Qantas Airlines Check-In Policy

In this post, we will post Qantas Airlines’ check-in policy. After reading this post, you will be aware of the check-in policy of Qantas Airlines. Let’s discuss it in depth.

And, If you are also planning to travel by air in the near future and are considering Qantas Airlines manage booking policy.

Qantas Airlines Check-In Methods

Online Check-In

  • Visit the home page.
  • Click the “Check-in” button.
  • To get your flight reservation, enter your:

    • 6 Character Booking Reference Number
    • Last Name

  • Follow the Prompts

You can get a copy of your travel pass by email, or you can download it and print it yourself. You must use your boarding pass to get on the plane.

Benefits of Online Check-In:

  • Choose which people will check in (they don’t all have to check in at the same time).
  • Check-in for a flight back the same day
  • Choose or switch your seat
  • If you need to, give information about the passengers ahead of time.
  • Tell people about any dangerous items you may be bringing.
  • Get your flight pass online and print it out.


  • You’re traveling as a child who isn’t with an adult.
  • You require mobility help
  • You require special help
  • You’re taking a pet with you.
  • You’re going somewhere with a gun.

Mobile App Check-in

With just a few taps on the Qantas Airways app, you can check in for your trip.

  • Find out as soon as possible when check-in starts.
  • Use your trip information to find your flight.
  • You can easily check in for your trip with just a few taps.
  • Enter your cell phone number to get your 2D boarding pass via SMS*.
  • Scan Boarding Pass:

    • Drop off your checked bags at the Bag Drop.
    • At the gate, you have to show the cabin crew your ID to get your boarding pass.

If you don’t get an SMS from Qantas, you have to print your boarding pass at a booth or counter at the airport.

You can use Mobile Check-in for Various Works:

  • Book flights/hotels
  • Keep track of your rating points.
  • See the upcoming trips
  • Choose or switch your seat
  • Claim status credits that are lost
  • Find out what movies and TV shows will be playing on your trip.
  • Receive personalized alerts.
  • Get your boarding pass here.
  • Find the best way to get to the airport quickly.
  • Check out which lounges you can get into
  • Find out what the weather is like and where you’re going.
  • You can also book things like hotels, rental cars, trip insurance, and more.

Qantas Auto Check-In

If you don’t check-in for your flight online or through a mobile app, the auto check-in service will send you a text message (SMS) asking you to do so. This means that you can check in for your flight without having to go through the usual check-in process at the airport.

You can check in for your flight online and print out your boarding pass. All you have to do is give the needed information, such as your contact information and passport information.

*You should have given your cell phone number when you booked your ticket if you want to use the auto-check-in service.

Kiosk Check-in

Qantas Airways provides kiosk check-in services at numerous airports. With this service, you can check in for your flight without waiting in line at the ticket counter. You can use the kiosk check-in for flights within Australia and for most flights to and from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

To check in at a kiosk, make sure you have your government-issued ID and booking reference number handy. Checking in at a kiosk is a simple process once you have these.

  • To begin, use the kiosk to scan your valid ID.
  • After that, you will be asked to provide your booking reference number and last name.
  • Once you provide the necessary information, the kiosk will generate and print your boarding pass.

Using a kiosk for check-in can help you save a significant amount of time. Unfortunately, it is not available for every flight. Make sure to contact Qantas Airways before going to the airport.

Benefits of Kiosk-In:

  • If your fare conditions allow, you can switch to an earlier flight.
  • You should check in for a same-day return flight if:
  • Find out about your flight.
  • Print bag tags.
  • Use Frequent Flyer points to get a better seat.
  • Check-in a large group of people.

Counter Check-In

If you do not like the above methods of check-in,  you can go directly to the airport counter to complete check-in.


What Are the Check-in Methods Offered by Qantas Airlines?

Qantas Airlines has several ways to check in, including online, through a mobile app, at a booth, or at a counter at the airport. Passengers can use whichever way is easiest for them.

How Can I Change the Name on My Qantas Flight Ticket?

If you need to change the name on your Qantas trip ticket, you can do so by following Qantas’s policy on name correction. You can change your name for free up to three times, as long as the change isn’t too big.

You can ask customer service for help if you need to change more than three lines. Qantas has a rule that customers can’t change their full name on their booking, unless they officially changed their name because they got married or got divorced.

Passengers also ask for Qantas airline name change policy.

How Does Online Check-in Work With Qantas Airlines?

Visit the website, hit the “Check-in” button, enter your 6-character booking reference number and last name, and then follow the on-screen instructions. You can choose which people to check in, choose or switch seats, and get your boarding pass by email or by downloading and printing it.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Mobile App for Check-in With Qantas Airlines?

With just a few taps on their phones, passengers can use the Qantas Airways app to check in for their trips. The app lets people get their 2D boarding pass via SMS, scan it at the gate or print it at the airport, find out about their trip, choose or switch seats, get custom alerts, and use other travel-related services.

What is Qantas Auto Check-in and How Does It Work?

Qantas Auto Check-In is a service that reminds people who haven’t checked in online or through the mobile app to do so by sending them a text message (SMS). Passengers can check in for their trip online, give the necessary information like contact and passport details, and print their boarding pass. To use this service, you must have given your cell phone number when you booked the ticket.

How Does Kiosk Check-in at Qantas Airlines Work?

There are check-in kiosks for Qantas Airlines at many airports. Passengers can use the self-service kiosks by scanning a valid ID, adding their booking reference number and last name, and then the kiosk will make and print their boarding pass. Time-saving kiosk check-in is offered for some Qantas Airways flights, so it’s best to check with the airline before heading to the airport. Kiosk check-in lets travelers do things like switch to an earlier trip, print bag tags, use frequent flyer points to upgrade their seats, and check in a large group of people. 

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