Volaris Check In Policy

When it comes to planning your trip with Volaris Airlines, understanding Volaris Airlines check in policy is key to a smooth journey. From the various methods available to the necessary timings, here’s a detailed breakdown to ensure your travel experience is hassle-free.

Understanding Volaris Check In Policy

Volaris Airlines is excited to introduce new check-in service, which will make your airport experience easier and more comfortable. Volaris check in service helps you save time at the airport and even before you start packing your suitcase. You can save time by following these simple instructions:

Volaris Check in Time

Volaris Check in Time

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the airport is taking longer to process passengers. It is important that you follow the check-in times for your itinerary. If you don’t follow these rules, your seat may be changed, your flight may be canceled without your choice, and you may lose your travel money.

To and from the United States

When to arrive at the airport

Check-in & baggage drop-off deadline

Boarding gate deadline

Boarding gate closes

Within Mexico

90 minutes

45 minutes

30 minutes

15 minutes

Check-in & baggage drop-off deadline

120 minutes

60 minutes

30 minutes

15 minutes

Outside Mexico

180 minutes

60 minutes

45 minutes

30 minutes

The Volaris check in counters will be open for check-in between 48 and 1 hour before the flight departs. Also,

  • Volaris Airlines Check in counters will stay open for flights departing one hour before the scheduled departure time.
  • Some airports have specific rules about when boarding gates can open and close for security reasons. The local authorities are responsible for deciding these times.
  • For domestic flights, the boarding gate closes 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. For international flights, the boarding gate closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • If a passenger arrives late at the check-in counter or boarding gate or does not have the right documents, the airline can cancel their reservation according to the cancellation policy. The airlines are not responsible if passengers don’t follow the Volaris check in policy and experience any loss or expenses.

Volaris Check in Exit Row Seating

According to Volaris Airlines check in policy, passengers can be assigned emergency exit seats. However, if it is determined that a passenger may not be able to perform the necessary emergency evacuation functions, their seating arrangements can be changed.

If someone has difficulty being flexible, moving around, or being strong in their arms, hands, and legs, or if it is determined that they may need help with the following tasks:

  • To find the emergency exit and learn how to use it, you may need to move up, sideways, or down.
  • To understand and control those mechanisms by pushing, pulling, turning, or manipulating them in different ways.
  • To open emergency exits, you can push, shove, pull, or use other methods.
  • You need to remove obstructions that are similar in size and weight to the over-wing exit doors.

If the passenger is unable to:

  • Find the emergency exit seats.
  • Can you identify the mechanism that is used to open the emergency exit?
  • Make sure you know how to use the emergency exit by reading, looking at pictures, or listening to instructions.
  • Determine if opening the emergency exit will put passengers at risk of more danger.
  • Pay attention to the hand signals given by the crew members and follow them accordingly.
  • Make sure to stow or secure emergency exit doors in a way that they don’t block people from using them to exit.

Passengers must be at least 16 years old and capable of completing all tasks without help from adults or crew members.

How to get Volaris Print Boarding Pass?

After you receive your boarding pass, make sure to carefully read all the conditions and instructions mentioned on it. Also,

  • If the passenger doesn’t show up for the flight or cancels the flight before it leaves, the boarding pass will be automatically canceled.
  • To board the flight, passengers need to show a printed boarding pass and a valid photo ID to security and a Volaris Airlines customer service representative. This should be done at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • If a passenger does not provide the necessary travel document, the airline has the right to refuse boarding.
  • If you have checked your luggage, please make sure to go to the baggage counter well before your boarding time.
  • Passengers who can use the business lounge must bring a printed copy of their boarding pass.
  • If the passenger doesn’t reach the boarding gate 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time, their flight booking will be canceled and they will lose their travel funds.
  • Passengers also request for Volaris airline flight cancellation policy.

What are Volaris Airlines Check In Methods?

Passengers have multiple options to check in for their flights with Volaris. They can do so through the My Trips page on the Volaris website, using the mobile app, calling the airline’s customer service number, or even through Whatsapp. Once you finish checking in with Volaris, make sure to have your boarding pass ready before you reach the airport. This will help you avoid the busy travel rush.

Volaris Check In Online

The Volaris check in online is a great and convenient way to check in using your laptop. To find the check-in link, go to the main menu of the airline’s homepage. The steps are:

  • To check-in for your flight, go to volaris.com and click on the check-in link on the home page.
  • To access your reservation, please provide the flight reservation code and the passenger’s last name.
  • Please choose the flight segment and provide the name of the passenger for check-in.
  • Please make sure to follow the Volaris Airlines check-in policy and the Volaris baggage policy.
  • To find out if there are seats available, and choose the seat that suits your needs. Please provide information about the meals you would like, your baggage tag, and any special services you require for your travel.
  • Once you confirm your selection, you will be able to download the boarding pass. You have the option to either print it out or download it to your desktop.

Mobile App Check-In

You can use the official booking app of Volaris to complete the flight check-in, in addition to web check-in. You can easily download the app on your smartphone or tablet. To complete the check-in for your reservation, please follow these steps:

  • To check in, simply open the Volaris mobile app and tap on the ‘Check-In’ button.
  • Please provide the last name and booking reference in the required field.
  • Please tap on the flight and the name of the passenger that needs to be checked.
  • Choose the seats and any extra services, like meals or baggage, that you want to include for your flight.
  • Please make sure to follow the check-in policy and baggage policy of the airline, Volaris.
  • Please confirm your flight details and tap to generate your boarding pass.

Kiosk Check-In

A Volaris check in kiosk is a convenient option for completing your check-in. You can use the Volaris kiosk, which is available at all airports in Mexico and some international destinations. To check in at the self-service kiosks, please follow these steps:

  • When you’re at the kiosk, simply enter either the Volaris reference number or the ticket number.
  • Please choose the flight segments and passengers that require check-in.
  • You will see a map of the seats. Choose the seats and any additional services you would like to include.
  • Please retrieve your boarding pass.

Volaris Check in Through Phone Number:

To complete the flight check-in while you’re on the move, simply call the Volaris flight representative at their customer service phone number. The airline will add a service fee to the handling charges. All you have to do is –

  • Make sure you have your booking reference or ticket number ready when you speak with one of the representatives.
  • Please let us know your seating preference and any special service requests you would like to add to your travel.
  • To pay the fee, you can use your debit or credit card over the phone.
  • The airlines will email your boarding pass to the email address you provided.

Volaris Check In at the Airport

If you were unable to complete the Volaris online check in, don’t worry! You can still complete the check-in process at the airport. The Volaris Airlines check in process may differ depending on whether you are traveling domestically or internationally.

Most airports have separate counters for Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class at Volaris.

Just a reminder, the Volaris kiosk check-in is also an option at certain airports. You can check in quickly and go straight to security without waiting in lines at the main check-in counter.

Understanding Volaris Check in Fee/Cost

According to Volaris Airlines check in policy, you won’t be charged a fee for checking in online or through their mobile app. Airlines will charge you a service fee if you choose to check in for your flight at the airport or through their customer service phone number.


Web check-in

Mobile check-in

Whatsapp check-in

Airport check-in

Phone check-in

Flights within Mexico






Flights outside Mexico






The Volaris check in policy makes traveling easy and stress-free. No matter what class you book your flight in or what the fare rules are, the airline provides multiple ways to check-in. It is easy to complete the airport formalities without any hassle.

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