Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy

If you’re considering Frontier Airlines for your travel, it’s a good choice. However, there may be times when you need to change your flight due to unforeseen circumstances. To understand this, you need to know about the Frontier flight change policy. To use Frontier Airlines’ flight change services, passengers need to be familiar with all the terms and conditions of their policy. 

To understand the Frontier Airlines flight change policy and terms and conditions, please read the information below:

Methods to Change Flight With Frontier Airlines

If you’re wondering how to change your flight on Frontier Airlines, there are two options provided by the airline to help you with that. They offer both online and offline options for changing and managing bookings with them. Passengers can choose any method that is convenient for them.

Online Method

  • To access Frontier Airlines’ official website or mobile app, simply log in using your login credentials.
  • To get started, go to the “my trip/check-in” tab. Enter your confirmation code and last name as it appears on your original ticket.
  • To find the “change flight” option, go to the trip confirmation page and click on it. 
  • You will now see a pop-up on the right side of the screen that says “itinerary changes.” You have the option to change one or more flights from your itinerary. To make changes to your flights, select the ones you want to modify. You will then have the option to change the origin and destination airports along with the flight departure date. Once you have entered all the new information, simply click on the “change” button to continue.
  • Once you click on the “change” button, you will be able to see the available flights. On the next page, passengers will see the new ticket price and the difference in price. Once you have completed all the necessary steps, the total fees will be shown based on the changes that have been made. Please confirm all the changes you have made in order to receive your updated trip details.

Offline Method

A lot of passengers like to make changes to their reservations without using the internet. Don’t worry, Frontier Airlines also offers the option to make changes offline. Passengers have two options to change their flight with Frontier Airlines. They can either call Frontier Airlines’ change flight phone numbers or they can go to the Frontier Airlines counter or kiosk and ask for changes there. You can choose any method that is convenient for you.  

Same Day Flight Change

Frontier’s same-day flight change policy is designed to make it simple and convenient for passengers to make changes or amendments to their flights. Frontier Airlines offers same-day flight changes, but only if there are available seats. 

  • Passengers with economy tickets will incur a $50 fee for making changes to their flight on the same day.
  • If you have a Classic Plus (refundable) ticket, you can change your flight on the same day for free.
  • The members of Early Returns who are at the Summit Level also get to enjoy the free same-day change service.

To use the same-day flight change service, passengers can either call the reservation department of Frontier Airlines or go to the Frontier reservation counter or kiosk at the airport.

Passengers have the option to change their itinerary on the same day, but there might be some restrictions. To find out more details and information, please visit the official website of the airlines.

24-Hours Flight Change Policy

If a passenger buys a ticket from Frontier Airlines at least seven days (168 hours) before the scheduled departure date, they can change the ticket for free within 24 hours of purchase.

Frontier Airlines will keep the passenger’s ticket for 24 hours without charging any fees. Only after the 24-hour period has passed will they charge a fee. Your credit card statement will show the transaction after 24 hours of booking the ticket.  

Frontier Airlines does not offer free change services for tickets purchased less than seven days (168 hours) before the scheduled flight date.

If you book tickets through a third-party travel agency, you will need to follow their specific 24-hour change policy.

Flight Change Fee and Charges

Frontier Airlines might require payment for various services they provide. The amount you have to pay to change your Frontier flight depends on the type of ticket you bought and how many days are left before your scheduled departure. Each ticket has its own policy for different services. Frontier Airlines recently updated their change fee policy. Here are the details:

  • There is no fee for changes made after 90 days.
  • A fee of $49 is charged for any changes made between 14 and 89 days.
  • If you make changes within 13 days, there will be a fee of $99. 

Passengers will need to pay both the flight change fee and the fare difference for the new flights.

To avoid change fees, you should buy a service called “The Works” when making your reservation. The price for using this service is $57 to $83 for each one-way trip (based on round trip cost). Passengers will enjoy the advantage of not having to pay any change fees, as well as having their checked and carry-on baggage provided for free. If you cancel your ticket at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure, you can get a full refund with this service. Passengers also get some special perks, such as the ability to choose the “best seat available” and priority Zone 1 boarding.


Is It Possible to Change My Flight on Frontier Airlines?

Yes, the Frontier flight change policy lets customers change their flights in any way they want. The flight gives you 24 hours to change your plans for free. If you want to change your plans after that, you’ll have to pay.

Can I Change My Return Flight Date With Frontier?

Yes, if you have bought a round-trip ticket, you can easily change the date of your flight. Frontier’s policy on changing flights is easy to understand and gives you the freedom to make any changes you want.

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