Singapore Airlines Flight Delay Policy

People say that Singapore Airlines is the best airline for making sure its customers are happy. That’s why it gives you money if your flight is canceled or delayed.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Singapore Airlines flight compensation policy and how to get it. Singapore Airlines also has useful information about canceled flights or you may read Singapore airlines flight cancellation policy.

Singapore Airlines Compensation Policy

  • If your flight with Singapore Airlines is delayed for more than three hours, you are eligible for compensation.
  • You will receive compensation between 250 and 600 euros.
  • If you have already left an EU airport, you can also file a compensation claim.
  • If your Singapore Airlines flight is canceled within 0-14 days with no prior notice, you are eligible for compensation.
  • You could receive compensation if you were denied boarding due to a lack of seats or overselling of tickets.
  • Depending on your ticket type, you will receive compensation if you miss a connecting flight due to a delay in the initial flight.

What Should You Do if Your Flight is Delayed?

  • You need to find out why the flight is running late.
  • After that, you should hear from the airline’s customer service that the flight will be late.
  • Keep track of the airline’s actual arrival time. You can also take photos or gather other proof of a delay or cancellation.
  • Fill out a claim form to get your money back.
  • Check the policy on refunds to see if you can get the money back.
  • Get the confirmed information by calling the airline’s customer service.

How Can Compensation Be Claimed With Singapore Airlines?

  • You need to go to Singapore Airlines’ official website.
  • In the top right corner of the homepage, you will find the Help button.
  • Now, look at the headings on the page to find the compensation option.
  • Click on “Claim compensation,” then fill out the form with all of the above information.
  • You can now send the forms in for cross-checking.
  • If you are eligible for compensation, you will get your money within a few business days.

Who Can File a Claim Against Singapore Airlines and on What Terms?

Your flight must meet the following requirements:

  • Your flight originated from a European airport with ANY AIRLINE.
  • Your flight was on a European airline to an airport within Europe.
  • Your flight was at least three hours late.
  • Your flight had to be canceled.
  • Your flight was full and boarding was denied.
  • Your delay caused you to miss a connecting flight, and you did not arrive at your final destination within the allotted three hours.


1. Are Passengers Eligible for Compensation if They Miss a Connecting Flight Due to a Delay in the Initial Singapore Airlines Flight?

Depending on the ticket type, passengers who miss a connecting flight due to a delayed initial flight may be eligible for compensation.

2. What Should Passengers Do if Their Flight is Delayed?

Passengers should determine the cause of the delay, await communication from the airline’s customer service, monitor the actual arrival time, collect evidence of the delay or cancellation, fill out a claim form, and review the airline’s refund policy.

3. Who Can File a Claim Against Singapore Airlines for Flight Compensation?

Any passenger who meets the following criteria may submit a claim: the flight originated from an airport in Europe (any airline); the flight was on a European airline; the flight was to an airport within Europe; the flight was at least three hours late; the flight was canceled; boarding was refused due to full capacity; or the delay resulted in a missed connecting flight and a delay of more than three hours to the final destination.

4. Are There Any Fees for Changing a Singapore Airlines Flight?

According to Singapore airline flight change policy, it doesn’t cost anything to make changes in the first 24 hours after booking. But if you make changes after 24 hours, the airline may charge you more. Most of the time, the change fee is between $100 and $200 USD.

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