Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy

The seat you select is one of the most important factors that can greatly affect your flight experience. Passengers should be aware of Lufthansa Airlines seat selection policy, as it is a significant player in the aviation sector. We’ll solve the puzzles around Lufthansa seat selection strategy in this article, giving you a thorough explanation in easy-to-understand terms.

Understanding Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy

Lufthansa offers several seat selection options, allowing passengers to tailor their flying experience to their preferences. Lufthansa Seat Selection is one of this airline’s best features. Let’s explore these options in detail:

Standard Seat Selection: Usually, there are no extra fees associated with choosing your seat when booking with Lufthansa. For people who have certain preferences, like being near the aisle or window, this is the best choice.

Advance Seat Reservation: For passengers who want to secure their preferred seat well in advance, Lufthansa offers an advance seat reservation option. This service usually comes with a fee, but it ensures that you get the seat you desire.

Premium Economy and Business Class: If you’re flying in Premium Economy or Business Class, seat selection is often included in the ticket price. This perk allows you to enjoy more spacious and comfortable seating arrangements.

You can utilize Lufthansa seat selection not only to choose a new seat, but also to upgrade to first class. By visiting its website, you can utilize this seat selection option.

How to select a Seat with Lufthansa Airlines?

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection

To select a seat with Lufthansa Airlines, you can follow these general steps. Keep in mind that specific details may vary based on your booking method, fare type, and the specific policies of Lufthansa.

Lufthansa Seat Selection Online

  • If you are booking your flight online, you will likely have the option to select your seat during the booking process.
  • If you have already booked your flight, you can typically select or change your seat through the “Lufthansa Airlines Manage My Booking” or online check-in feature. Visit the official Lufthansa website.
  • Provide the necessary information to access your booking. This may include your booking reference or ticket number along with your last name.
  • Once you access your booking, navigate to the seat selection or assignment section. You may be presented with a seat map indicating available seats.
  • After choosing your seat, confirm your selection and save the changes. If there are any associated fees, you will typically be prompted to pay during this step.

Lufthansa Seat Selection via Phone Call

  • Suppose you wish to select your seat using the offline method. First, dial its telephone number.
  • After dialing their phone number, you will hear computer-generated voice prompts.
  • After that, the instructions will assist you in connecting with a live agent.
  • After connecting with a live agent, describe your request to him.
  • Then, you must provide him with all pertinent booking information to initiate the seat selection process.
  • Finally, please indicate your seat preferences.
  • After paying for your seat selection, you will receive a new itinerary and seat information in your inbox.

What Type of Seats offered by Lufthansa Airlines?

Lufthansa Airlines offers various types of seats, and the specific options available may vary based on the aircraft type, route, and travel class.

Economy Seats

There are seats on Lufthansa Airlines that are the least expensive. It also offers more room for the legs. Passengers in this class will have access to a range of in-flight entertainment options, such as television, radio, and other services.

  • Standard Seats: Economy class typically includes standard seats with a standard pitch and width. These seats are the most economical option and are available throughout the economy cabin.
  • Preferred Seats: Lufthansa may offer preferred seats in the economy class cabin, allowing passengers to choose seats with additional legroom for an extra fee.

You may also be aware of Lufthansa baggage policy, which states that children under two years old may bring an additional 23 kg of luggage in addition to their single carry-on when traveling in Economy Light.

Premium Economy Seats

  • The Premium Economy seating option is an upgrade to the Economy seating option. Consequently, these passengers will have access to enhanced services. The primary characteristic of these seats is increased legroom and comfortable seating. In addition, passengers are entitled to two complimentary bags.
  • Lufthansa’s Premium Economy seat selection fees can range between $30 and $50. However, the price depends on the distance traveled and the travel zone. Therefore, these seats are ideal for long flights.

Business Class Seats

Business class seats on Lufthansa offer the most comfortable seating positions. The in-flight services will include lie-flat seats, a 12-inch television, Wi-Fi, and a variety of cuisines. This class allows passengers to bring two checked bags and one personal bag for free.

  • Business Class Seats: Business Class seats on Lufthansa are designed to provide greater comfort and privacy. They are often larger, recline into lie-flat beds on long-haul flights, and offer enhanced in-flight services.
  • Business Class Lounge: On some aircraft, Lufthansa features a Business Class Lounge option, providing a unique and comfortable seating experience.

First Class Seats

The priciest seats on Lufthansa are in first class. It offers a wide range of services and amenities together with the most opulent seats. It also comes with a comfy mattress and seats that are about 6.5 feet back. Passengers in this class can also enjoy entertainment on a 15-inch flat-screen television with touch-sensor headphones and headphones.

Note: If you want to travel with your Pet, it is essential to familiarize yourself with Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy

What is the Lufthansa Seat Map?

Lufthansa seat map is a graphical representation of the seating layout of an aircraft operated by Lufthansa. The seat map provides passengers with a visual overview of the seating arrangement in each cabin class (Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class) and allows them to see the location of specific seat types, such as extra legroom seats, preferred seats, and other amenities. Here are the key features typically found on a Lufthansa seat map:

  • The different classes (Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First Class) are color-coded and labeled on the seat map.
  • Individual seat rows are numbered, and each seat within a row is assigned a specific number. Passengers can use this information to locate their assigned seats.
  • Different types of seats may be marked on the seat map, such as extra legroom seats, preferred seats, and seats with specific amenities.

How much is Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Charges?

Some passengers can reserve seats ahead of time. The price of a Lufthansa Airlines seat selection varies depending on the booking class. Senators and members of the Lufthansa HON Circle can also reserve a seat in advance at no extra cost through Lufthansa Airlines.





Economy Class

Standard Seat

Free (during online booking or 24 hours before departure online check-in)

Availability may be limited

Extra Legroom Seat

€40 – €110

Varies depending on route and availability

Seat with Extra Comfort

€60 – €150

Varies depending on route and availability

Premium Economy Class

Standard Seat

€50 – €100

Varies depending on route and seat type

Business Class & First Class

All Seats

Free within Cabin Class

No additional fees for seat selection

In conclusion, Lufthansa seat selection policy provides passengers with flexibility and customization options for their air travel experience. Whether you’re a solo traveler aiming for the perfect window seat or a family wanting to sit together, understanding the available options and factors influencing seat selection will help you navigate the skies with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Passengers on Lufthansa can select their seats up to 52 hours before their flight’s departure. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and the cost of selecting a seat varies according to travel class.

Passengers may dial the Lufthansa Airlines phone number, follow the computer-generated voice prompts, connect with a live agent, provide booking information, indicate seat preferences, and pay for the seat selection.

The best place to sit is behind “Premium Economy” or “Business Class” and in front of “Basic Economy.” The preferred seats make it easy for people to get off the bus quickly, so your trip will go smoothly.

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