Flair Air Pet Policy

Flair is a Canadian airline that allows pets to travel in the cabin on flights between Canada and the United States. Their regulations are not strict. Flying with pets on Flair is always enjoyable. The issue is that they don’t allow pets as checked baggage, and they also don’t offer any cargo service for pets. Carry-on pets are the only choice available. The cost for each pet varies based on its size and weight, ranging from $49 to $79. Service animals are allowed to travel at no cost on Flair Airlines. Let’s take a look at the pet policy of Flair Air.

Flair Air Pet Policy Overview 

Flair Airlines offers various options for travellers who have pets.

Pets in the cabin

Only small dogs and cats

Pets as checked baggage

Not available


Not available

Service Animals


Emotional Support Animals

Not allowed

Pets age

3 months

Maximum Weight (including container)

23 lbs


49 USD – 79 USD



Pet in The Cabin

Flair Airlines only allows small dogs and cats in their cabins.

Container and Other Guidelines

  • You need to use a container that is soft-sided.
  • It should work well for air travel.
  • The container’s floor needs to be leak-proof and it should have ventilation options.
  • Each passenger is only allowed to carry one container.
  • You can only have one pet in each container.
  • The container’s maximum weight, including the pet, should not exceed 23 lbs.
  • The carrier counts as one regular item towards the carry-on luggage allowance.
  • Pets are not allowed to fly with unsupervised children, people sitting in exit or aisle seats, or individuals who need to store a medical item under their seat.
  • The animal needs to be at least 3 months old and fully weaned.




41 cm

23 cm

25 cm

16 inches

9 inches

10 inches

Aircraft Restrictions 

Each aircraft may carry a maximum of four pets for travel.

Destination Restrictions

Flair Airlines is the only airline that allows pets to fly between Canada and the United States. Pets are not allowed on flights to Mexico.

Fees and Charges

Flair Airlines charges between $49 and $79 for each pet. The rates for flights can change depending on the date, taxes, and the final destination of the trip. Pets in cabin costs are non-refundable and non-transferable. Flair Airlines can sometimes lower the fees for bringing pets in the cabin.

Service Animals Policy

Trained and certified assistance dogs are allowed to travel inside the aircraft to help passengers with impairments.

  • Service animals must be dogs.
  • Service dogs can travel without any additional cost.
  • They should be able to fit under the passenger’s feet.
  • It is important to have a reputable service dog institution train the dog. The dog should also be tethered and licensed.
  • Flair needs travellers to provide information about their assistance dog’s type, estimated size, and body weight.
  • Flair will consult with the traveller to determine where they and their assistance dog will be placed, ensuring the convenience of all travellers.
  • Flair will permit the support dog to remain on the ground in a location where the customer can still manage the dog, even if there isn’t enough space in the passenger side aisle.
  • Help Dogs that are causing a disturbance, like barking, whining, growling, snarling, or behaving in an unfriendly way, might not be allowed to get on board.
  • The traveller is in charge of taking care of the assistance dog. They need to make sure they have all the necessary health records, immunisation records, entry licenses, and other paperwork required to enter or travel through a country, state, or territory. You need to provide proof in order for the service dog to travel with you.

Important Tips 

  • Make sure to take your pet to the restroom before getting on the plane.
  • Remember to include food in the container.
  • To help keep your pet calm, place their Favorited toy or blanket inside a familiar container.
  • Remember to bring all of your documents.


Flair Airlines allows small pets in the cabin. No pets as checked baggage or cargo. Costs range from $49 to $79. Service animals travel free. Specific guidelines apply.

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