Condor Airline Name Change Policy

You can change the name and details on your Condor flight tickets with their name correction/change policy. We created this policy to address passenger concerns in these situations. The policy has rules about how long you have to make changes, what kinds of changes you can make, how much it will cost, and other important things to consider. You can change or fix your personal information on your flight tickets and related documents if you follow these rules.

About Condor Airlines

Condor Airlines is an airline that focuses on leisure travel and is based in Germany. It was founded in 1955. The airline was originally part of Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH but then became its own separate company. Condor Airlines is now a part of the Thomas Cook Group and is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

The airline flies to over 80 places in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. Condor Airlines offers affordable flights, making it a popular choice for people traveling for fun. The airline has two types of seating options: economy and business class. Each option has different services and amenities to suit different types of travelers.

Condor Airlines provides extra services like car rental, travel insurance, and hotel bookings to make traveling more convenient for customers. The airline has a program called Miles & More. Passengers can earn and use miles for flights and other benefits.

Condor Airlines is a trusted and well-liked option for people who travel for fun. The airline won awards in 2018 and 2019, including the “Best Leisure Airline” award at the World Travel Awards.

Understanding Condor Flight Ticket Name Change Scenarios

Here are some options for passengers who want to change their name on this airline. Please note that this list may not include all possible options.


    • When changing a flight reservation, you might have to give your married surname instead of your maiden surname.

    • If you have multiple names and you made a reservation, you might need to add the extra names. This is because you probably only gave your first name when you made the reservation. You can change the name on the ticket in these cases.

    • You can change or fix the first and last names on the ticket if they don’t match.

    • To make sure everything is correct, flyers should check the ticket for any other occurrences of their last name and first initial.

Methods To Change Your Name on a Flight Ticket

There are several ways to change your name on Condor Airways flight tickets to make it easier for travelers. You can choose any of the procedures to change or fix your name with the airline based on what you prefer and find convenient.

Online Method:

You can easily modify your flight tickets from the comfort of your home, which is both convenient and enjoyable. We believe that online transformation is the best and most important method. To make the process easier, we have given clear instructions.


    • Go to the website of Condor Airlines.

    • Select your country and language of choice, then click on the “Save” button.

    • Go to the homepage and click on “My Booking.”

    • To find your reservation, type in your last name and booking reference number, then click on the “Go” button.

    • You will see your flight information on your screen. To make changes, simply click on the category you want to modify, such as seats, meals, dates, or names.

    • If the modified flight costs more than the original one, you will need to pay the difference to the airline.

    • After you pay, the airline will make the changes and then contact you through your phone or email.
    • Condor Airline also offer condor airline seat change policy. This policy give passenger to a best comfort to choose window seat or any other.

Offline Method:

If you’re going through a tough time, it might be a good idea to change your flight tickets over the phone. By using the Air Ticket Policy, you can get in touch with experienced problem solvers who can offer useful advice. If you need to modify your ticket through customer service, follow these steps:


    • To modify your ticket, you need to talk to a customer support representative.

    • To let the representative access your data, just give them your last name and ticket registration number.

    • When you talk to the representative, make sure to explain exactly what changes you want to make to your ticket and give them all the necessary details.

    • We’ll check if you’re eligible for the changes and make any needed adjustments. You need to pay the fee as instructed by the representative.

At Airport Desk

Condor Airlines is happy to receive any feedback or suggestions you may have. If the above options don’t work for you, you can go to the ticket office in person to make changes to your flight ticket. To modify your flight quickly with Condor Airlines, just follow these simple steps for their change policy.


    • Go to the Condor Airlines ticket counter located at the airport.

    • Find a high-ranking manager who can help you with the change.

    • Talk to the executive about your worries and modify your flight tickets accordingly.

    • After reviewing your request, the executive will let you know if you are eligible.

    • You need to buy a new ticket for your new flight.

    • We will let you know when the changes are done.

Condor Name Correction Charges

Condor Airlines provides affordable service fees to its loyal customers. You can change your name for free for a limited time, which is interesting. Sometimes, the user has to pay the service fees.

The cost of changing or correcting a name depends on different things like the type of ticket, where you’re going, the class of service, and when you ask for the change.


Can I Change the Name and Details on My Condor Flight Ticket?

You can change the name and details on your Condor flight ticket by following their name correction/change policy.

What is Condor’s Name Correction/change Policy for Flight Tickets?

Condor has a policy that allows passengers to correct or change their names if needed. The policy explains when you can make changes, what changes you can make, how much it will cost, and other important things to know.

What Types of Changes Can I Make to My Condor Flight Ticket?

If the first and last names on your Condor flight ticket don’t match, you can change or fix them. If you have more than one name and made a reservation using only your first name, you might have to include the other names. Make sure to check your ticket for your last name and first initial to make sure everything is correct.

How Do I Cancel My Flight With Condor Airlines?

There are two ways you can cancel your flight with Condor Airlines. You have to read Condor airline flight cancellation policy.

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