Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy

Frontier Airlines Name change policy recognizes that passengers might need to make corrections to their names on tickets. The airline has a name change policy in place to accommodate these situations. However, it’s important to note that not all changes are allowed, and there are certain guidelines and conditions that passengers must adhere to.

What is Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy?

Frontier Airlines name change policy allows passengers to change the name on their ticket prior to travel for a $75 fee. In addition, any difference between the fare already paid and the current fare selling for the same itinerary will apply. Here are the important highlights from the Frontier Airlines name change policy – 

  • As per name change policy, the name of the ticket must match the name on the government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. Passengers may be denied boarding if the name doesn’t match on the Frontier Airlines ticket.
  • Frontier Airlines change passenger name request be allowed for corrections to the minor spelling errors or correction in the event of the legal name change. 
  • In some cases, to change names on Frontier Airlines, passengers are required to rebook their flights under the correct name and void the original flight booking. 
  • As per Frontier Airlines name change policy, transferring the ticket to another passenger is simply restricted.
  • Correcting a name on the ticket may incur a Frontier Airlines name change fee and also require you to pay a difference in the fare.

How to Request Frontier Airlines Name Change on the Ticket?

How to Request Frontier Airlines Name Change on the Ticket?

Requesting a name correction on a Frontier Airlines ticket is a straightforward process that can be completed online, by phone, or visit Airport. Here’s a step-by-step guide

Frontier Airlines Name Change Online

Frontier Airlines allows passengers to change the name on their ticket online through their website. Follow these steps to initiate the name change process:

  • Access Your Booking: Visit Frontier Airlines’ website and click on the “My Trips/Check-In” tab. Enter your confirmation code and last name to retrieve your booking details.
  • Locate the Name Change Option: Within your booking details, look for a section titled “Manage Trip” or “Passenger Information.” You should find an option labeled “Change Name” or “Edit Passenger Name.”
  • Enter the New Name: Click on the “Change Name” or “Edit Passenger Name” option. Enter the new name accurately, including the first, middle, and last name.
  • Provide Reason for Change: If prompted, provide a brief explanation for the name change. This is particularly important if the change is due to a legal name change or marriage.
  • Pay the Name Change Fee: Frontier Airlines charges a $75 fee for name changes. You will be required to pay this fee before the name change can be processed.
  • Review and Submit: Review the updated passenger information and ensure all details are correct. Once you’re satisfied, click on the “Submit” or “Save” button.
  • Receive Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email or message from Frontier Airlines confirming the name change and providing you with a revised itinerary.

Frontier Airlines Name Change over the phone

You can change the name on a Frontier Airlines ticket over the phone. To do so, call Frontier Airlines customer service. Inform the representative that you need to change the name on your existing reservation. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your reservation number
  • The name on the ticket as it is currently
  • The new name
  • The reason for the name change
  • Supporting documentation (if applicable)

The representative will process the name change and provide you with a confirmation. Please note that there is a $75 fee for changing the name on a Frontier Airlines ticket. You may also be charged an additional fare difference if the new name changes the fare class of your ticket.

Frontier Airlines Name Change at the Airport

Frontier Airlines allows you to change the name on your ticket at the airport, but it is strongly recommended that you do so in advance to avoid additional fees and potential delays. The airline charges a $75 name change fee if you make the change at the airport, in addition to any applicable fare difference.

Additionally, we’ll touch upon the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy to offer a complete understanding of how Frontier Airlines handles changes to your travel plans.

Here is a summary of the process for changing your name on your ticket at the airport:

  • Go to the Frontier Airlines ticket counter at least 45 minutes before your scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 60 minutes before your scheduled departure time for international flights.
  • Provide your original booking confirmation, a valid government-issued ID, and the new name you want to use on your ticket.
  • Pay the applicable name change fee ($75).
  • Receive a new boarding pass with the updated name.

If you are unable to change your name on your ticket at the airport, you may be able to purchase a new ticket at the full fare.

Frontier Airlines Name Change Rules

Here are the important considerations from the Frontier name change policy – 

  • Up to three characters in the first, middle, or last name are allowed for correction. The count of three characters shall not be misunderstood as the three characters each for first name, middle name, and last name. 
  • Frontier Airlines misspelled name correction includes the elimination or addition of nicknames or inverted names.
  • Frontier Airlines name change requests under legal considerations such as divorce decree, name change after marriage, and all other legal name change requests.
  • Frontier Airlines name change requests are not permitted on the booking made via frequent mileage points and are subject to the club contract.
  • As per Frontier name change policy, transferring the ticket to another passenger is simply restricted.
  • You can request a name change if the ticket is still valid for travel.
  • The name change must be requested prior to the departure of the first flight on your itinerary.
  • You must provide the correct name as it appears on your government-issued ID.

Frontier Airlines Name Change Fees

As per Frontier Airlines name change Fees, if passengers need to change or correct the name prior to the scheduled travel but plan to keep the same itinerary, passengers may do so by paying the following – 

  • Online or by phone: $75
  • At the airport: $100
  • Fare difference: May apply

In the fast-paced world of air travel, Frontier Airlines understands that plans can change, and mistakes can happen. The Frontier Airlines name change policy is designed to address these situations, providing passengers with a solution to correct minor errors in their booking details.

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