Aeromexico Pet Policy

Traveling with your four-legged friends can be a thrilling experience, but a good trip depends on your knowledge of the airline’s pet laws. We’ll examine Aeromexico pet policy in more detail in this article, simplifying it for you and giving you the knowledge you need to make sure your trip is stress-free and enjoyable for you and your pets.

What are the Aeromexico Pet in Cabin Rules?

Aeromexico Pet in Cabin

To participate in the Aeromexico pet in cabin program, you need to meet these requirements:

  • You can only bring cats and dogs inside the cabin.
  • Your pet and the carrier or container it’s in cannot weigh more than 9 kg/20 lbs.
  • Pets need to be a minimum of 8 weeks old.
  • You can bring your pet with you in the cabin only on flights that are no longer than 6 hours.
  • We do not allow young or nursing animals.
  • Pets that are receiving medical treatment cannot come.

Depending on available space, Aeromexico permits certain animals to be checked in as pets even if they are not permitted to fly in the cabin. If you match the conditions, you can transport these animals as cargo pets on an Aeromexico aircraft.

Aeromexico Pet in Cabin Restrictions

Under the Aeromexico Pet Policy, certain restrictions may apply:

  • Passengers under treatment are not accepted.
  • Pet must fly with its owner on the same trip.
  • Oxygen cannot be given to a pet in an emergency.
  • Pets must stay in the carrier throughout the flight.
  • Passengers can fly with pets in the cabin with a maximum flight duration of 6 hours.
  • A Pet cannot travel in the cabin with a passenger who availed Aeromexico Unaccompanied Minor Service.

Number of Pets Allowed – The overview of number of Pets allowed in accordance with the aircraft operated by Aeromexico are listed below:


Cage Size

Premier Fare

Premier Light Fare

Tourist Fare

Total Pets Allowed


Width x Length x Height 40x30x20 cm





737-700 and 737-800

Same as above





737-800 Uniclass Aircraft. Premier Light (J16/Y156) 

Same as above





787-8, 787-9 737-MAX-8, 737-MAX-9 

Same as above





What are the Aeromexico Pet Cargo Service Guidelines?

Aeromexico Pet Cargo

When it comes to transporting your furry friend through Aeromexico Cargo, there are specific guidelines in place to ensure their safety and comfort throughout the journey. As per Aeromexico Pet Cargo policy, the following conditions will apply:

  • Dogs, cats, birds, and some small mammals like rabbits and rodents are generally accepted.
  • Larger animals like horses, cows, and sheep might also be accommodated under specific conditions.
  • Your animal will be available for delivery approximately 2 hours after the actual landing time of the flight.
  • It is prohibited to use sedatives or tranquilizers in cats and dogs.
  • Be aware that Aeromexico usually charges a fee for transporting pets as cargo. Inquire about the specific fees associated with pet cargo service and make the necessary arrangements for payment.
  • Ensure your pet is current on all required vaccinations.

Restrictions – As per Aeromexico pet policy, the airline does not accept transport for-

  • Dead Animals
  • Sick Animals
  • Cats and Dogs that are under 12 weeks of age.
  • Primates, Ferrets and flying squirrels.
  • Animals less than 8 weeks old.
  • Pregnant animals or those with nursing offsprinig.
  • Animals with unclean odours.

Age Requirements

As per Aeromexico Pet Policy, the following age restrictions will apply:




Dogs and Cats

Under 3 months

Transportation not allowed

3 months – 6 months

Up to 3 animals, as long as they are from the same litter

Over 6 months

2 animals, as long as they are of similar size with a total weight up to 14 kg and that are used to live together

Other warm blood animals


It depends on the species. To get more information, contact a sales agent.

How much is Aeromexico Pet Fee?

As per Aeromexico pet policy, the aeromexico pet fee varies with domestic and international travel. Unfortunately, determining the exact cost of Aeromexico pet travel fees is not straightforward, as it depends on several factors:

  • Domestic flights cost MXN $540 per leg; international flights cost MXN $1,080 per leg. However, this option is only available for small dogs and cats within specific weight and carrier size limitations.
  • Fees vary depending on your pet’s size, weight, and the route/destination. Expect costs to range from hundreds to thousands of Mexican pesos.
  • International travel typically incurs higher fees compared to domestic journeys.
  • Aeromexico Pet Cargo might offer different container options (e.g., basic vs. climate-controlled), with cost variations accordingly.

The overview of Aeromexico pet Fee is mentioned below.


Flights within Mexico (in USD)

Flights outside Mexico (in USD)

Fee for Pets traveling in cabin (in USD)



Fee for Pets traveling under baggage hold (in USD)



Fee for pets traveling for service or emotional support



What is Aeromexico Pet Policy Emotional Support Pets?

Aeromexico has made changes to their policies regarding emotional support animals due to evolving regulations. 

  • Only dogs can travel as service animals on Aeromexico flights. They must be trained to perform specific tasks that assist a person with a disability.
  • While previously allowed, ESAs are no longer permitted on Aeromexico flights. Passengers who require assistance can still travel with certified service animals.

As per Aeromexico pet policy, the following conditions will apply:

Emotional Support Pets Policy


Allowed Animals

Dogs and Cats

Weight and Size Restrictions

Pets should weight no more than 12 kg and be no bigger than 22 in long x 12 in tall

Minimum Age

At least 8 weeks old

Check-in Time

Animals must be presented at the check-iin counter no less than 2 hours prior to departure

Restrictions under Aeromexico emotional support animal policy – Under the Aeromexico Emotional support animal policy, the following restrictions must be applied:

  • ESAN must not occupy seats.
  • Emotional support animals do not require a pet carrier.
  • The Airlines accept 1 ESAN per passenger.
  • Only dogs and cats were typically allowed as ESAs, while other pet species might have been prohibited.
  • Feeding to ESAN is strictly prohibited.
  • Unaccompanied minors are restricted to travel with Emotional support pets on board.

Traveling with your pet may be a lot of fun, and Aeromexico pet policy is meant to make this experience go as smoothly as possible. You can anticipate a stress-free journey with your pet at your side if you are aware of the rules, plan ahead, and adhere to the airline’s advice.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Aeromexico permits cats and dogs to travel with you in the cabin. You need to keep them in a carrier that is designed for travel and put it under the seat in front of you.

On Aeromexico flights, only dogs and cats are permitted as cabin pets. Depending on availability and criteria, other breeds of pets could be permitted as checked or cargo pets.

Your pet cannot weigh more than 9 kg (20 lbs) with its carrier or container attached to participate in the Aeromexico pet-in-cabin program. The minimum age requirement for your pet is 8 weeks, and the flight shouldn’t be more than 6 hours.

For domestic flights inside Mexico, the fee is $100 USD; for international trips, the fee is $258 USD. The cost to check your pet as checked baggage is $90 USD for domestic flights and $168 USD for international flights. Travel with service and emotional support animals is free.

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