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Traveling with Emirates is more than just taking a flight; it’s an experience that starts the moment you get to pick your seat. A comfortable and enjoyable flight is guaranteed for customers by the Emirates Seat Selection Policy. We’ll go into the specifics of this policy in this article, covering all the information you require to choose the ideal seat for your travel.

Understanding Emirates Airlines Seat Selection Policy

  • Emirates seat selection makes it easy to choose the best seat from a large number of options. 
  • Passengers can choose their seats based on their preferences. They can choose a seat with a view, an aisle seat, or a seat with extra legroom. 
  • If you book an Emirates Flight with seat selection, you can fly in your favorite seat. 
  • You can choose your seats even after booking your flight by using the Emirates Manage Booking feature, during online check-in, or through the Emirates App. 
  • You can choose seats for unaccompanied minors at no extra cost, or Emirates will assign seats for them automatically. 
  • If you book Emirates Airways on Economy Flex, Economy Flex Plus, Economy Saver, Premium Economy, Business Class, or First Class, you can choose your seat for free. 
  • The Emirates Seat Selection cost varies based on the type of booking class. 
  • You can choose your Emirates Airlines seat selection free online if you do it before 48 hours of your boarding time. Alternatively, if you’ve reserved your seat with a flex or flex plus fare type, you can also select your seat for free.

What are the Emirates Seat Selection Guidelines?

  • Emirates lets passengers choose their seats when they book their flight, after booking, or during Emirates Airlines check-in.
  • Emirates Seat Selection cannot be transferred according to the Terms and Conditions. 
  • Air Emirates offers the option to book adjacent seats for extra privacy, subject to availability. People who have enough money can use this service. 
  • You can only book empty seats at the airport during check-in. This is because it depends on whether there are any available seats next to each other. 
  • Emirates offers free access to this option for passengers traveling in Business Class or First Class. No extra fees are required. 
  • Emirates offers different seat options for passengers to choose from based on their preferences. 
  • You can choose your seats when you check in for your Emirates flight. Online check-in starts 48 hours before your flight, so that’s when you can pick your seats. 
  • You can upgrade Emirates seats for free on certain types of bookings. 
  • Emirates includes meals and beverages with every Seat Selection ticket type at no extra cost. All meals served on Emirates Flights are halal.

How to select a Seat with Emirates Airlines?

The selection of seats you have when booking a flight with Emirates Airlines is contingent upon their availability. For reasons of operational security, Emirates Air does not allow you to select your own seat for any booking class. When you make your airline reservation with Emirates, be sure to read their luggage policies. 

Special seating arrangements are required for those with impairments. Therefore, people can request a comfy seat in advance by contacting Emirates Customer Care Service. Refunds are not available once the Emirates Seat Selection Fees have been paid. 

Online Seat Selection

Emirates Seat Selection Online

Emirates Seat selection at the Time of Booking – 

  • To select your seat, start by visiting Emirates’ official website. 
  • Next, log in to your account by entering your login information. 
  • Choose a flight that works for you and enter all the necessary information for each passenger to complete your booking. 
  • You can check out the Emirates Seat Map to choose your preferred seat.
  • To confirm your ticket booking with Emirates Airlines, please complete the payment process.

Emirates Seat Selection after Booking –  

  • Firstly, Visit Emirates’ official website to get in touch.
  • First, access your account by logging in. 
  • Click on “Manage Booking”.
  • To find your flight booking, please enter your ticket number and details.
  • Click on the Edit button and then choose your seat.
  • Finally, remember to pay for seat selection if it’s necessary for your booking class.

Offline Seat Selection

Emirates Seat Selection via Call Customer Care during Booking- 

  • Call Emirates Airlines Customer Service.
  • Next, you will listen to the automated voice menu.
  • You will be connected to a live customer care representative from Emirates. 
  • To request a booking, simply let them know your seat preferences.
  • Finally, provide all the necessary information, select your preferred payment method, and confirm your flight booking and select your seat via check out the Emirates Seat Map. 

Emirates Seat Selection via Call Customer Care after Booking – 

  • To connect with an Emirates customer care representative.
  • When you are connected to a live assistant. 
  • Next, share your booking details and request seat selection by specifying your preferred seats. 
  • Complete your seat selection by making the payment. 
  • Finally, Emirates Airways will send you a notification containing your booking details.

How much is Emirates Seat Selection Fee?

Emirates will allocate seats at no cost to you; you are not required to select your own seat. This message is intended for passengers who are disabled, have special needs, or are traveling with young children. If a passenger wants to change their Emirates flight, they must pay a charge. Depending on the kind of seat and cabin class that a passenger chooses, the Emirates Airlines Seat Selection Process is different.

The sort of seat you select will determine how much it will cost. The processes that outline the various seat categories and associated fees are as follows.

Economy Class – 



Standard Seat Selection (Regular, Preferred, Twin)

$0 – $60

Exit Row Seat Selection

$80 – $150

Emergency Exit Seat Selection (with extra legroom)

$100 – $200

Business Class – 



Standard Seat Selection (Window/Aisle)

$0 – $40

Front Row Seat Selection

$60 – $100

Bulkhead Seat Selection (with extra legroom)

$100 – $150

First Class – 



Standard Seat Selection (Window/Aisle)

$0 – $30

Private Suite Selection

$200 – $500

The airline’s dedication to provide each passenger a customized and relaxing travel experience is reflected in Emirates Seat Selection Policy. Every traveler is given the chance to personalize their journey with Emirates, which offers a simple seat selection process, special needs accommodations, and extra benefits for members of its loyalty program.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Passengers of the Business Class, Flex, and Flex Plus need not pay any kind of Emirates seat selection fee. The Skywards Platinum members can choose their seats for free up to 48 hours before the flight departs. The passengers of Economy and Regular seats will have to pay selection charges.

Other than the Economy travelers, the other ticket holders will be given 48 hours to select their seats for free. Additionally, the Business cabin passengers can select them for free at any time. This also applies to the Flex Plus passengers.

Emirates Airlines tries to offer the utmost convenience to the customers. This is in terms of comfortable seating positions. For this, it charges an affordable selection fee. This charge can help the customers in cautiously choosing their seats, thus, enjoying their flights.

Passengers of Emirates can choose their desired seats in advance. Also, you can select them any time after reservation at your convenience. You can do so by paying the Emirates seat selection charge. This pre-selection feature can make travel comfortable for the customers.

The Emirates seat selection cost depends on the cabin class and the type of seat you want to choose. In the case of Regular seats, this charge can vary between $15 and $35. For Preferred seats, the fee can be from $25 to $80. If you opt for Twin seats, the price range may be from $35 to $135. The cost may extend up to $495 in case of other options.

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