Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Lufthansa Airlines offers its passengers a variety of services designed to make air travel easier and more convenient. Do not fret if you are unsure of how to select your seats on Lufthansa Airlines. For a fee, Lufthansa allows passengers to select their preferred seats.

Lufthansa Seat Selection is one of this airline’s best features. You have the option to choose your seat in any class, including First class, Business class, Premium Economy, and economy. By visiting its website, you can utilize this seat selection option.

You can utilize this seat selection not only to choose a new seat, but also to upgrade to first class. Therefore, let’s discuss Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection in detail.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Policy

  • Lufthansa lets people choose their seats up to 52 hours before their flight is set to leave.
  • You will also get a seat based on who gets there first and how many seats are still available.
  • Also, the cost of choosing a seat depends on the type of travel class. For example, the price of a premium economy seat is between $40 and $50. It will cost $12 for a standard seat.
  • And if you are a member of Lufthansa’s Elite program, choosing your seat won’t cost you anything.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection

Lufthansa Airlines gives its customers a number of ways to choose their seats.

  1. Type “” into your search engine’s search bar.
  2. If you go to the Lufthansa website, you can scroll down to the “Check-in” tab. Then, click on it to move forward with Lufthansa Seat Selection.
  3. Then, fill in the information that the drop-down menu asks for. The following are covered in these details:

    • Traveler’s name and last name.
    • “Booking Code” or “Ticket Number.”

  4. After giving all the information asked for, you can now check in.
  5. After you’ve checked in, you can access your reservation. Then, choose “Open Seat Map” from this menu to move on.
  6. Then, you can choose which of the options on this seating chart you want to do.
  7. Lastly, choose your Lufthansa tickets and pay for them now if you need to.

Lufthansa Seat Selection Offline

  • Suppose you wish to select your seat using the offline method. First, dial its telephone number.
  • After dialing their phone number, you will hear computer-generated voice prompts.
  • After that, the instructions will assist you in connecting with a live agent.
  • After connecting with a live agent, describe your request to him.
  • Then, you must provide him with all pertinent booking information to initiate the seat selection process.
  • Finally, please indicate your seat preferences.
  • After paying for your seat selection, you will receive a new itinerary and seat information in your inbox.

These techniques will assist you in selecting seats on Lufthansa Airlines. Additionally, carefully follow the steps and select your preferred seat without difficulty.

Types of Seats on Lufthansa Airlines

Economy Seats

Lufthansa Airlines has the cheapest available seats on the Lufthansa. In addition, it provides additional legroom. In this class, passengers will have access to a variety of in-flight amenities, including radio, television, and other services.

In addition, passengers will receive standard food and beverages. In addition, the advanced feature of Lufthansa’s Economy class seat selection allows passengers to choose the position of their seats. Therefore, the seats are most suitable for short-haul flights.

You may also familiar with lufthansa airline baggage policy because While traveling in Economy Light, children under the age of two are permitted to bring up to 23kg of additional luggage in addition to their single carry-on.

Premium Economy

The Premium Economy seating option is an upgrade to the Economy seating option. Consequently, these passengers will have access to enhanced services. The primary characteristic of these seats is increased legroom and comfortable seating. In addition, passengers are entitled to two complimentary bags.

Lufthansa’s Premium Economy seat selection fees can range between $30 and $50. However, the price depends on the traveled distance and the travel zone. Therefore, these seats are ideal for long flights.

Business Class

Business class seats on Lufthansa offer the most comfortable seating positions. In certain airports, these passengers have access to lounge services and spa facilities. In addition, business class passengers can receive priority boarding as well as snacks and beverages before the flight.

The in-flight services will include lie-flat seats, a 12-inch television, Wi-Fi, and a variety of cuisines. This class allows passengers to bring two checked bags and one personal bag for free.

However, Lufthansa does not charge for seat selection on international flights only.


First-class seats are the most expensive on Lufthansa. It has the most luxurious seats with a variety of services and amenities. In addition, it provides approximately 6.5-foot reclined seats and a comfortable mattress. This cabin also provides entertainment for passengers via a 15-inch flat-screen television with headphones and touch-sensor headphones.

The meal will feature international delicacies complemented by caviar. Additionally, First class seats are priced similarly to business class seats.

Note: If you travel, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with Lufthansa Airlines’ pet policy if you plan to bring your pet along.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Charges

Some passengers can reserve seats ahead of time. The price of a Lufthansa Airlines seat selection varies depending on the booking class. Senators and members of the Lufthansa HON Circle can also reserve a seat in advance at no extra cost through Lufthansa Airlines.

On the intercontinental route, the basic seat costs $25.00. Regular seats range in price from $11 to $25. Furthermore, the seat reservation would be determined by the Lufthansa Airlines booking class.


1. What is Lufthansa’s Seat Selection Policy?

Passengers on Lufthansa can select their seats up to 52 hours before their flight’s departure. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and the cost of selecting a seat varies according to travel class.

2. What Are the Options for Offline Seat Selection on Lufthansa Airlines?

Passengers may dial the Lufthansa Airlines phone number, follow the computer-generated voice prompts, connect with a live agent, provide booking information, indicate seat preferences, and pay for the seat selection.

3. What is Preferred Seating on Lufthansa?

The best place to sit is behind “Premium Economy” or “Business Class” and in front of “Basic Economy.” The preferred seats make it easy for people to get off the bus quickly, so your trip will go smoothly.

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