Volaris Pet Policy

Although taking your pet on a trip can be a fun experience, it also needs to be carefully planned for the sake of both you and your four-legged friend. It’s important to know Volaris’ pet policy if you plan to fly with them. We’ll explain Volaris pet policy in this guide so you can get ready for a hassle-free travel experience with your pet.

What are the Volaris Pet Policy Guidelines?

Pets are permitted in the passenger cabin per Volaris Pet Policy as long as the animal’s total weight in the container does not exceed 10 kilograms. Furthermore

  • If your pet and its container weigh more than 10 kg, you need to document it for shipment in the Volaris pet cargo hold on the same flight as you.
  • Pets are allowed in the cargo hold of an aircraft, however the combined weight of the animal and its container cannot exceed 45 kilograms.
  • You can bring your cat or dog with you on the airplane as a pet.
  • Pets younger than four months old are not permitted on the aircraft. Pets that are violent, in need of particular care, have medical issues, or are female and pregnant are not permitted.
  • Only 4 pets are allowed to be transported on each flight of the aircraft. Volaris Pet Policy allows only one pet per passenger in their pet-in-cabin program.
  • If your pet is asleep from medication or doesn’t have the necessary health paperwork, it won’t be permitted.
  • You need to put a collar, leash, or harness on your pet to keep them safe.
  • Animals that can harm the crew or passengers because of their behavior or nature are not permitted in the passenger cabin.
  • Pets that have bad smells or require cleaning will not be permitted.

What are Volaris Pet Travel Requirements?

Under Volaris Airlines Pet Policy, For the most recent information, it’s imperative to check directly with Volaris or visit their official website as their pet travel policies may have changed. The following general considerations are based on typical pet travel needs:

  • Airlines typically allow small dogs and cats to travel in the cabin with their owners, while larger pets may need to be transported in the cargo hold.
  • If Volaris permits in-cabin pet travel, there are usually restrictions on the size and weight of the pet.
  • Ensure that you have an airline-approved pet carrier that meets Volaris pet policy specifications. Passengers also ask for Volaris airlines baggage policy.
  • Airlines typically charge fees for pet travel. Inquire about Volaris pet travel fees, which can vary based on factors such as the size of the pet and the type of service (in-cabin or cargo).

Volaris Pet in Cabin Requirements

Volaris Pet in Cabin

For your furry friend to join you on board in the cabin with Volaris, here’s a breakdown of their requirements:

  • Only dogs and cats are permitted.
  • The combined weight of your pet and their carrier must not exceed 10 kg (22 lb).
  • Pets must be fully enclosed, in a Volaris approved pet carrier container. The dimension must be within 44cm x 30cm x19cm.
  • The Cage should go beneath the seat.
  • Can be either soft (cloth) or rigid (plastic), as long as it complies with the size and weight limits.

Volaris Pet Travel Requirement as Checked Baggage

Below are common considerations for pets traveling as checked baggage: 

  • Combined weight of your pet and their carrier must not exceed 45 kg (100 lb).
  • The Cage needs to have a sturdy framework.
  • Must be rigid, leak-proof, and well-ventilated for proper air circulation.
  • Dimensions must be appropriate for your pet’s size, allowing them to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Must have handles for easy lifting.
  • For pets exceeding 158 linear cm (62.2 inches), an oversize fee applies.
  • The Cage should allow the animal to freely rotate around its own axis.
  • Containers must prevent spillage, and the cage must include absorbent material.
  • To lift it, handles are necessary.

Volaris Pet Travel Requirements for Emotional Support Animals

As per Volaris Pet policy, the airlines do not charge for emotional support animals, and is available for the following routes:

  • Within Mexico
  • Within Central America
  • Within South America
  • Mexico to Central America, and vice-versa
  • Central America to South America, and vice-versa

Under the Volaris Pet policy emotional support program – 

  • Cats must only travel in strong carriers, Volaris dog travel must include fabric or firm carriers.
  • The animal and the carrier combined weight must be within 26 lbs.
  • Service Dogs may leave the carrier, and are not allowed to exit during takeoff and landing.

The guidelines for emotional support animals (ESAs) on airlines, including Volaris, have been evolving due to changes in regulations. Below are some general considerations based on common practices:

  • Passengers intending to travel with an emotional support animal often need to notify Volaris in advance.
  • If Volaris allows emotional support animals, they may be permitted to travel in the cabin with the passenger. Rules and conditions may apply, including the size of the animal, the need for an appropriate carrier, and compliance with behavioral and training requirements.
  • Volaris Airlines pet policy typically has restrictions on the types of animals accepted as emotional support animals. Commonly, only dogs and cats are allowed, and there may be specific guidelines regarding size and weight.
  • Emotional support animals are usually expected to meet certain behavioral standards to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers.

How much is Volaris Pet Fee?

According to Volaris pet policy, the cost of bringing a pet on a domestic or foreign flight is different. The Volaris pet fee for trips within Mexico is shown below.

Domestic Travel




Pet on board

60 USD

75 USD

Pet as checked baggage

100 USD

135 USD

International Travel




Pet on board

100 USD

125 USD

Pet as checked baggage

200 USD

225 USD

Service animals don’t have to pay the Volaris pet fee as long as they meet the specific conditions of service and are taken care of by the traveler.

Volaris pet policy is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of pet owners, ensuring that the skies remain welcoming for all family members. These rules can help you and your pet have a smooth journey and make enduring memories. Make sure you understand and follow them.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Volaris lets people bring their pets on the plane, but they have to follow some rules and requirements.

To bring your pet in the passenger cabin, the weight of your pet and its container should not exceed 10 kg (22 lbs) altogether.

Volaris lets emotional support animals travel for free on specific routes, as per their pet travel policy. But you have to fulfill certain requirements and provide the necessary documents.

Please bring two copies of your pet’s vaccination card, which should include a rabies vaccine that was given at least 30 days before your departure. You might need to have a health certificate and a zoosanitary certificate with you when you travel to certain places.

Passengers are allowed to request a name change according to the Volaris Airlines Name change policy for correcting names.

The price of taking a pet on a Volaris flight, whether within the country or abroad, is not fixed and can differ. If you’re traveling within Mexico with your pet, you’ll need to pay a fee. The fee depends on whether your pet will be in the cabin with you or in the cargo hold. If you book online, the fee will be $60 to $100 USD. If you pay at the airport, the fee will be higher, between $75 and $135 USD. It costs more to travel with pets internationally.

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