Emirates Pet Policy

Traveling by plane with your pet can be a thrilling experience, but to guarantee a trouble-free trip, you must be fully aware of the airline’s pet policy. We’ll go over the key information about Emirates pet policy in this article post, so you can travel with your pet without worry.

What are the Emirates Pet as Checked Baggage Guidelines?

As per Emirates Pet Policy, Emirates Airlines typically allows pets to be transported as checked baggage, subject to certain guidelines and conditions. Here are general guidelines that were applicable:

  • Emirates generally accepts domestic dogs, cats, and birds as checked baggage. Other pets may be accepted based on specific regulations and country requirements.
  • Passengers are required to inform Emirates about their intention to travel with a pet as checked baggage when booking their flight. It’s advisable to notify the airline well in advance to secure space for the pet.
  • The Animal must be properly contained.
  • Passengers must comply with the health and vaccination requirements of the destination country at the Emirates check in counter.
  • Emirates typically charges a fee for transporting pets as checked baggage. The fee may vary depending on the destination and the weight of the pet and carrier.
  • Emirates is not responsible for any loss, injury or death of the animal.
  • You may need to pay charges for Emirates Pet carrier unless it is a service animal.

The other Restrictions and conditions includes:



Flight Duration

Must be within 17 Hours


Flight Connection of more than 6 hours

Animal Delivery

Around 1 hour at the destination arrival hall

Flight Connection more than 6 hours

Animals must be transported as Cargo

Travel Restrictions for Pets flying with Emirates – As per Emirates pet policy, Travelling with your pet involves adhering to their guidelines and also navigating potential travel restrictions imposed by different countries.

  • Only cats and dogs aged 4 months or older are permitted as checked baggage. Exotic pets, rodents, rabbits, and reptiles are not allowed.
  • Be informed about rabies vaccination policies, quarantine processes, and any banned breeds in your destination country.
  • Two animals can travel together in the same container, provided they are at least 4 months old, of similar size and weight, and each weighing up to 14 kg.

Does Emirates accept Service Dogs in the Cabin for Travel?

As per Emirates Pet policy, Emirates generally accepts service dogs in the cabin for travel. Service dogs, which are trained to assist individuals with disabilities, including visual or hearing impairments, are often allowed to accompany their handlers in the cabin of the aircraft. Here are some key points to consider when traveling with a service dog on Emirates:

  • Passengers traveling with a service dog are usually required to inform Emirates in advance.
  • Passengers may be required to provide documentation confirming the service dog’s status and training.
  • Usually, service dogs and their handlers are allowed to travel in the cabin together. In order to protect the passenger’s and the assistance dog’s safety, Emirates may offer particular seating arrangements.
  • Service dogs must be worn on a leash or harness when in the cabin, unless the passenger has a disability that prevents them from using one or if the dog’s duty performance is hampered.
  • Emirates typically does not charge an additional fee for service dogs traveling in the cabin with their handlers.
  • When traveling internationally, passengers with service dogs should be aware of the specific regulations and requirements of the destination country.

How to Book a Flight for Service Dogs?

Emirates Service Dog Policy

Booking a flight for service dogs typically involves contacting the airline directly, informing them of your intention to travel with a service dog, and making any necessary arrangements. Here’s a general guide on how to book a flight for service dogs:

  • Reach out to your chosen airline at least 48 hours before booking your flight. Inform the airline about your service dog’s breed, size, and weight.
  • Ensure you have any required documentation for your service dog, such as a letter from a medical professional or documentation from a recognized service dog training organization.
  • As per Emirates Service Dog policy, Fees for traveling with a service dog might apply, depending on the airline and fare type.

Is there an Emirates Cargo Service for Pets?

Through Emirates Pet Cargo, the airline provides a specialized pet transportation service for the secure and convenient shipping of animals. With the help of this service, pet owners can ship their animals independently of their own travel plans. Important details about Emirates Pet Cargo service are as follows:

  • Emirates SkyCargo is the air freight division of Emirates Airlines, and it provides a range of cargo solutions, including the transportation of live animals, including pets.
  • The cargo service is typically available for a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, and other small animals.
  • The destination country does not accept animals under Emirates checked baggage allowance.
  • Dimensions of the pet containers are over 300 cm (118 inches).
  • The flying time is more than 17 hours.
  • All cats and dogs must be no less than 15 weeks old.
  • For animals from “High Risk” nations, the age cutoff can be 27 weeks.

Emirates Pet Cargo Fee – The weight and size of the animal will determine the Emirates Pet Cargo costs and pet carrier for all travel routes. Kindly note the following weight and size restrictions for animals traveling as cargo:

Animal + Cage

Price (In USD)

If the Cage dimensions are larger than 118 inches


When traveling into Dubai


If the total duration of the Journey exceeds 17 Hours


When the destination country does not permit live animals as check-in baggage


What Documents are required for Emirates Pet Travel?

The need for paperwork varies with the origin, destination, and mode of transportation of the animal.

Service Animals Flying to/from the USA: Submit these documents to the “Special Assistance and Wellness” team for verification:

  • Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation Form
  • For trips over 8 hours, submit the DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form

Animals Transported on Cargo: Along with the specific paperwork requirements of all the countries in the itinerary, these documents are important:

  • “Customer Acknowledgment Form” duly signed
  • Specific forms related to approval and acceptance
  • Fit to fly declarations
  • Certificates of good health by veterinary
  • Microchip

There are countless opportunities to travel with your animal friends thanks to Emirates pet policy. It is possible to travel with your pet in a way that is secure, cozy, and joyful for both of you if you are aware of the rules, make advance plans, and adhere to recommended procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

To specific destinations, service, guide, or psychiatric assistance dogs are allowed in the cabin.

Contact this airline to learn about the carrier that allows pets in the cabin on codeshare flights to the UAE.

Based on the combined weight of the cage and the animal, the cost is calculated.

Some cat, dog, and fighting dog breeds are restricted from being transported via this airline’s cargo facility.

The combined weight of the animal and the carrier must be less than 32 kg, and the dimension must be within 300 cm.

Based on the UAE guidelines, service dogs can travel for free via cargo on flights to Dubai.

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