United Airlines Name Change Policy

United Airlines has a policy that makes it easier for passengers to change their names on their reservations. This policy is designed to make the process more efficient and simple. 

United Airlines has made changes to their policy to make it easier for customers to travel without any problems. They want to make sure they can meet the different needs of all their customers.

In this article, we will talk about United Airlines’ policy for changing names. We will explain who can change their name, how to do it, how much it costs, and other important information. 

Eligibility Creteria for Name Change

United Airlines does not allow requests to correct the name of a passenger by changing it to someone else’s name. In order to fix a misspelled name on a United Airlines ticket, you need to meet the following requirements.

  • Only United Airlines can operate the flights, and you can only request name corrections for the parts of the trip that are with United. 
  • You cannot change your name after you have finished checking in with United Airlines. 
  • The ticket inventory needs to start with the code 016. 
  • You can only request one ticket reissue to correct names on United Airlines flights. 
  • When traveling, United Airlines only allows small changes to your name if it matches exactly with your government-issued photo ID. 
  • You cannot change the passenger’s date of birth and gender when you want to change the name on a United Airlines ticket. 
  • You can only change your date of birth if there was a mistake made during the booking process. 

Please keep in mind that United Airlines only allows one name correction per customer. If you need to make additional changes, you will need to follow their passenger name change policy.

Note: Under United Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their flight tickets and rebook a new flight with the right name on the ticket.

Documents Req for Name Change 

If you want to change your name on United Airlines, you usually need the following documents:

  • A legal government-issued form of identification, like a driver’s license or passport.
  •  If you got married or got a divorce and want to change your name, you need a Marriage Certificate or a Divorce Decree.
  • Any legal name change request may need a court order to be effective.
  • Additional paperwork, such as a birth certificate or guardianship documents, may be required if the name change request is for a minor. Requests for name changes are also acceptable for United Airlines Unaccompanied Minors

Type of Name Change Request

According to United Airlines’ policy on name changes, here is a summary of the types of name change requests that are typically approved by the airline.

First/Middle/Last Names

If your ticket has a first name that is spelled incorrectly, like “Jhon” instead of “John,” you can ask to have it fixed to match your real name.

Nickname to Legal Name

If your ticket has the name “Mike” but your real name is “Michael,” you can ask to change it to your full legal name.

Adding an Additional Last Name

If you recently got married and want to change your name on your ticket to include your spouse’s last name, like changing from “Jane Johnson” to “Jane Johnson-Smith,” you can ask to add the extra last name. You may need to pay a fare difference and a fee to change the name on your United ticket.

Name Change Due to Marriage and Divorce

If you changed your name because you got married, divorced, or adopted, you can ask to update your ticket with your new name. For instance, if your ticket has your old last name “Lisa Anderson” but you legally changed it to “Lisa Thompson” after getting married, you can ask to have your new legal name on the ticket. You may need to pay extra for a different fare and a fee to change the name on your United ticket.

Methods fot Name Change Request

Passengers can easily request a name correction online by using the United Airlines Manage Booking tab. Passengers who want to change their name should contact the airline’s customer service.

Online Method

  • Go to the “Manage My Trips” section.
  • Please provide the 6-digit confirmation number and the last name of the passenger. To access the booking, simply click on the “Search” tab. 
  • After you find your booking, search for a choice that says “Name Correction”. To continue, please select that option.
  • To start the process of correcting your name, simply follow the prompts and instructions that are displayed on the screen. To complete this, you might need to enter the right name or give the required documents.
  • Please double-check the information you entered to make sure it is correct before submitting the request.
  • Please confirm and submit the request to correct the name.

Through Customer Care

To ask United Airlines customer service to change your name, just follow these simple steps:

  • To get in touch with United Airlines customer service, you can call them on the phone.
  • Tell the customer service representative about your situation and let them know that you need to ask for a name change for your booking.
  • Please provide the following information: your booking confirmation number, ticket number, and the name currently listed on the ticket.
  • Please provide a clear explanation for the name change, such as a misspelling, a legal name change, or any other valid reason.
  • To request a name change, you may need to provide certain documents as evidence. These documents can include a passport, driver’s license, marriage certificate, or court order, depending on the specific circumstances of your name change.
  • After your request is taken care of, the customer service representative will let you know what happened and if there’s anything else you need to do.

Fees and Charges

The fees for changing one’s name range between $75 and $200. Your name changes depending on how you type it. If you want to know more about fees, contact United Airlines customer care.


In summary, United Airlines has a name change policy designed to simplify the process for passengers. Eligibility criteria, required documents, and fees apply. Passengers can request changes online or through customer care, with fees ranging from $75 to $200. The policy aims to accommodate passenger needs while maintaining accuracy.

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