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Flying with your furry friend can be an exciting adventure, but it’s essential to know the ins and outs of a Flair Air Pet policy to ensure a smooth journey. Flying with pets on Flair is always enjoyable. The issue is that they don’t allow pets as checked baggage, and they also don’t offer any cargo service for pets. Carry-on pets are the only choice available. The cost for each pet varies based on its size and weight, ranging from $49 to $79. Service animals are allowed to travel at no cost on Flair Airlines. Let’s take a look at the pet policy of Flair Air.

Understanding Flair Air Pet Policy

Flair Pet Policy allows small cats and dogs to travel in the cabin on most of their flights, subject to specific regulations and limitations. Here’s a summary of Flair Air pet policy:

Flair Air Pet in Cabin

Only small dogs and cats

Pets as checked baggage

Not Available


Not Available

Service Animals


Emotional Support Animals

Not Allowed

Pets Age

3 Months

Maximum Weight (including container)

23 lbs


49 USD – 79 USD


Soft – Sided

Can your Pet fly with Flair Air?

As per Flair Pet Policy, Only cats and dogs are eligible to fly in the cabin with Flair Air. Unfortunately, other species are not permitted. Additionally, your pet must meet the following criteria:

  • Due to space limitations, only small breeds are allowed. Your pet must be able to comfortably fit under the seat in front of you.
  • The combined weight of your pet and its carrier cannot exceed 23 pounds (10.5 kg).
  • Your pet must be in good health and free of any contagious diseases. A health certificate issued within 10 days of travel may be required.
  • To bring your pet on a Flair Air flight, you must book and pay the pet fee online at least 48 hours before departure. The pet fee ranges from $78.75 to $86.25, depending on the route.

What are Flair Air Size and Weight restrictions?

For your pet’s comfort and safety, Flair Air has specific size and weight restrictions:

  • Maximum combined weight: 23 pounds (including the carrier)
  • Carrier size: 41 cm long x 23 cm high x 25 cm wide (16 inches long x 9 inches high x 10 inches wide)
  • Comfort: Your pet must be able to comfortably stand, turn around, and lie down inside the carrier.

Flair Air has specific requirements for your pet’s carrier:

  • Only soft-sided, airline-approved pet carriers are allowed.
  • The carrier must be leak-proof to prevent any accidents.
  • Proper ventilation is crucial for your pet’s comfort and well-being.
  • The carrier must have a secure closure to prevent your pet from escaping.




41 cm

23 cm

25 cm

16 Inches

9 Inches

10 Inches

Make sure to check the exact Flair Air Pet Policy for weight and size restrictions for your specific travel date and route.

What is Flair Air Service Animal Policy?

Flair Pet Policy allows certified service animals to travel in the cabin free of charge on domestic flights, subject to certain conditions. Here’s a summary of Flair Air service animal policy:

  • Airlines often require passengers traveling with service animals to provide advance notice. This allows the airline to make necessary arrangements and accommodations.
  • Passengers may be required to provide documentation confirming the service animal’s status. This documentation may include a letter from a licensed medical professional or certification of the animal’s training.
  • Airlines typically recognize dogs as service animals, and some may also accept other types of service animals such as miniature horses. The specific types of animals accepted may vary.
  • Service animals must be well-behaved and under the control of the passenger at all times. Airlines may have specific guidelines regarding the behavior of service animals during the flight.
  • Passengers traveling with service animals may have specific seating arrangements to ensure the comfort and safety of the passenger and the service animal.
  • Passengers should inform the airline about the presence of a service animal during the booking process or as soon as possible before the flight.

What Health Documents are required for Pet Travel?

As per Flair Pet Policy, there are some essential health documents required for pets to travel with their owner. The specific health documents required for pet travel vary depending on the origin, destination, and type of pet. However, some common documents include:

  • A valid rabies vaccination certificate: This certificate should be issued by a licensed veterinarian and include the pet’s date of birth, breed, rabies vaccination date, vaccine brand and serial number, expiration date, and veterinarian’s signature and stamp.
  • A health certificate: This certificate should be issued by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of travel and certify that the pet is healthy and free of any contagious diseases.
  • An import/export permit: This permit may be required by the destination country and should be obtained from the appropriate government agency.
  • Additional requirements: Some destinations might have additional health requirements for pets. Check with the relevant authorities for specific details.

Flair Air pet policy reflects their commitment to creating a pet-friendly travel experience. By following these guidelines and communicating effectively with the airline, you and your pet can embark on a hassle-free adventure together.

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