Lufthansa Pet Policy

It might be a thrilling experience to travel with your pet, but it’s important to know the airline’s pet restrictions beforehand. One of the top airlines in the world, Lufthansa, offers a thorough pet policy that guarantees your four-legged friends’ comfort and safety. We’ll explain Lufthansa pet policy in plain English in this article, so you’ll know all you need to know before traveling with your pets in the air.

Lufthansa Pet in Cabin 

Lufthansa Pet in Cabin

Passengers must be at least eighteen years old in order to bring pets in the cabin. Pet owners are not allowed to sit in the emergency exit or bulkhead rows when they are traveling.  According to Lufthansa Airlines pet policy, the airline allows pets such as dogs, cats, and even house birds. However, there are certain guidelines and limitations that apply whether you’re traveling with your pet or a service animal. Here are general guidelines for Lufthansa pet in cabin policy:

  • Lufthansa typically allows small pets, such as dogs and cats, to travel in the cabin. Other small pets may also be accepted.
  • When pets are transported in the cabin, there are typically stringent weight and size limitations. The pet and its carrier must be able to slide neatly under the passenger’s seat
  • The dimensions of the pet carrier are usually specified by the airline, and it should meet IATA standards.
  • The pet must be transported in an appropriate pet carrier. The carrier should be well-ventilated, secure, and meet the airline’s specifications.
  • Make sure your pet is well enough to travel. Even while it’s not always necessary, having a health certificate is a smart idea, particularly if you’re traveling abroad.
  • As per Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy, the pet carrier is usually placed under the seat in front of the passenger during the flight.

Lufthansa Cargo Pet Travel

Lufthansa Cargo Pet Travel

Lufthansa Cargo offers specialized services for the transportation of pets as cargo. This is different from pets traveling in the cabin with their owners. The Lufthansa pet policy allows most small, well-behaved pets. The climate-controlled luggage hold is open to the following animals: dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, house birds, non-poisonous amphibians, pot-bellied swine, rabbits, and tropical fish. Here are general guidelines for Lufthansa Cargo pet travel services:

  • Lufthansa Cargo typically transports a variety of animals, including pets, as part of their cargo services.
  • It is often the responsibility of pet owners or shippers to arrange pet transportation using Lufthansa Cargo’s specialized cargo services.
  • Coordination and reservations in advance are crucial. Make reservations well in advance by contacting Lufthansa Cargo.
  • Pets must be transported in an appropriate and IATA-approved pet carrier. The carrier should provide a secure and comfortable environment for the animal.
  • Lufthansa Cargo’s staff is trained to handle live animals with care. The cargo compartment is pressurized and temperature-controlled to provide a suitable environment for pets.

What are Lufthansa Pet Travel Size and Weight Requirements?

Lufthansa has specific size and weight requirements for pets traveling as cargo. It’s important to note that these requirements can vary based on factors such as the type of animal, the size of the carrier, and other considerations. Here are general guidelines for Lufthansa pet travel size and weight requirements for cargo:

Lufthansa Pet in Cabin Requirements

The Lufthansa pet carrier size must include the following requirements:

  • The size of a soft-size or hard-size Lufthansa pet carrier must be larger than 17 x 11 x 9.5 inches, or 55 x 40 x 23 cm.
  • Pets are allowed to travel in the cabin as long as they weigh no more than 8 kilograms or 17 pounds.

Lufthansa Pet Cargo Requirements

Following Lufthansa pet policy rules, the following specifications apply to containers that are used to transport dogs and cats in the air-conditioned cargo compartment.

  • In the pet carrier, the animal must be able to stand in its typical posture and have adequate space to lie down, turn around, and stretch.
  • The maximum size of a container for the cargo hold must be within 120 x 75 x 85 cm.
  • There must be no sharp angles, spikes, or visible studs on the interior of the container where the animal could wound itself.

What are the required Lufthansa Pet Travel Documents?

To ensure compliance with international rules and airline policy, certain documentation are usually needed when traveling with dogs on Lufthansa. It is significant to remember that requirements can change depending on a number of variables, including the destination, the kind of animal, and the particulars of the trip. In accordance with Lufthansa pet policy, you must have the following paperwork on the day of departure in addition to a proper pet carrier:

  • The booking confirmation or passenger receipt [Lufthansa pet transport cost].
  • The official and veterinary documents such as pet passport and health declaration. 
  • Lufthansa pet shipping cost receipt would be required if the pet is transported via cargo.

You also need to include the passenger receipt and the ticket confirmation in your carry-on luggage. Up to three hours before departure, but no later than two hours, bring your pet to the check-in desk in a proper transport container.

How much is Lufthansa Pet Fee?

Lufthansa charges fees for transporting pets, and the cost can vary depending on several factors, including the type of pet, the destination, and the specific conditions of travel. Pet fees may apply to both in-cabin travel and cargo transportation. The Lufthansa pet fee depends on several factors, including:

Animals in the cabin/cargo/container hold


Within Europe and third countries in USD

Within Europe and third countries in USD

Small animals in the cabin

8 kg



Medium animals in the cargo hold

60 x 45 x 40 cm



Large animals in the cargo hold

125 x 75 x 85 cm



If you are familiar with Lufthansa pet policy, traveling with pets on the airline can be easy and fun. Pets can accompany you on your travels, regardless of their size—Lufensa’s dedication to their safety and welfare makes it possible for them to travel with you.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

The total weight of the pet and carrier should not exceed 8 kilograms.

Short-nosed dogs and cats, called brachycephalic, have special rules and may be allowed on board, depending on their size, weight, and other factors.

Lufthansa charges different prices for pet travel based on the size of the pet and where it is going. Prices range from EUR 55 to EUR 400 for travel in the cabin or in the cargo hold.

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