Pegasus Airlines Pet Policy

Traveling with your pet can be a great experience, but to make sure everything goes smoothly, you must be aware of the airline’s pet policy. Those with pets traveling with Pegasus Airlines have to conform to certain rules and regulations, making it a popular option among travelers. We’ll walk you through every aspect of Pegasus Airlines pet policy in this guide, from purchasing your pet’s ticket to getting ready for the trip.

What are the Pegasus Airlines Pet Policy Guidelines?

Pets are accepted on Pegasus Airlines flights, so customers can travel with their animal friends. Nonetheless, travelers have to abide by the precise rules and limitations stated in the Pegasus Airlines pet policy. The following is a detailed summary of Pegasus pet policy guidelines:

  • Pets such as dogs and cats are permitted on Pegasus Airlines flights.
  • Small pets only, weighing no more than 8 kg (with the carrier), are permitted in the cabin.
  • Larger pets need to be checked as luggage and transported in the cargo hold. 
  • The kind of aircraft and where it is going determine the weight restriction for pets that are checked. For information on precise weight restrictions, travelers should contact Pegasus Airlines.
  • The pet must travel in a pet carrier that fits under the seat in front of you and has been certified by the airline.
  • The carrier needs to have good ventilation and be waterproof.
  • According to IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations, pets must be transported in a strong, secure pet box when they are in the cargo hold.
  • Pets need to be healthy and free of infections that spread to others. It can be necessary for passengers to present a current health certificate from a veterinarian with a license.
  • Passengers should ensure that their pets are well-acclimated to travel and have access to water and any necessary comforts during the journey.
  • As per the Pegasus Airlines pet policy, there is a limit to the number of pets allowed on each flight, so passengers are advised to book early.
  • Pets are transported by Pegasus Airlines for a price that varies based on the route and kind of pet (checked or in a cabin).
  • Passengers must inform Pegasus Airlines at the time of booking that they will be traveling with a pet.

How much is the Pegasus Pet Travel Fee?

The size of the pet, the location, and whether the pet is flying in the cabin or as checked baggage are some of the variables that affect the pet travel costs for Pegasus Airlines. According to Pegasus Airlines pet policy, the following is a broad summary of the pet travel costs:

Cabin Pet Fee

  • Subject to certain limitations, Pegasus Airlines permits small dogs to ride in the cabin with their owners.
  • The cost of pet transportation in the cabin varies based on the passenger’s ticket type and the route.
  • The cost of Pegasus Airlines Pet in cabin is between 35 and 70 euros per segment of flight.
  • For information on the exact price that applies to their route, travelers can contact Pegasus Airlines.

Checked Pet Fee

  • Larger pets that don’t fit under the cabin weight and size restrictions have to be checked into the cargo hold.
  • The cost of shipping a pet as checked baggage also varies based on the passenger’s ticket category and the route.
  • According to the Pegasus pet policy, the fees of Checked pets typically range from approximately 35 to 70 EUR per pet, per flight segment.
  • Travelers should contact Pegasus Airlines to find out the exact cost of shipping a pet as checked luggage on their specific itinerary.

Additional Fees and Charges

  • Passengers may be required to pay extra for any services or lodging their pet requires while traveling, on top of the pet travel price.
  • For instance, if a traveler does not already own a pet carrier that satisfies the requirements of Pegasus Airlines pet policy, they can be forced to buy one.
  • Travelers should also take into account any costs related to veterinarian care, medical certifications, or other prerequisites for pet travel.
  • Pegasus pet travel fees must be paid in advance, either online during the booking process or through the airline’s customer service center.

What are the Pegasus Pet Travel Weight and Size Restrictions?

Pegasus Pet Policy

Regarding the size and weight limitations for pets traveling on Pegasus Airlines aircraft, there are particular criteria in place. These limitations protect other passengers’ comfort and safety as well as that of the pets. The following is a thorough overview of the size and weight limitations for pets under Pegasus Airlines pet policy:

Pegasus Airlines Pet in Cabin

  • Pets allowed in the cabin must be small enough to fit beneath the passenger’s seat in front of them and easily fit in an airline-approved pet carrier.
  • Pets in cabins are usually limited to a maximum weight of 17.6 pounds, including the weight of the carrier.
  • The pet carrier’s size must fit into the allotted space beneath the seat and meet the requirements of the Pegasus Airlines pet policy.
  • The pet carrier needs to be strong enough to hold the animal in place for the duration of the journey, leak-proof, and ventilated.

Checked Pets

  • Pets that have been checked are transported in the aircraft’s cargo hold and are subject to size and weight restrictions.
  • The weight restriction for pets that are checked varies based on the kind of aircraft and the final destination. 
  • Travelers should inquire about the precise weight restrictions that apply to their journey directly from Pegasus Airlines.
  • When transferring checked pets, the pet box or carrier must meet the requirements of Pegasus pet policy and have enough space for the creature to stand, sit, and turn around with ease.
  • The pet box needs to be strong, safe, well-ventilated, and free of sharp edges or projecting parts that could injure the animal while being transported.

Breed Restrictions

  • Certain dog breeds considered aggressive or dangerous may be prohibited by Pegasus Airlines.
  • Passengers traveling with breeds that are subject to restrictions or additional requirements should check with the airline in advance to ensure compliance with the Pegasus Airlines pet policy.

It can be a great experience to travel with your pet, but it does take careful planning and following airline rules. You may make sure that your pet travels safely and comfortably by becoming familiar with Pegasus Airlines pet policy and following the above advice.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Pet owners need to make sure their animal is in a carrier that fits beneath the seat in front of them and has been certified by the airline. Additionally, pets need to have current health certifications and vaccinations.

Yes, there is usually a fee for bringing a pet onboard Pegasus Airlines. The fee varies depending on the route and destination.

You should make an effort to soothe and maintain your pet’s calm if they start to get restless or upset throughout the flight. Notify a flight attendant if you need assistance.

There is limited space in the cabin for pets, so it is advised that you make your pet’s travel arrangements as early as possible.

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