Scoot Name Change Policy

In the ever-changing travel industry, names and plans can occasionally alter. Do not panic if you’ve discovered that you need to change your name on a Scoot reservation! The inexpensive airline Scoot, which has been whisking us across the skies, has an easy-to-understand Scoot name change policy. Let’s explore the specifics in this extensive tutorial.

Understanding Scoot Name Change Policy

  • If you want to change the name on a reservation that is on hold, you will have to pay a fee. The ticket should have the cost included. The Scoot Name Change fee will be collected using tax codes.
  • The fares and taxes can vary. The agent needs to update the new ticket with any changes in fare and taxes.
  • If you change your name after getting the ticket, you need to get a new ticket.
  • The OA tax code will be used to charge and collect the fee for changing your name.
  • You can change the name of a passenger on a flight ticket when using Scoot Airlines.
  • If you can’t use your plane ticket, you can sell it to someone else. But you’ll have to pay for the name change.
  • The price of changing your name will depend on your destination and the duration of your flight.
  • You can change your name up to four hours before your departure time.

How to change Name with Scoot Airlines?

You can change your flight reservation with Scoot Airlines, just like with other airlines. There are several options available to you. To change the name on your Scoot airline reservations, follow the steps provided below.

Scoot Name Change Online

Using the internet is a great way to quickly make changes to information. If you made a minor mistake like misspelling or reversing your name, you can change it on your Scoot Airlines ticket.

  • Visit the official Scoot Airlines website. You can choose to handle either your own reservations or my reservations from this page.
  • Please fill out the “Family Name” and “Six-character Booking Reference” boxes.
  • Also, select the option that says “Manage My Bookings/Reservations”.
  • Choose “Flight Ticket Change/Correction” from the options in the drop-down menu. Passengers also ask for Scoot airlines flight change policy.
  • To change your name, go to the “Booking” section and click on it.
  • To make sure your name is correct on Scoot Airlines, you might need to give them certain documents. This is a rule you have to follow. Remember to give it.
  • Finish the process and pay any fees that may apply while following the guidelines.
  • We will send you an email confirmation to the address you provided after the payment is made.

Scoot Name Change at Airport Counter

Your name must be changed or corrected by going to the airline’s main office. The management of the airline will consider your concerns and take appropriate action. Scoot Airlines will let you know if there are any updates or changes that can be made to your ticket. If your application is accepted, you might need to present the original paperwork for verification.

The officials may compare the papers you complete with your anticipated departure time when you finish it. The representative may require payment before they can begin modifying the name on your ticket. To ensure it is accurate, you can obtain a new boarding card with your updated information on it. Go to the Scoot Airlines Manage Booking page to find information about your upcoming flight.

Scoot Name Change Fee

On Scoot Airlines, name changes are possible. In other words, even if you are unable to utilize your ticket, you may still receive a refund. Simply write a new name on your ticket to transfer it to someone else. Scoot Name Change Fee varies according to your starting point, the time of day you fly, and the method you select for changing your name—online, over the phone, or in person. Online editing is less expensive. In short, the costs associated with modifying a Scoot name are the same as those for modifying a flight.

  • Remember each instruction as you read the main steps for decreasing airline change fees below.
  • When booking a short-haul flight online, travelers need to pay AUD 60 which includes taxes.
  • Passengers on Medium flights must pay AUD 80 if they want to go to the airport center.
  • For a long-haul or extra-long-haul flight, you need to pay AUD 100 which includes all taxes.

Scoot name change policy underscores the company’s belief that flexibility is essential in the world of air travel. Scoot strives to provide passengers with a simple and quick process, regardless of the reason for the name change—a modest adjustment or a major life event.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

You are able to change the name on your reservation with Scoot Airlines. There may be conditions and fees that apply based on when and how you make changes.

You can change the name on your Scoot Airlines ticket using different methods. To use the online method, go to the official website and follow the steps given. You can also reach out to Scoot Airlines’ customer service for help. You can also go to the airport counter in person to change the name.

The cost of correcting your name on Scoot Airlines depends on where you’re starting your journey, how long your flight is, and how you choose to make the name change. Changing your name online is usually less expensive than changing it over the phone or in person. Short-haul flights cost AUD 60, medium-haul flights cost AUD 80, and long-haul flights cost AUD 100.

You can modify your name on a Scoot Airlines ticket until four hours before your scheduled departure time. It’s best to start the name change process early to avoid any problems at the last minute.

Scoot Airlines seat selection fees differ based on seat type and booking. Scoot Plus passengers enjoy complimentary seat selection, while Flight-only and FlyBag/FlyBagEat reservations may have additional costs.

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