Swiss International Airlines Pet Policy

Swiss International Air Lines knows that each place has its own rules and restrictions about flying with pets, which the passenger needs to know about. Because of this, the company says that reservations should be made a long time in advance. It’s important to know what rules each airline has for pets so you can meet all of the requirements and make sure your pet has a safe and comfortable trip.

  • Pets dogs and cats can be brought on Swiss International flights in the cabin, as long as their weight, including the cage, does not exceed 17 pounds (8 kg).
  • In order for animals to enter the cabin, they must be clean, healthy, and not have any strong smells.
  • Swiss Airlines does not allow dogs that are threatening, expectant, or may bother other travelers.
  • The price of bringing a pet on a flight can change depending on where you are going.

Pets Travel Cost

Switzerland to Europe 60CHF
Switzerland-Intercontinental 90 CHF
within Europe 50 EUR
Europe-Intercontinental 70 EUR
Intercontinental-Intercontinental via Europe $100
Intercontinental-Europe $100

Age Requirement

Pets traveling on SWISS Airlines must be at least 10 weeks old.

Carrier Requirement

Pets flying in cabins must be housed in kennels that are comfortable, sanitary, escape-proof, and scratch-proof.

The maximum length of the container is 46 inches or 118 centimeters.

Pets Reservation

  • Swiss International Air Lines only allows dogs and cats under 16 weeks old to travel in the cabin.
  • You can also bring rabbits and hares in the hold.
  • Each passenger can bring a maximum of two dogs.
  • If you’re unable to secure a good window seat in the economy class, you can take advantage of Swiss Airlines’ “Flight Change Policy.” This policy allows passengers to change their flight under certain conditions.

Restrictions and Documents Needed for Pet Travel

Some states require proof of wellness. To ensure that your pet meets all the necessary requirements, it is important for you, as the traveler, to be well informed. Please remember to consult with your physician and the local Embassy to confirm any restrictions.

Others Restrictions:

  • SWISS may refuse to transport a pet if it has a disease, displays violent behavior, is kept in inadequate kenneling, or if there are high temperatures at the origin, transit, or arrival terminals.
  • You should train your dog to follow your commands and behave well in an open area to make sure flying is safe and not interrupted.
  • If your pet doesn’t behave well, Swiss may charge you extra to move the pet to the freight hold or refuse to fly the pet. You will be held responsible for any damage or expenses that occur due to your dog’s transportation.

Service Dog & ESA ( Emotional Support Animal )

Moral support dogs are allowed on SWISS flights to and from the United States for free, including direct flights.

When traveling outside of the United States, the comfort dog will be placed either in the cabin or the cargo section, depending on the total weight.

You might already know how to carry your pet in baggage and how much weight is allowed. But if you are unsure, make sure to read Swiss Airline Baggage policy for proper guidance.


Can I Bring My Pet on Board Swiss International Air Lines Flights?

Swiss International Air Lines allows pets like dogs and cats to travel in the cabin. However, they must not weigh more than 17 pounds (8 kg), including their cage.

Are There Any Restrictions on Bringing Pets in the Cabin?

Pets that are allowed in the cabin must be clean, and healthy, and should not have any strong smells. Swiss Airlines does not permit dogs that are aggressive, pregnant, or likely to disturb other passengers.

How Much Does It Cost to Bring a Pet on a Flight With Swiss International Air Lines?

The price of taking a pet on a flight can change based on where you’re going. Here are some examples of the costs for different destinations: – Within Switzerland to Europe: 60 CHF – Within Switzerland to intercontinental destinations: 90 CHF – Within Europe: 50 EUR

What Are the Age and Carrier Requirements for Pets Traveling on Swiss Airlines?

Swiss Airlines requires pets to be at least 10 weeks old when traveling. The dogs should be kept in kennels that are comfortable, clean, secure, and resistant to scratching. The container should not exceed 46 inches or 118 centimeters in length.

Are There Any Restrictions or Documents Required for Pet Travel?

Pets in certain states may need to provide evidence of their well-being. To make sure you have the right information, it’s important to be well-informed. Consult with your physician and the local Embassy to confirm any restrictions.

Swiss Airlines has some rules about transporting pets. They might not let a pet on the plane if it is sick, behaves aggressively, or if the temperatures are too hot at the starting, stopping, or ending airports.

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