Scoot Airlines has various ticket and fare options, each with its own rules about baggage. Here is a summary of the usual allowances and fees. Make sure to review your ticket before packing to ensure you understand the terms for your particular flight.

If you’re going on a Scoot flight, you’ll want to know what you can bring with you. This guide provides information on Scoot luggage allowances, carrying unusual items such as sports and musical equipment, and purchasing additional baggage if needed.

Scoot Airlines Carry-On Allowance

Economy Class: You can only bring 2 items, either a laptop or a handbag, and their total weight should not be more than 10 kg.

Scootplus: You can bring a maximum of 2 items, such as a laptop or a handbag, as long as their total weight is not more than 15 kg.

No matter what class you’re in, your cabin baggage must not be larger than 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (or a total of 115cm when you add up all the dimensions). Make sure your cabin baggage doesn’t exceed the allowed amount before going to the airport. If it does, you’ll have to check it in and pay extra fees.

The Extra Cabin Bag option lets Economy passengers buy an additional 7 kg of cabin baggage, on top of the standard 10 kg they already get.

When you book your flight online, you can buy an Extra Cabin Bag in advance. This will allow you to avoid waiting at baggage claims and be one of the first people to leave the airport.

Note: The Extra Cabin Bag is only available for B787 aircraft.

Scoot Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Make sure that the total length, width, and height of each checked baggage does not go over 158cm (62 inches). Regardless of the fare bundle you choose, you can buy up to 40 kg of baggage allowance online.

According to local Occupational Health and Safety rules, each of your checked bags must not weigh more than 32 kg.

If your baggage weighs more than 32 kg, you will need to pack it again. It is recommended that you buy your checked baggage allowance in advance. If you bring more than your allowed weight during check-in, you will have to pay for each extra kilogram.

Sports Items

You can bring sports equipment, such as musical instruments, on a Scoot flight as checked baggage, as long as there is enough space in the hold for them.

To ensure smooth travel, make sure to pack your items properly and ensure they fit within your luggage allowance or any extra baggage allowance you’ve bought.

Add Additional Baggage

If you need to bring more luggage than your ticket allows, you have a few options. You can purchase an additional luggage allowance when you buy your ticket, after you’ve already bought your ticket, or at the airport.

You can buy extra baggage online or by calling the call center up to 4 hours before your flight. Just click on “Manage my booking” or give them a call.

Here, you can find all the fees for Scoot airline services.

The cost of buying additional allowance and the weight of your extra bags will determine the exact costs. To find out the exact costs for your flight, simply visit the Scoot website and use their fee calculator.

Here are some of the costs you may have to pay if you decide to purchase extra baggage for a flight from Melbourne to Chiang Mai:

Additional Luggage Fees in AUD ( Melbourne to Chiang Mai )
Extra cabin Baggage – up to 7kg Suspended
Extra hold Baggage – up to 20kg $150 Per Journey

Excess or Oversized Baggage Fees

You have the option to purchase an additional 40kg of luggage allowance ahead of time.

If your luggage is heavier than what you’re allowed to bring, you might have to pay extra fees for the excess weight. The amount you have to pay will depend on the specific situation.

To avoid paying high fees at the airport, make sure to review the details of your flight and situation beforehand.

Remember that each piece of luggage must not exceed 32kg (70 lbs) in weight or have a total linear size of 158cm.

As an example, here are the fees for carrying excess baggage on a flight from Melbourne to Chiang Mai.

Excess Baggage Fees
Per 1 KG $50
Per 3 KG $150
Per 5 KG $250

The prices are high, and if you accidentally pack a few extra kilograms, it will cost you a lot of money. Investing in a handheld scale for your luggage is a good idea.

Before you go to the Scoot counter to drop off your bags at the airport, you can weigh your bag at an empty stall.


What are the carry-on baggage allowances for Scoot Airlines?

  • Economy Class: 2 items weighing up to 10 kg in total.
  • Scootplus: 2 items weighing up to 15 kg in total.
  • Size limit: 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (or a total of 115cm).

Can I purchase additional cabin baggage for my Scoot Airlines flight?

Yes, Economy passengers have the option to purchase an Extra Cabin Bag weighing 7 kg ahead of time.

What are the checked baggage allowances for Scoot Airlines?

Up to 40 kg is allowed for purchase online.

Can I bring sports equipment as checked baggage on a Scoot flight?

Yes, you can bring sports equipment as checked baggage if there is enough room available.

How can I add extra baggage to my ticket and what are the associated fees?

  • Extra baggage can be purchased online or through the call center up to 4 hours before the flight.
  • Visit the Scoot website to calculate the exact fees.

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