ticket below and choose the one that works best for you.

Changing your ticket online is probably one of the easiest ways to make any changes. If the passengers change their flight online according to Qantas’s policy, they won’t have to pay anything.

How Do You Make Changes Online?

  • Visit Qantas’ official website.
  • Navigate to the Manage Booking section of the airline’s homepage.
  • Enter your booking reference number/voucher number, as well as your surname.
  • Continue to the change/modify option by clicking the continue button.
  • You can then make any changes you want to the date/seat/meal, and so on.
  • Save any changes you’ve made to Qantas.
  • You will be notified of the change via your registered mobile number or email address.

Qantas Airlines Ticket Change at the Airport

Changes to Qantas Airlines tickets can be made in person at the airport with the airline’s representatives. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Visit the airport’s ticket counter.
  • You will be assigned an executive to assist you with your reservation.
  • You may pose any question and request that the executive modify your Qantas Airlines ticket.
  • The executive would review your change fee and proceed with your ticket modification request.

Qantas Flight Change Charges

The airline goes above and beyond to deliver a classic experience. The passengers would have to pay a small fee if they disregard the Qantas flight change policy, though.

The Qantas change fees are as follows:

  • To make changes to their tickets, all customers who purchased domestic flights through contact centers must pay a 10 USD fee.
  • The cost to make changes is 45 USD for travelers who booked domestic flights through group sales or Qantas Airport locations.
  • A passenger must pay a fee of $75 USD if they want to change something about an international flight.
  • Any changes made by a passenger on a Qantas flight to or from New Zealand would cost an additional 77 USD.
  • To make any changes to their tickets, passengers purchasing New Zealand Trans Tasman tickets must pay 45 USD each.
  • Domestic Trans Tasman ticket buyers would need to pay 45 USD to make changes to their tickets.
  • International flights on Qantas have a higher change fee than domestic flights; passengers can view the change fee at the time of the change.
  • If the passenger makes the changes offline, they will need to pay a total of $60 USD to have any necessary changes made. If the passenger makes the changes online, they will not be charged any service fees.


1. What is the Validity Period for Flight Credits With Qantas Airways?

The validity of Qantas Airways’ flight credits is one year from the date of booking. Credits lose their validity after a year.

2. What is Qantas Airways’ 24-hour Flight Change Policy?

Within 24 hours of booking, Qantas Airways allows customers to modify any aspect of their tickets without incurring additional fees. Passengers may be required to pay a fee if changes are made after the 24-hour window.

3. Can Passengers Change Their Travel Date Without Incurring a Date Change Fee?

Yes, if passengers change their travel dates within the allotted free-change window, Qantas Airways will waive the date change fee.

What Should I Do if My Qantas Flight is Delayed?

If your Qantas flight is late, you can ask for a new flight through the mobile app or website. But keep in mind that if you ask for a new flight, you might not be able to get your money back. If you need help getting a refund based on how long your flight was delayed and how far you went, you can also contact Qantas by email, text, or their forum.

You may read the guidelines of Qantas airline flight delay policy.

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