Philippines Airlines Name Change Policy

When it comes to flying, plans might alter at any time. Passengers occasionally find themselves needing to make adjustments to the specifics of their airline reservations due to unforeseen circumstances or abrupt schedule changes. Changing the names of passengers is one frequently requested change. We’ll delve into the Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy in this article, covering its nuances and offering you a how-to guide for a seamless transition.

Understanding Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy

Philippines Airlines has unquestionably always had a reputation for providing generous and excellent customer care. Utilizing optimal techniques, the primary airline strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at reasonable costs.

The Philippine Airlines name change policy is among the most crucial elements of the airline’s service package. According to the Constitution, the airline is required to allow the passenger to correct a misspelled name on their ticket. It is not permitted to give the ticket to someone else or change the name entirely on any aircraft. However, little adjustments to the ticket’s name can help travelers avoid issues and have a trouble-free journey.

Some of the most important parts are listed below:

  • As long as you go by the regulations, you are allowed to make minor name modifications in the Philippines, such as changing a single letter to correct an error.
  • A customer can also change the place of the last name if it is written in the wrong spot.
  • Also, you can only change the name on the ticket if you booked it online through the carrier’s website.
  • The process for changing a name is affected by the type of ticket in a big way.
  • You can make name changes between 48 and 24 hours before the flight takes off.

What Type of Name Changes made with Philippine Airlines?

Philippine Name Change Types

According to Philippine Airlines Name Change policy, the following situations will permit name changes:

  • Make spelling corrections and add or remove any missing letters from the passenger’s first or last name.
  • To add prefix or suffix to the name
  • To alter maiden name to married name
  • The passenger may choose to use a different name, provided that it is indicated on their passport or picture ID with A.K.A.
  • Transposition of the passenger’s foreign name when all names are included.
  • To correct gender.

How to change a Name with Philippine Airlines?

You can request the name changes online as well as by calling the Philippine Airlines Customer service team.

Philippine Airlines Name Change Online

  • Go to the Philippine Airlines website. Use the passenger’s last name and PNR number to check your reservation.
  • Choose the passenger’s whose names need to be corrected/changed.
  • Please fill in the required field with the proper name. The fare difference owed and a name change fee will be shown on the right.
  • Continue to check out to finalize the changes.
  • After the change request is processed, the airlines will give you a confirmation with the revised name and Philippine Change flight schedule.

Philippine Name Change over the Phone

You can contact Philippine Airlines name change phone number to amend or modify the name. To finish the aforementioned request, you might ask an official of the airline for help. Over the phone, pay the necessary adjustment cost. After the change request is processed, the airlines will give you a confirmation with the revised name and flight schedule.

Philippine Name Change at Airport Counter

Passengers can proceed directly to the nearest airport ticket desk if their name is spelled incorrectly on their ticket. It is possible to discuss the issue with officials and make significant changes to the ticket.

What is the Philippine Airlines Name Change Fee?

A $200 USD change fee would be charged if the name is spelled wrongly or the passenger needs to alter it because of legal requirements. The exit fees levied by such marketplaces apply to citizens of other nations.

Name changes or ticket transfers (e.g., Jos Butler to John Santo) are prohibited, with the exception of legal name changes such as gender changes or name changes resulting from marriage. 

Below is the cover of the name change fee imposed by the airlines, as per the Philippine Airlines name change policy – 


Economy (in USD) per passenger

Business (in USD) per passenger

Request by phone



Online fee




Not applicable


The flexibility and assurance provided by Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy ensures that small accidents won’t ruin your vacation arrangements. As always, early detection is crucial, and a seamless rectification procedure may be guaranteed by getting in touch with PAL directly through their preferred channels. You may easily get past any name issues and concentrate on the exciting part by using these suggestions and being aware of the policy.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Name correction ensures accurate ticket information and a smooth travel experience. Even minor name errors can lead to issues, but Philippines Airlines allows changes under its name correction policy.

Philippines Airlines is the country’s main airline, established in 1941. It operates globally, serving over 30 U.S. cities and 50+ countries with a diverse fleet of over 60 Boeing and Airbus planes.

The airline’s name correction policy permits minor changes in names to fix errors. Last name placement can be corrected, and changes can be made for tickets booked online through the carrier’s website.

Small name changes can be made between 48 and 24 hours before the flight departure. The ability to correct names depends on the type of ticket.

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