United Airlines Pet Policy

If you’re planning to travel with your pet, it’s important to know United Airlines’ pet policy. This will help make your journey smooth and stress-free, whether you’re traveling within your country or internationally.

This article will provide you with a detailed guide to United Airlines’ pet travel guidelines. It will help you understand the rules and regulations so you can travel with your pet comfortably.

In-Cabin Pet Policy

The United Airlines rule about pets in the cabin applies to both United Airlines and United Express trips. Among these rules are:

Pet carrier requirements:

  • United Airlines in-cabin pet carrier with hard sides can’t be bigger than 44cm x 30cm x 19cm (15.5in x 12in x 7.5in), and soft-sided carriers/kennels can’t be bigger than 46cm x 28cm x 28cm (18in x 11in x 11in). 
  • On Boeing 737 MAX 9 planes, the tallest pet carrier can’t be more than 25cm/10in tall. 
  • The airline must also accept the carrier, and it must have a waterproof bottom, good ventilation, and a secure closure.
  • Must give the pet enough room to feel comfortable.


  • Route Restrictions: On trips to/from/through the UK, Trinidad and Tobago, Tahiti, South Africa, Panama, India, Cuba, Guam, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia, pets are not allowed in the cabin. 
  • Aircraft Restrictions: Due to limited room under the seats, pets are not allowed in First or Business Class on the Boeing 787, 757-200, 767, and 777.
  • Seating Restrictions: Because there isn’t much room under the seats, people flying with pets can’t sit in the bulkhead, exit row, or Premium Plus seats.

How Do You Add Pets to Your Reservation?

To add a pet to a reservation you’ve already made, go to the “Manage My Trips” area. Do these things.

  • Type in the booking number and the last name of the traveler.
  • Look for a special option like “Add Pet” that has to do with traveling with your pet.
  • You will be shown how to give the necessary information about your pet and how they need to move.
  • Follow the prompts and fill in the details asked for.
  • Look over the information you’ve put in and make any changes or edits that are needed.
  • Move on to the next steps to finish planning travel for your pet.
  • Make sure to check if there are any extra fees for traveling with your pet and provide payment information if needed.

Last, confirm the booking and save the changes to your current United Airlines reservation. Please keep in mind that you can’t add a pet to your trip through the United app.

Pet Fees

The airline United Each trip with a pet costs $125. There is a pet travel fee for every stay in the U.S. that lasts longer than 4 hours. The airline costs $125 for a 24-hour layover on international trips.

Documents Required

To travel with your pet, you will need specific documentation.

  • The rabies certificate needs to show that your pet was vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days before the flight.
  • You need a health certificate to make sure your pet is healthy and ready to travel.

Pet Cargo Policy

If your dog or cat is too big to travel in the cabin or is traveling alone, you can choose to book your pet through the PetSafe Program. 

Airlines have stopped the PetSafe program, except for Military and State Department needs. The pet policy of United Airlines includes the following guidelines:



Pets Allowed

Cats and dogs

Age Limit

  • Must be at least 8 weeks for travel within the US or to Puerto Rico.
  • Any dog or cat that weighs less than 2 pounds must be at least 10 weeks old.
  • United Airlines’ pet cargo policy says that pets must be at least 16 weeks old to enter the US

Aircraft restrictions

According to United Airlines’ rules, pets must have Comfort Stops on flights that last longer than 12 hours. United Airlines would charge an extra fee for pets. 

Route restrictions

Nigeria, Lagos, Australia, India, or Dubai, as well as flights from Chengdu, Beijing, and Seoul.

Seasonal restrictions 

  • Between May 1 and September 30, the airline does not accept United Airlines dog cargo services for flights to and from Tucson, Phoenix, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas.
  • Between June 15 and September 15, the same rule applies to or from Shanghai or Chengdu in China. 

Layover restrictions

According to United Airlines’ pet cargo policy, dogs and cats are not allowed to travel on a layover that is longer than 2 hours. 

Comfort Stops

According to United Airlines’ pet cargo policy, dogs and cats are not allowed to travel on a layover that is longer than 2 hours. 

Required Documents

Here are the important documents you need for traveling with your pet on United Airlines as cargo:

  • Proof of Rabies Certificate
  • Health Certificate
  • Customer Acknowledgement Form
  • Photograph of IATA-Compliant Pet Crate

Pet Carrier Requirement:

If your dog is too big for a 40″ long, 27″ wide, and 30″ high crate (known as the 500 size), United Airlines allows crates with a maximum height of 34″ (including the 600/PP90 size). Alternatively, you can use a 500-sized crate with a 3-inch extension kit on mainline aircraft.

  • United Airlines allows two puppies or kittens of the same species to travel together in one carrier.
  • The requirement is that the babies should be younger than 6 months old and weigh no more than 20 lb/9 kg each.
  • United Airlines has recently made a change to their pet travel policy. They have decided to discontinue the use of Series 700 kennels for this purpose.
  • You need to use metal hardware to securely fasten the top and bottom halves of the kennel.
  • For domestic flights, the kennel needs to have ventilation on three sides. However, for international flights, it should have ventilation on all four sides.
  • You can use materials like metal, wood, or plastic to build the kennel.
  • The kennel cannot be taller than 34 inches.

Make sure the kennel is big enough for your pet to stand, sit, lie down, and turn around easily.

Military Pet Rules and Requirments

These are the important points:

  • This applies to active duty U.S. military personnel who are on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, which includes retirement or separation orders. It also applies to State Department Foreign Service Personnel (FSP) who are currently being reassigned.
  • The policy does not apply to military personnel who are on leave or traveling for leisure.
  • This policy only applies to travel segments and flights operated by United Airlines. It does not apply to United Express flights or codeshare flights.
  • To book, please send an email to [email protected]. Make sure to include your travel details when you reserve your pet’s spot.
  • Check out United Airlines Cancellation Policy




Pets Limit

Up to 4 pets per household are accepted on flights from Guam to Honolulu

2 pets per household are accepted on flights from Honolulu to Guam (HNL to GUM).

Weight limit

The total weight of each pet and their transport crate must not exceed 99.9 pounds.

Restricted Breeds

Breeds embargoes apply. Check here. 

Device restriction

GPS/Tracking devices are not allowed inside or on the pet crate.

Documents Required

Under United Airlines’ rules for military travel with pets, you must meet the following:

  • The Health Certificate needs to be dated within 10 days of your travel. The owner’s name on the certificate should match the name on your PCS orders.
  • To meet the requirements, you need to have active PCS orders. Make sure that the name on your orders matches the name on your health certificate.
  • You need to fill out a Signed Acknowledgement Form with the same name as on your PCS orders and health certificate.


How Much Does It Cost to Fly a Dog on United Airlines?

United Airlines charges a fee of $125 for in-cabin pets, both for the outbound and return trips. However, the fees for pets traveling as cargo can differ depending on factors such as weight and destination.

What Do You Need to Do to Fly on United Airlines With Your Dog?

You must have a pet cage that meets the airline’s requirements and give the airline the necessary paperwork, such as a health certificate and proof of vaccinations.

How Much Do Pets Cost on United Airlines?

For the most accurate and up-to-date United Airlines pet fee, you should check with the airline personally or look at their official website.

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