Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy

When traveling, leaving your pet behind is like leaving a piece of your heart behind. Pet owners have always desired the ability to bring their furry companions on vacations, tours, and trips. However, in consideration of the comfort of other passengers, airlines never granted this request until recently.

The Lufthansa lounge welcomes your pets and allows you to fly with them, based on their breed, size, and weight, as well as the regulations of your destination country. You may check in your animal companions as additional baggage in the aircraft’s air-conditioned hold for an additional fee.

Here, you will learn everything there is to know about Lufthansa’s pet policy (Lufthansa pet travel requirements) and how you can travel to certain destinations with your pets in comfort. Lufthansa offers two options for traveling with pets or transporting them between locations: cabin and cargo.

Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy

Do you wish to bring your pet with you on your flight? Do you wish to learn the specifics of the Lufthansa Airlines pet policy for international travel? Lufthansa has some of the most accommodating policies for shipping pets and traveling with a dog or other pet. 

Lufthansa Airlines lets small dogs and cats that weigh less than 8 kg fly as carry-on luggage in the cabin. Larger pets that weigh more than this limit can be put in the cargo hold, which has air conditioning. There are rules about how to travel with pets with short heads. Passengers must register their pets ahead of time and give information about their health.

 Prices range from EUR 55 to EUR 400, depending on the size of the pet and where it is going. Lufthansa won’t let you bring certain dog and cat breeds on board, and they don’t want you to. Large pets and domesticated animals can be brought on board as checked baggage, but there are limits on their weight and age so you have a proper guidance of Lufthansa airline baggage policy.

By reading this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Lufthansa’s pet policy.

Traveling With Small Dogs and Cats

Small dogs and cats that weigh less than 8 kg (including the weight of the shipping container) can sometimes be brought on board as carry-on luggage. Because of their size or weight, large animals are not allowed in the cabin. You need to register at least 72 hours before your flight, or you can call the service center at least 24 hours before your flight.

If you want to bring your pet with you as carry-on luggage, you must make sure that your pet is under the weight limit listed above. The cabin form needs to be filled out. Bring two signed copies of the form to the check-in desk so that it can be checked.


Larger and heavier passengers are not permitted to travel in-cabin.
The combined weight of the pet and the transport carrier should not exceed 8kg.
The pet’s minimum age should be at least 12 weeks.
Each passenger is permitted to bring a maximum of two pets. They must also fit into a single carrier.
Please keep in mind that if you cancel your ticket, your pet will be unable to travel in the cabin alone.

Traveling With Big Dogs and Cats

Pets that weigh more than 8 kg, including the weight of the shipping container, would be allowed to travel as extra luggage in the air-conditioned cargo hold of the plane.
You must register 72 hours before departure, or you can call the Lufthansa Cargo service center at least 24 hours before departure.


  • Pets should be at least 16 weeks old if traveling to/from the United States, and at least 12 weeks old if traveling to/from other countries.
  • Live animals from Kuwait will not be transported by Lufthansa.
  • According to in-cargo policy, a health certificate, proof of rabies vaccination, and the form required by the country must be issued within 10 days of travel.

Is It Possible to Travel With Snub-nosed Pets?

Brachycephalic dogs and cats, or animals with short noses, can’t fly because it’s bad for their health. Because they have small noses, it’s hard for them to breathe because their airways are so small.
Lufthansa’s pet policy (Lufthansa pet travel requirements) says that you can only bring them on board if you follow special rules.
Depending on their size, weight, and other factors, there are different rates for animals traveling in the cabin or as cargo.

How to Book a Flight and Check-in With Your Pet?

First, book a ticket ahead of time. Lufthansa has a limited number of spots for pets, so make sure you book your pet’s ticket early when you book your flight.
Step 2: Sign up with Lufthansa Airlines and confirm your flight details 24 hours before you leave, or 48 hours if you have a service dog.
Step 3: Whether you plan to bring your pet with you in the cabin or as cargo, you need to register and let the airline know by the deadline.
Step 4: Send in the necessary information about your pet’s health.
Step 5: You and your pet can check in on your phone 23 hours before your flight. You can get the boarding passes later at the airport’s check-in counter.

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Checked Baggage Pet Policy

If your pet is too large or the flight is too long, we place it in a cargo hold with climate control. This section of cargo has the same pressure and temperature as the cabin.

  • Large pets and other domesticated animals, such as rabbits, may be transported as checked baggage.
  • One animal per crate is permitted.
  • Each passenger is permitted to bring up to two pets.
  • A pet must be at least six months old.
  • The weight limit for a pet with its kennel should not exceed 8 kilograms, but you can bring one weighing up to 14 kilograms for an additional fee.
  • Must be checked in two to three hours prior to departure.
  • Pets will not travel as checked baggage to destinations requiring manifest entry, such as Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.
  • Snub-nosed dogs are not permitted to have checked baggage.
  • A health certificate is required for all checked baggage.

Lufthansa Pet Travel Cost

The Lufthansa pet policy for international travel calculates the fare based on the size of the pet, as the price varies between flights within Europe and other international destinations.

In-Cabin Price EUR 55-100
Pet Cargo Hold Price EUR 70-400

Lufthansa Pet Travel: Other Restrictions

Dogs between the ages of 3 and 6 months may be transported in standard crates if they are not classified as fighting or dangerous dogs. This includes the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Karabash (Kangal) (Anatolian Shepherd Dog), Caucasian Ovcharka (Shepherd Dog), and Rottweilers.

Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and Bull Terriers are also prohibited from entering Germany. Boxer, Bulldog (all breeds except the American Bulldog), Chow Chow, Pug, and Pekingese; and cat breeds are British Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, Persian, and Scottish Fold, are discouraged by Lufthansa from being transported, but are not prohibited.


1. What is the Maximum Weight Limit for Pets Traveling in-cabin?

The total weight of the pet and carrier should not exceed 8 kilograms.

2. Are There Any Restrictions for Traveling With Snub-nosed Pets?

Short-nosed dogs and cats, called brachycephalic, have special rules and may be allowed on board, depending on their size, weight, and other factors.

3. How Are the Costs for Lufthansa Pet Travel Calculated?

Lufthansa charges different prices for pet travel based on the size of the pet and where it is going. Prices range from EUR 55 to EUR 400 for travel in the cabin or in the cargo hold.

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