United Airlines Check-In Policy

After making the reservation, completing the check-in process can be quite challenging. But don’t worry if your reservation is with United Airlines, you don’t need to stress about it. The check-in process for United Airlines is easy to do, unlike geometry. Please read the article to learn about check-in procedures, methods, and their benefits.

Check-In Time

Passengers are allowed to check in at least one hour before the flight departs, according to the airline’s policies. If you want to know more about when you can check in for your United flight, please read the points listed below.

Online Check-In Time:

  • You can check in online for United flights up to 24 hours before your departure.
  • Passengers can start the online check-in process up to one hour before their scheduled departure time. 
  • If you need someone to help you physically or if you have a lot of bags to carry, make sure to mention it when you submit your request.

Airport Check-In Time:

  • Passengers can check-in at the airport or a kiosk up to four hours before their flight, depending on their fare category, flight type, and destination.
  • The process that is done without using the internet takes longer and requires more money. You must be at the desk and complete the check-in process on your own.
  • On certain routes, passengers can check-in up to one hour before the scheduled departure time.
  • To complete the check-in process for United Airlines, you will be required to pay extra fees, such as service or administration fees, in addition to any other applicable charges.

Curbside Check-in Time:

  • United Airlines offers curbside check-in at different times before a flight, depending on the type of flight and travel plans. The check-in period can start as early as four hours before departure and end as late as thirty minutes before departure. 
  • Passengers must finish checking in before the check-in deadline, otherwise the airline will cancel their boarding. 
  • If passengers don’t finish checking in by the deadline, the airline will consider them as no-shows and cancel their ticket without a refund. 
  • Before check-in you know about United Airline baggage policy bec if you dont know about this policy so you have to pay fine for excess baggage.

Methods for United Airlines Check-in 

There are several ways to do the United Airlines check-in process. Here are some ways that work well. You can complete the United check-in easily by following these methods. You won’t need any help from others. 

Online Check-In

You can use United’s online check-in in two ways: through their website or their mobile app. All the steps are identical and simple to follow. To complete the check-in process, follow these simple steps:

Web Check-In

  • Choose your browser and go to https://www.United.com/ to get to the page where you can log in.
  • Use an account and password to finish the user authentication process.
  • Go back to the home page and click the “check-in” tab.
  • Enter your last name and the registration number or e-ticket number in the appropriate boxes. Members of MileagePlus need to show their MileagePlus number and the password they used to sign up.
  • Tap the tab that says Continue or Sign in.
  • There will be a list with information about upcoming trips and other trips.
  • Choose the trip that you want to check in for.
  • On the following page,
    • Choose the flight and the names of the people on it.
    • Choose how many bags you want. 
    • Choose a place. You can upgrade or change your seat to a chosen one on the same page.
    • Pay the fees that are due.
    • Click the tab labeled “Submit.”
    • Once the eBoarding Pass is ready, you can print it.

App Check-In

  • Open the United Airlines app on your mobile device.
  • To find the check-in tab, go to the homepage and click on it.
  • Please enter your confirmation or e-ticket number and last name in the appropriate fields. MileagePlus members must enter their MileagePlus number along with their registered password.
  • Click on the “Continue” or “Sign in” option based on your membership program.
  • Please choose the trip for which you would like to complete the check-in on the next page.
  • To submit a check-in request, you will need to choose the following options:
    • Flight Number 
    • Name of the passengers 
    • Number of bags 
    • Select seat 
    • Pay charges
  • Please select the Submit tab.
  • The system will automatically check you in for your upcoming trip. After your eBoarding Pass is prepared, you can print it out.
  • When you arrive at the airport, make sure to use the United mobile boarding pass.

Eligibility for Online Check-In:

  • People who have tickets that are still good.
  • Reservations that are made through websites.
  • United Airlines must be in charge of the flights.
  • seats reserved for less than 9 people.
  • There are no more than four planes in the whole plan.
  • You can also scan your ID through the United Airlines app when you check in online.

Not Eligible for Online Check-In

  • Passengers with paper tickets purchased offline.
  • Made a reservation via an unofficial gateway.
  • Requested a particular service that needs approval from an airport representative.
  • Passengers who need wheelchair support or who are traveling with pets.
  • If you are a minor, then you cannot avail of the online check-in service. Check out United Airlines Minor Policy to learn more about rules and regulations.

Offline Check-In

If you want to get a United boarding pass without using the internet, you need to go to a counter at a nearby airport. Once you reach the allowed facilities, you should have no difficulty finishing the check-in procedure. There are two ways to get a United boarding pass at the airport. You can either wait in line at the desk or save time by using the KIOSK tower. 

Get Boarding Pass at KIOSK

  • Go to the KIOSK tower.
  • Please provide the necessary information when selecting United Airlines.
  • Please choose the names of the passengers.
  • Please select your seats.
  • Make sure to pay all the fees that are required.
  • Get your United Airlines boarding pass quickly by printing it instantly.

Airport Check-In

The steps are mostly the same, but there are some small differences. You’ll need to meet the agent, fill out the check-in form with all the necessary details, pay any fees, and get your physical boarding pass. You don’t need any technology help to do an offline check-in, so it’s easy to do. 

Eligibility for Offline Check-In:

  • People with valid tickets.
  • Bookings made through non-online channels.
  • List of flights operated by United Airlines.
  • The offline check-in process allows for both group and solo reservations.
  • I asked for a special service that needs authorization from an airport representative.
  • Passengers who require a wheelchair or physical assistance.

Not Eligible for Offline Check-In:

Passengers who booked tickets through unofficial websites.

Documents Needed to get Boarding Pass

To obtain your United Airlines boarding pass, you will need to provide the following documents:

You can get your United boarding pass by using their website or mobile app.

  • Ticket number
  • Confirmation code
  • Passenger name
  • Passport 


In conclusion, United Airlines provides a user-friendly check-in process, offering options for online, airport, and curbside check-in to suit passenger preferences. Travelers can easily complete the process, ensuring a smooth start to their journey.

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