United Airlines Pet Policy

United Airlines, a major player in the aviation industry, understands that our four-legged friends are an integral part of our families. United Airlines pet policy allows pets to travel in cabin as well as in cargo but it requires the passengers to follow some rules and guidelines. Whether you’re planning a cross-country move or just a weekend getaway, knowing the ins and outs of United Pet policy can make your journey smoother.

What is United Airlines Pet in cabin policy?

United Airlines Pet in Cabin

United Airlines Pet policy allows small pets to travel in the cabin with their owners on certain flights. According to United Airlines pet in cabin policy, only dogs and cats are permitted in the cabin when space permits. There are no limitations on breeds or weight, but in order to bring your pet on board, the carrier needs to fit beneath the seat in front of you.



Pets Allowed

Small domesticated dogs, cats, small household birds , and rabbits

Pet Age

Small domesticated dogs, cats, small household birds, and rabbits

Check-in requirements

Must complete the United Airlines check-in counter up to 2 hours before scheduled departure 

Number of Pets allowed

Up to 4 pets per flight on Economy Class (Boeing 737, 757, Airbus 319/320)

Up to 6 pets per flight on Boeing 767, 777, 787



Unaccompanied minors

Must complete the check-in counter up to 2 hours before scheduled departure

How to book United Airlines Pet Travel?

To include your pet in your travel plans, simply choose the option “United Pet Travel” when booking through United Airlines official website

Check Pet Travel Eligibility: Ensure that your pet is eligible for travel in the cabin with United Airlines. Small dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds are often allowed, subject to certain restrictions.

Review Pet Policies: Familiarize yourself with United Pet travel policies, including size restrictions, carrier requirements, and any specific guidelines for the breed or type of pet.

Book Your Flight: Start by booking your own flight through the United Pet Policy or other booking channels. Keep in mind that not all flights may be pet-friendly, so it’s essential to check the availability of pet travel on your chosen route.

Check Pet Travel Fees: Be aware of the pet travel fee associated with bringing your pet in the cabin. Fees can vary, and you should check the current fee structure with United Pet Policy.

Complete Necessary Documentation: Make sure you have all necessary documentation for your pet, including health certificates and any required paperwork for international travel.

Arrive Early on the Day of Travel: Arrive at the airport early on the day of travel to complete the check-in process for you and your pet. Follow any specific instructions provided by United Pet Policy..

Always check with United Airlines Pet Policy for the most current information and procedures related to pet travel.

Does United Airlines allow pet travel as checked luggage?

United Airlines does allow pet travel as checked luggage on flights to most destinations. Only domesticated dogs, cats, household birds, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs may be accepted as checked baggage.

Here are the general requirements for pet travel as checked luggage on United Airlines:

  • Only domesticated dogs, cats, household birds (canary, finch, or parakeet), rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs are allowed as checked baggage.
  • Pets must be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned.
  • Pets must be healthy and fit to travel.
  • Pets must be transported in a hard-sided or soft-sided carrier that meets United Airlines’ size and ventilation requirements.
  • The carrier must be large enough for the pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Carriers must be securely fastened and leak-proof.

What is United Airlines pet cargo policy?

As per United Airlines pet policy, if your dog or cat is too big to travel in the cabin or is traveling without an accompanying passenger, you have the option to book your pet through the PetSafe Program.

Here are some general guidelines based on the information available at the time:

  • The United Pet Care program is designed for the transportation of pets as cargo. This service is suitable for pets that don’t meet the requirements for in-cabin travel or as checked baggage.
  • The United Pet Care program typically accommodates dogs, cats, and other small animals. There may be specific guidelines and restrictions based on the type and breed of the pet.
  • Pets traveling via PetSafe must meet specific requirements, including health and vaccination requirements. A health certificate issued by a veterinarian within a specified timeframe is usually required.
  • It’s essential to book the Pet Care service well in advance of your travel date. Availability may be limited, and there may be specific requirements for documentation.
  • Fees associated with the PetSafe program can vary based on factors such as the size and weight of the pet, the destination, and other considerations. Check the current fee structure on United Airlines website.

The guidelines under United Airlines pet policy include –



Pets Allowed

Cats and dogs

Age Limit

Must be at least 8 weeks for United Airlines travel with pets within the US and Puerto Rico.

Puppies and kittens that are less than 2 lbs, must be at least 10 weeks old.

As per United Airlines Pet Policy cargo, pets must be at least 16 weeks to travel into the US

Aircraft restrictions

As per United Airlines cargo pets policy, flight duration that exceeds 12 hours, must require Comfort Stops for pets. An additional United Airlines pet fee would be applicable.

Route restrictions

Nigeria, Lagos, Australia, India, or Dubai, as well as flights from Chengdu, Beijing, and Seoul.

Seasonal restrictions

The airline does not accept United Airlines dog cargo services between May 1 and September 30 for travel to and from Tucson, Phoenix, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas.

The restriction also applies to/from Shanghai or Chengdu (China) between June 15 and September 15.

Layover restrictions

Dogs and cats are restricted to travel on a layover exceeding 2 hours, as per United Airlines pet policy.

Comfort Stops

Dogs and cats are restricted to travel on a layover exceeding 2 hours, as per United Airlines pet cargo policy.

The United Airlines pet policy has implemented stringent safety measures to ensure the well-being of pets during air travel. This includes temperature-controlled cargo holds and trained staff who prioritize the care and handling of animals.

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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

United Airlines charges a fee of $125 each way for in-cabin pets, while the fees for pets traveling as cargo vary based on factors like weight and destination.

You must have a suitable pet carrier that meets the airline’s specifications, and provide required documentation such as health certificates and vaccination records.

Yes, United Airlines allows pets in the cabin on route between Honolulu and Guam.

There are specific restrictions on pets traveling to Hawaii due to the state’s regulations. It is important to contact customer service for detailed information.

Yes. Dogs can be accommodated either in the cabin or as cargo and are subject to size and weight restrictions.

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