Air France Manage My Booking

Right now, all airlines allow passengers to change their bookings. Air France is an airline that offers a service called Air France Manage Booking.

Air France prioritizes passenger satisfaction and provides a service that focuses on meeting customer needs. They give passengers the choice to interact with their bookings and make changes if necessary.

In this discussion, we will focus on Air France Manage Booking and provide you with all the necessary details.

Modification with Air France Manage Booking

Some cases cannot be avoided. Air France knows that sometimes you need to change your flight information. The airline has a flexible flight change policy. This policy can be used to limit the following information, depending on your fare rule: changes with or without a fee.

    • Flight Date.

    • Flight Time.

    • Flight Itinerary.

    • Flight Status.

    • Travel Class.

    • Passengers Details.

    • Reschedule and Cancel.

    • Add Baggage.

    • On-Board Service.

    • Advance Check-In.

    • Other Services.

Note: If the cost of the new booking is more, you will need to pay the additional fare amount. If the cost of the food is lower, you will receive a partial reimbursement. To change your flight, you can either call the Air France Manage Booking number or go to the Contact Us section on their website.

Manage Booking Through Online Method

Passengers must follow the provided steps to make changes to their bookings:

    • To start, go to the Air France US Official Website.

    • Next, you need to click on the tab labeled “My Booking.”

    • If you are a Flying Blue member, you can log in to your account as a passenger.

    • After the page loads, you will need to provide some information. Please double-check and enter all the information accurately.

    • Next, fill in the information requested on the screen. To begin, please enter your Booking Reference number followed by your last name.

    • To find your booking reference number, check your SMS or the email you submitted. It will be included along with other information.

    • Next, choose the type of changes you would like to make to your selected flight.

    • At this place, you can choose from a range of services. You have the option to add or remove meals, make changes to your booking, or even cancel it.

    • To make changes, simply follow the instructions on the screen and confirm them.

    • Please make the payment if it is required.

    • Finally, you will receive a message or email regarding your Air France Manage My Booking.

Manage Booking Through Offline Method

Passengers can contact the Airlines Customer Care Service to change their original flight tickets.

Follow these steps:

    • To start, go to Air France’s official website. 

    • Next, click on either ‘contact us’ or ‘helpline number’.

    • So, you will be connected to Air France’s Customer Care Service.

    • After that, simply follow the instructions provided by the IVR.

    • After that, choose the option to speak with an Airline representative.

    • Next, kindly request their assistance with the Manage My Booking process.

    • Once you’re done, please give them all the necessary information about your preferred new flight.

    • Please proceed with the payment if it is necessary.

    • Finally, you will receive a message or email regarding your Air France Manage My Booking.

Air France Change Flight

If passengers have booked with Air France but need to change their flight schedule for any reason, they can do so.

Passengers can easily make changes to their original flight with Air France by using the ‘Manage My Booking’ feature on the Air France USA website.

The Process to Flight Change:

    • Passengers can change the dates of their flight tickets for both departure and return.

    • If passengers request to change the date within 24 hours of buying the ticket, the changes will be made for free.

    • Passengers are required to pay the fare differences, which vary depending on the cabin class.

    • If passengers want to change their travel date after the first 24 hours, the airline will charge them a fee of $20 to $35 or check Air France flight change policy.

Name Correction

There are two types of name changes for flight tickets.

Minor Change:

Minor name changes are changes to a person’s name that do not require any legal government documents. For instance

    • Minor changes to the first, second, or third names of travelers.

    • Middle name change or addition.

Legal Name:

A legal name Change refers to modifications or adjustments that can only be implemented if passengers provide their Legal Government Documents. For instance:

    • Marriage Certificate

    • Divorce Certificate

    • Government documents contain the names of passengers from both the past and present.

If you want to change the name on your Air France ticket, you won’t have to pay a fee as long as you make the request within 24 hours before your flight or before 30 hours of your flight departure.

If passengers do not follow the specified time limits, the airline will request them to pay approximately $20-$50 for the name-changing procedure.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

    • Air France has a policy that allows changes or cancellations within 24 hours. If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of buying it, you will get all your money back. If you cancel your booking more than 24 hours after making it, you will have to pay a cancellation fee.

    • Just a reminder, the cancellation fee depends on your travel dates, the type of ticket you bought, and your destination. To find out more information, you can either visit the Air France Manage Booking website or give them a call.

    • If you need to cancel your ticket and have a valid reason for doing so, you can avoid paying the cancellation fee by submitting the necessary documents.

    • If you made a reservation for your flight two days before it was scheduled to depart, and then you decided to cancel the ticket, you will be required to pay a cancellation fee. The fee can range from $45 to $125.

    • Just a reminder, if you bought your ticket directly from the airline, you can cancel it on The Air France Cancellation Policy varies depending on the type of ticket you buy. Before you begin the cancellation process, it is important to review the air france cancellation policy.

Request for Refund

    • According to the airline policy, if passengers cancel their airline ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it and request a refund, the airline will give them a full refund without any cancellation fees.

    • If passengers request a refund after the specified time limit, airlines will deduct a percentage of the amount from the refundable value.

    • If the airline cancels the flight, they will refund the passengers.

    • Airlines sometimes give passengers vouchers instead of a full refund in certain situations. Passengers have the choice to either accept airline vouchers or request a refund.

    • If passengers want a refund for Non-Refundable tickets, the airline offers Future Flight Credit or ecredits. You can use these Future credits to book new tickets in the future. These credits can only be used within one year from the date they were issued.

    • If passengers do not use the credits within one year from the date they were issued, the credits will expire and they will not be able to use them.

Missed Air France Flight: What to do?

Passengers miss their flights for various reasons, including:

If Passengers Are Unable to Leave at a Specific Time: Imagine passengers knowing in advance that they might not be able to get to the airport in time for their scheduled flight. If that’s the situation, they just need to let the Air France Booking Representative know 24 hours before the flight takes off. Passengers have the option to request new flight bookings at the same price as their original bookings.

To change their flight, passengers are required to pay an additional fee to the airline. This fee can range from $100 to $400.

Flight Was Delayed or Canceled by the Airline: Passengers have the right to ask for compensation from the airline if their flight is delayed by 2-3 hours.

Passengers also request for air france flight delay policy.

Imagine if your flight was canceled by the airline. If that happens, the airline will automatically find another flight for the passenger with the same destinations and cabin class. They won’t charge any extra fees for changing or rebooking the flight.

Air France Pet Policy

    • Passengers are allowed to bring one pet (dog or cat) with them into the flight cabin. According to the airline’s rules, the combined weight of the pet and carrier must be less than 8 kg.

    • Passengers are required to pay an additional fee for bringing their pets on board. The fee varies depending on the cabin class.

    • Passengers can bring all of their pets’ belongings in a small carry bag. Pets younger than 15 weeks are not allowed in the flight cabin. Passengers need to provide all the necessary legal documents for their pets so read carefully air france pet policy.

Extra Baggage Allowance for Checked Bags and Carry-Ons

You can bring one personal item, one standard-sized carry-on, and two checked bags for regular fare. There is no extra fee for these. Air France Baggage Policy If you want to bring an extra bag, you will need to pay a small fee. You can buy extra bags before your flight by contacting the Air France Manage Booking Helpdesk.

If you don’t select a seat beforehand, Air France will assign you a seat randomly when you check in. If you’re taking a long-haul flight, it’s a good idea to pre-book your seat. Contacting Air France to select your favorite chair is now easier than ever.

Cancel Your Air France Reservations

    • Go to the website To find the “My Booking” tab, go to the homepage and simply click on it.

    • If you are a member of Flying Blue, you can simply log in to your account to cancel your booking.

    • After the page loads, you will need to provide some information. Please double-check that you enter all the information accurately.

    • Please enter the necessary information, such as your last name and booking reference number, with caution. The booking reference number can be found in your email.

    • The top toolbar will display various options for you to choose from. To cancel your trip, choose the option ‘Cancel Trip’ and then follow the instructions provided.

    • Once your flight is canceled, Air France will send you an email to confirm the cancellation.


Can I Change My Flight Details With Air France Manage Booking?

You can easily change your flight details with Air France using the Manage Booking feature.

How Can I Make Changes to My Booking Online?

If you want to make changes online, just go to the Air France website. Then, click on “My Booking” and enter your details. Finally, follow the instructions provided.

Can I Manage My Booking Offline?

Yes, you may get offline help from the Air France Customer Care Service managing your reservation.

Are There Fees for Changing Flights?

The cost to change a flight varies depending on the scheduling and pricing conditions. For correct pricing information, consult Air France’s regulations or get in touch with customer support. you may also check air france flight change policy.

How Does Air France Handle Cancellations and Refunds?

Air France lets you get a full return if you cancel within 24 hours. After that, you might have to pay. Contact Air France or go to their website for more information on how to stop and get a return. 

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