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Changing your name on a flight reservation can be a daunting task, but with Cebu Pacific, it’s easier than you might think. Whether you’ve recently changed your name due to marriage or for any other reason, Cebu Pacific name change policy allows you to update your name on your booking. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process step by step, ensuring a smooth experience.

Understanding Cebu Pacific Name Change Policy

Cebu Pacific name change policy allows passengers to make changes to their names on flight tickets, subject to certain conditions. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Name changes are allowed for minor corrections such as spelling errors or title changes (e.g., Mr. to Mrs.).
  • Changes to the name due to marriage or legal name change are also permitted, provided that proper documentation is submitted.
  • Name changes are not allowed for the transfer of tickets to another person.
  • Name changes can only be made once and are subject to a fee.

What is the Procedure for Legal Name Change?

Check Eligibility: Be sure you are eligible before starting the name change process. For small mistakes like misspellings or incorrect name sequences, Cebu Pacific usually permits name modifications. Major modifications, like changing your name completely, could call for further paperwork.

Gather Required Documents: For Cebu Pacific name change, you will need to provide certain documents. These may include a valid government-issued ID with your new name, such as a passport or driver’s license.

Contact Cebu Pacific Customer Service: Once you have gathered the necessary documents, contact Cebu Pacific customer service to initiate the name change process. You can reach them through their hotline or online chat.

Submit Documents: After contacting customer service, you will likely be asked to submit the required documents for verification. This can usually be done online through email or the airline’s website. 

Cebu Pacific Name Change Fee

Cebu Pacific Change Name Fee

Cebu Pacific charges a fee for changing the name on a ticket, which varies depending on several factors such as the route, fare type, and how far in advance the change is made. The Cebu Pacific change name fee typically ranges from PHP 1,500 to PHP 3,000 per passenger, but it’s essential to check the latest fees on the airline’s official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information.

  • The fee may vary depending on the destination of the flight. Longer routes may incur a higher fee than shorter ones.
  • The fare type of your ticket can also affect the name change fee. Promo fares and other discounted fares may have higher fees than regular fares.
  • The timing of your name change request can also impact the fee. Requests made closer to the departure date may incur a higher fee than those made well in advance.

What Documents are Required for Cebu Pacific Name Change Request?

To support a Cebu Pacific change name request, you typically need the following documents:

  • A valid government-issued ID such as a passport, driver’s license, or national ID card is required to verify your identity.
  • If the name change is due to marriage, a marriage certificate is needed to prove the change of name.
  • Provide a copy of your flight itinerary or booking confirmation to verify your reservation details.
  • Give Cebu Pacific a letter requesting the name change, together with all the information that is required.
  • Include your contact information such as phone number and email address for communication purposes.
  • Provide the booking reference number (PNR) of your flight reservation for reference.

How to Change Your Name on a Cebu Pacific Flight Ticket?

Travelers can use the Manage Booking tab on Cebu Pacific to submit an online request for a name correction. For Cebu Pacific change name on the ticket, passengers need to call the airline’s customer service. 

Cebu Pacific Name Change Online

  • Go to the Cebu Pacific website and click on the “Manage Booking” tab.
  • To access your booking, enter the passenger’s last name and your booking reference number.
  • After logging in, choose the reservation for which the name needs to be changed.
  • Look for the option to edit passenger details and select the option to change the name.
  • Enter the correct name of the passenger as it appears on the identification document that will be presented at the airport.
  • Review the changes and confirm the name change.
  • Once the name change is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with the updated details.

Cebu Pacific Name Change through Customer Service

  • The first step is to contact Cebu Pacific’s customer service team. You can reach them through their hotline or email.
  • Cebu Pacific will require documentation to process your name change request. This may include a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order for a legal name change. 
  • Once you’ve submitted your request and documentation, Cebu Pacific will verify the information provided.
  • If your name change request is approved, Cebu Pacific will update your ticket information accordingly.
  • Once the name change has been completed, you will receive an email with the modified ticket. Verify every detail to make sure everything is accurate.

Cebu Pacific Name Change at Airport

Changing your name on a Cebu Pacific flight ticket at the airport can be a straightforward process if you know what to expect.

  • Arrive at the airport early and head to the Cebu Pacific check in counter.
  • Give your legal documentation to the airline staff and let them know you require a name change.
  • To verify the request for a name change, submit the required supporting documentation, such as a marriage certificate or court decree.
  • Have the money ready to cover any costs associated with the name change. Depending on the route and destination, the amount could change.
  • Your boarding pass will be updated with the new name as soon as the name change has been processed.

If you have the necessary documentation and follow the right method, Cebu Pacific name change is an easy process for you. Traveling hassle-free is possible if you follow the instructions in this blog post to make sure your name appears accurately on your flight ticket. Please do not hesitate to contact Cebu Pacific customer support for assistance if you have any additional queries regarding the name change procedure.

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