Condor Airlines Baggage Policy

In this post, we will discuss the baggage policy of Condor Airlines. Baggage is a very important item while traveling by airplane. You must be familiar with Condor Airlines’ baggage policy. So after reading this post, you will be aware of the cost, limits, and restrictions of Condor Airlines.

Condor Airlines Baggage limit:

Carry-on Luggage Weight: 8-10 KG
Carry on Luggage Size: 45 Inches
Checked in Baggage Size: 62 Inches
Checked in Baggage Weight: 20-23 KG
Prohibited Items: Hoverboards, Fireworks, Bleach, and, Firearms.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

Are you thinking about flying with Condor Airlines? If you want to know about Condor Airlines’ baggage allowance, fees, charges, and restrictions, here are the solutions you need to find.

Carry-On Baggage

Passengers flying with Condor Airlines can bring one piece of cabin baggage and one personal item, like a briefcase, camera bag, or small backpack, on board the aircraft. Make sure your carry-on bag can fit in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you on Condor Airlines.

The size of carry-on baggage should not be more than 114 centimeters in total width, length, and height. This measurement includes any wheels and handles. However, some musical instruments may be allowed if they can fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat on Condor Airlines during boarding.

The baggage you bring on board must be within the size limits set by Condor Airlines.

If you’re flying with Condor Airlines on a flight with 50 seats or less, please note that there is limited space for overhead storage. As a result, you are only allowed to bring one personal item with you on the aircraft.

Condor Airlines also provides various condor airline check-in policy options to ensure a simple and convenient process for passengers.

Weight Restrictions

There is no weight limit for carry-on baggage. However, this can differ from one airport to another. To find out more, go to the Condor Airlines website.

Checked Baggage

When you travel with Condor Airlines within the country, there are some common fees that you may need to pay. These fees are related to extra baggage. You can find more information about these fees on Condor Airlines’ official website at
The answer to this question may differ depending on the specific routes. To find out more, go to the Condor Airlines website.

Excess Baggage

When you travel with Condor Airlines, you will be charged separate fees for each limitation you exceed in terms of size, weight, and quantity of your baggage. This can vary depending on the location. To find out more information and get the exact fees, please visit the website of Condor Airlines.

Special Items

Condor Airlines allows a variety of sports equipment and special baggage on their flights. Because the baggage is large, certain items might be considered regular checked bags. Condor Airlines will classify overweight or oversized items as such. Condor Airlines will apply charges and certain restrictions. Please go to the Condor Airlines website directly.

Condor Airlines Allows Passengers to Transport Dogs on Board

Dogs, cats, and household birds (birds are only permitted on domestic aircraft within Germany) can be transported for $125 one-way to/from most destinations. The fee for travel outside of Germany is $200.

The pets must fit within a carrying case that slides underneath the front seat. The carrier qualifies as one item of carry-on luggage for Condor Airlines.

Condor Airlines now offers a managed booking feature that allows passengers to easily check the status of their flight. This includes information about any delays or any condor airline flight cancellation policy.


What Are the Weight and Size Limits for Carry-on Luggage With Condor Airlines?

The weight limit for carry-on luggage is 8-10 kg. The size should not be bigger than 45 inches in total width, length, and height, including any wheels and handles.

Are There Any Prohibited Items for Both Carry-on and Checked Baggage With Condor Airlines?

Yes, items that are not allowed include hoverboards, fireworks, bleach, and firearms. Before packing your bags, make sure to review the list of items that are not allowed.

Is There a Weight Limit for Carry-on Baggage With Condor Airlines?

There isn’t a set weight limit for carry-on bags, but it’s a good idea to ask the airline because weight restrictions can differ depending on the airport.

Can Special Items, Such as Sports Equipment, Be Transported With Condor Airlines?

Condor Airlines permits various types of sports equipment and special baggage on their flights. There might be extra fees and specific limitations based on how big and heavy the items are. To find more specific details, it is suggested that you visit the Condor Airlines website.

Can I Change the Name and Details on My Condor Flight Ticket?

You can change the name and details on your Condor flight ticket by following their name correction/change policy. You may also be aware of the condor airline name change policy.

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