Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

The Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service allows children ages 5 to 14 to travel alone, subject to certain restrictions. This ensures that your child is accompanied by a service agent from the time of check-in until he or she is received at the destination by a designated family member or adult guardian.

Unaccompanied Minor Service Details

The service provided by Copa Airlines for children traveling alone does not include any additional services. It begins with check-in and concludes with boarding the aircraft.

This includes security, immigration, and the boarding gate. Your child will be assisted off the aircraft, taken through immigration and customs, and then handed over to the parent or guardian of your choosing.

Minors’ Age Restrictions

Copa Airlines Unaccompanied The policy on minors has the following age and flight restrictions:

    • Copa Airlines Unaccompanied The policy on minors has the following age and flight restrictions:

    • Children under the age of five cannot travel alone. They must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years old, such as a cousin, guardian, or travel companion.

    • Children between the ages of 5 and 7 are only permitted to travel alone on nonstop flights that do not require a plane change.

    • Copa Airlines allows children ages 8 to 14 to travel unaccompanied on both direct and connecting flights.

    • Children aged 15 to 17 may travel as solo children or as regular passengers on direct and connecting flights. If they are traveling as regular passengers, they are required to bring identification that verifies their age.

Prior to reserving the Unaccompanied Minor Service, you must confirm your child’s flight ticket, just as you would for any other flight.

Note: In case of emergancy you can cancle your flight without any issue, But before cancle flight you must familer about Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy.

Documents Required for Service to Unaccompanied Minors

You must provide the name, relationship, phone number, mailing address, and photo identification or registration card of:

    • The individual who will transport your child to the airport.

    • The individual who will greet your child upon arrival.

If your child’s flight departs from the United States, the person taking your child to the airport must be in possession of a valid ID containing the child’s full name, date of birth, and gender. This may consist of a passport or a driver’s license. In certain countries, taxes are added to the gate pass service charge.

Unaccompanied Minor Service Fee

Type of Flight Fee (USD) Additional Charges
International Flights $150 Plus taxes, etc.
Domestic Flights $20 Plus taxes, etc.

How to Book the Unaccompanied Minor Service?

Copa Airlines’ policy on unaccompanied minors requires that you book the Unaccompanied Minor service at least 48 hours prior to departure via:

    • A local Copa Airlines Reservation Center

    • Office of Copa Airlines Sales

    • Your travel agency

Other Conditions

    • The formal documentation must be in order.

    • The Unaccompanied Minor service is not available for trips that include the day’s final connecting flight unless that flight is the only one that day.

    • Minors traveling without an adult should bring independently manageable carry-on luggage.

    • Minors who are not accompanied by an adult should not bring too many belongings.

    • Unaccompanied minors with medical problems or who are receiving medical care will not be permitted to travel without a medical certificate allowing them to do so.

Panama Specific Requirements

Unaccompanied Minors leaving Panama must have a valid passport and an authentic birth certificate (or minor identification card). If they are leaving Panama, they must also meet the following requirements:

    • At least one parent must accompany the child.

    • The required notarized letter from a non-traveling parent is waived if both parents physically appear before National Migration Service officials at the departure airport.

    • Minors who are accompanied by a parent who has legal possession must have a judge-issued travel authorization. If one of the parents is no longer alive, a copy of their death certificate is required.

    • Minors who travel alone or with a third party must have written permission from both parents.


Can My Child Travel Alone With Copa Airlines?

Yes, Copa Airlines permits unaccompanied minors between the ages of 5 and 14 to travel alone, subject to certain restrictions.

Are There Any Specific Requirements for Unaccompanied Minors Traveling From Panama?

Yes, if a minor is leaving Panama unaccompanied, he or she must have a valid passport, an authentic birth certificate (or minor identification card), and comply with specific requirements such as parental accompaniment, notarized letters, or travel authorizations.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Children Traveling Alone?

Under-five children are required to be accompanied by an adult. Children ages 5 to 7 are only permitted to travel alone on nonstop

Can Minor Seat on Emergency Seat?

No, Minor can not seat on emergancy seat according to Copa Airlines Seat Policy.

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