Can You Bring Candles on a Plane and How?

There are several reasons why travelers are allowed to bring candles on a flight. They might have them as gifts. Alternatively, it may be important to have candles at the place where they are going. When you decide to do it, take a few minutes to find out which types of these products are allowed and how you can bring them. You can bring candles on a plane either as carry-on items or as checked-in items, depending on the type of candle. The ingredients in these products are also important. There are specific TSA rules that can help you understand which candles are not allowed or may not be allowed to be brought on board an airplane.

Is It Allowed to Bring a Candle on a Plane?

The TSA says you can bring your candle with you when you travel. It is preferred if the one in a solid form is approved. This is recommended if you want to store an item in your carry-on bag. Make sure that the size is not too big and that you don’t exceed the overall weight limit.

You can also bring this item in a checked bag without any restrictions. In this situation, both solid and gel candles are allowed. No matter how big, heavy, or how many items there are, you can still pack these products in your suitcase. However, you should still make sure to keep the total weight of your bag within the specified limit. If not, you may not receive a free allowance.

Are Solid Candles Allowed on Airplanes?

As you probably already know, there are two types of luggage that you can bring on planes. These include luggage that is checked and luggage that is carried in the cabin. Both types of candles allow the use of solid candles. The products, which are made with beeswax, hardened coconut, palm, paraffin, or other types of wax, can easily be approved by airlines.

Is It Allowed to Bring a Gel Candle on a Plane?

Before you pack your gel candle, there are some important things you should write down. First, it’s important for you to understand how this product is made. When something is completely transparent, it can include:

  • 95 percent of mineral oil.
  • 5 percent of polymer resin.

Because of this, gel-based candles can burn for a longer period of time. However, a similar cause could result in them exploding. There is a chance that explosions could happen on flights.

Based on the information provided, the Transportation Security Administration might view these items as dangerous. However, you can still acquire them. If you pack your gel candle in your checked baggage, you will be able to easily bring it with you.

Can I Get a Candle With a Scent on a Plane?

Candles with scents can be bought as souvenirs or gifts. As you pack your bags for your trip, you might wonder if you should bring them. 

Based on the rules of several companies, you can bring a scented candle on board. The item works great as a carry-on. Because of its size and safety features, it is a good product for carry-on luggage. 

Aside from that, you can easily put this item in your checked bag if you have more of it or it’s a bigger size. 

Candles with scents can be very delicate. They can also have a lot of detail on them. A good idea would be to wrap them in bubble wrap.

Can You Bring Container Candles on a Plane?

There are some candles that come in cases. They come in jars and burn in those same jars. Most of the time, airlines will let you fly with lights. But if they come in jars or other cases made of glass, it may not be safe to fly with them.

It might not be a good idea to put them in your carry-on bag. But putting them in checked bags shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Still, don’t forget that glass can break. So, there may be some chance of damage.

Can I Take Electric Candles With Me on an Airplane?

Batteries are what make electric lights work. So, you might also know them as lights that run on batteries. Most of the time, it is recommended to put gadgets in handbags. Since these candles aren’t too heavy, they are a better choice for carry-ons.

Can Candles Be Checked in on a Plane?

At the airport check-in desk, it’s important to have your items checked. As long as you have a light with you, you will be able to talk to it. It will be checked to make sure it is safe. When the airport officials say it’s okay, you can put the item in your bag. After that, you can move on.

Can I Bring a Liquid Candle on Any Plane?

The TSA has rules about things that are mostly liquid. Polymer resin and mineral oil can both be found inside a wet candle. Because of how it looks, you can’t bring it on a plane as a carry-on if the liquid rules aren’t followed. So, the amount should be 3.4 ounces or less. 

Please be aware that you might not find these things in your checked bags. So, it will be better to pack the candle well, make sure it won’t leak, and put it in this luggage. 

If you want to bring this item on any plane, you should know that each company has its own rules. In addition to TSA, these exact conditions should also be met.

Can I Take My Fireworks Candles on a Plane?

Sparklers are one of the things that can’t be brought on a plane. Candles that look like fireworks are in this group. You can’t put them in your carry-on or checked bags, and you can’t get permission to do either. 

One reason for this is that these lights can catch fire. Even if they are packed well, there could be a fire on the plane, based on the situation. Second, people with fireworks in their bags are also not welcome by the TSA.

What Kind of Candles Can I Bring on an Airplane?

There are many kinds of candles to choose from. It can include wax beads, paraffin, glass, fireworks, liquid, soy, gel-based, and other kinds of candles. Except for fireworks, most kinds of fireworks can be taken on a plane. This is chosen by both the TSA and the airline you choose. 


With the information above, flying with candles in your bags will be easy. Also, please keep in mind that rules for airlines and the TSA can change. Always check on these things before you start getting ready for a flight. So, you can pack up your lights and get on your flight.

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